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    How to make a Magalu credit card?

    How to make a Magalu credit card?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 9, 2022 | Shopping |

    If you do not know How to make a Magalu credit card, you've come to the right place. From now on, you will have access to a complete guide with all the information about this benefit, not just a step-by-step guide to requesting it.

    It is an ideal card for those who like options without an annual fee and with several benefits and Loyalty Programs.

    We will show you what are the advantages of this credit card, how it works, if it is reliable, among other issues.

    After reading this content, it will be easier to ask for the Magazine Luiza card to enjoy all the benefits of the banner. Follow and clear your doubts. 

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    What are the benefits of the Magalu credit card? 

    Before showing you how to make a Magalu credit card, we will list its advantages. This is very important for you to make a more assertive decision when placing your order. 

    1. Luiza card application 

    The Luiza card application is an interesting benefit for the consumer. Through it, you can monitor your card transactions, check your available limit, register your digital invoice and enjoy all the benefits and discounts.

    The tool is free and available on the App Store and Google Play. 

    You don't need to be a technology expert to use the tool, as it is quite practical. In addition, the system is secure and your data is not shared with other people on the internet. 

    2. No annual fee credit card

    If you see any information with the following sentence: “Cartão magazine Luiza has annuity”, it is fake news. This is because the consumer does not need to worry about this type of tariff, since it is not required by the company.

    3. Exclusive installment 

    Have you ever had that weird feeling of buying a state-of-the-art television or other electronic device, but you didn't have the money available at the time? Anyone who has had this kind of experience knows how frustrating it is, right? 

    To help you achieve your dreams, the credit card allows you to pay Magalu purchases in up to 24 installments. It's an amazing opportunity to renovate your home or buy a special gift for your child. 

    4. Technology approached, paid 

    Another positive point is that the credit card also has the technology approached, paid.

    It is a service in which the consumer does not need to enter the password to complete the purchase at the machine, ensuring more agility and practicality for their routine. 

    5. Partners 

    The number of partners the card offers to its customers is impressive. At Magazine Luíza, for example, customers have access to special offers and can pay for some products in up to 24 installments in stores and on the company's website.

    It's a great benefit, especially since the online store contains a complete list of products that are divided into different departments. 

    The most popular categories are:

    • Technology accessories;
    • Air and ventilation;
    • Crafts;
    • party supplies;
    • Audio;
    • Automotive;
    • babies;
    • Beauty and perfumery;
    • Toys;
    • Cameras and drones;
    • House and construction;
    • Cell phones;
    • mattresses;
    • Decoration;
    • Home appliances;
    • Games;
    • Computing;
    • Books;
    • Furniture;
    • Clocks;
    • Bed, table and bath.

    It is an option for all your family members. It's worth taking advantage of. 

    The Offers Club, on the other hand, contains offers with up to 10% discount on Magalu's Offers Club.

    Época Cosméticos is another partner that makes up this list. When making purchases with the Magalu card, the customer receives a 10% discount on the company's website.

    At Zattini, you get 15% off on items sold and shipped by Zattini by paying with your Magalu credit card. 

    At Netshoes, you get 15% off on the entire site by paying with your Magalu credit card. And at Shoestock, you can guarantee 15% off on the entire website by paying with your Magalu card. 

    6. Earn cash back 

    Cashback is a Rewards Program that has been developed in the United States since the 1980s. At that time, its main objective was to offer the customer cash back when he purchased products with some credit card companies. 

    Here in our country, it gained notoriety in 2022 with the support of the Méliuz company, being applied later by other types of companies. And the Magazine Luiza credit card offers this benefit to customers, in all their Magalu purchases.

    To do this, simply activate your MagaluPay digital account. 

    7. “Vai de Visa” Program

    If a loyalty program is important when evaluating a credit card, we have good news. The Magalu card customer can take advantage of the Vai de Visa Program. It offers deals and discounts on many partners for consumers. 

    Gone are the days when a credit card was considered a villain in financial planning.

    Faced with so many benefits that are offered by the network, it is worth purchasing this type of service. In addition, when the card is used with conscience, it can bring more purchasing power into your routine. 

    Is Magalu credit card reliable? 

    In addition to showing the benefits of the card, it is important to explain if it is reliable for the reader, before teaching how to make a Magalu credit card. And the answer to that question is yes.

    The Magalu credit card belongs to one of the most important networks in our country, Magazine Luiza, which has been in the market for over 60 years. 

    Throughout this period, the company works with five pillars that helped it become one of the main references in the area, which are: exponential growth, faster delivery, super application, variety of new product categories, especially through the Marketplace, and o Magalu at your Service (or Magalu as a Service). 

    Another point that justifies how reliable the Magalu credit card is is in relation to the companies with which the store is a partner. In this list, you will find: Netshoes, LogBee, Época Cosméticos, Estante Virtual, among others.

    The client also has a team of specialists available to help answer the main questions of the consumer, ensuring more trust in the relationship.

    The Call Center contact for capitals and metropolitan regions is 3003-3030. The contact for other locations is 0800-720-3030. 

    It is also worth registering the SAC contact, which is 0800-724-4845, while the Ombudsman's phone number is 0800-570-0011. 

    The company's rating on Reclame Aqui is also a great thermometer to check the company's reputation.

    On the page, in August 2022, the organization's score was 9.2 out of 10, which is considered a great score. After these points, you will have more confidence to learn how to make a Magalu credit card. 

    How to make a Magalu credit card? 

    Now that you know the benefits of the card and if it is reliable, let's learn how to make a Magalu credit card? The process is simpler than it looks.

    Applications for a Visa Platinum credit card can be made online through the Magalu Card website, in partnership with Banco Itaú. It is not necessary to face several hours of queue at bank branches. Just fill in the data requested by the system. 

    It is essential to make it clear that your information is not shared with others on the internet.

    In addition, to have more chances of approval of the new card, we recommend answering the questions correctly and completely. The greater your loyalty, the more likely you are to succeed in approval. 

    It's no use learning how to apply for a magazine Luiza credit card online if the data is not correct. So, set aside a special time to successfully complete this task.

    After discovering how to make a Magalu credit card, get to know the Méliuz credit card. Another interesting possibility for the consumer that offers many benefits. 

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