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    How to make a Casas Bahia card? Check out these tips

    How to make a Casas Bahia card? Check out these tips

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 16, 2022 | Credit Cards |

    Not long ago, Casas Bahia was well known for offering the option of paying installments in numerous installments for the booklet.

    Over time, this situation changed and became more and more favorable for the consumer because of the credit card. Thus, if you are a “root” customer of this store, you need to know How to make a Casas Bahia card.

    In this post, you will be able to check:

    • The positive and negative points of the Casas Bahia card;
    • The limit offered to customers;
    • The amount of fees and how to apply;
    • Some additional information to get you on top of this subject.

    What is the Casas Bahia Card?

    First of all, it is worth noting that the Casas Bahia card is generated by Banco Bradesco and comes under the Visa or Mastercard brand.

    So, when making the store card at the physical establishment, you can choose one of the two flags.

    If the request is made online, your card must be a Visa brand.

    It is also important to make it clear that the card has an annual fee, regardless of the brand used, as will be explained in the next topic.

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    In any case, the Casas Bahia card can be used throughout our country and abroad to make purchases, both in physical stores and on the internet.

    It can also be used in establishments outside the Casas Bahia network.

    What are the fees for the Casas Bahia Card?

    One of the first points that the customer seeks to know when applying for a credit card is to see if it has an annual fee.

    In this case, the Casas Bahia card has an annual fee of R$189,12 and can be divided into 12 installments of R$15,76.

    It is still possible to request an additional card, and the annual fee for this extra card is 41% of the value of the cardholder, which represents a cost of R$77,53 annually or 12x of R$6,46.

    It is allowed to order up to three additional cards.

    Now, if you lose the card, break it or any other situation, the second way costs R$13,99.

    And if there are delays in the payment of the invoice, the interest is 13,99% per month and can reach 381,28% per year in easy installments.

    The amount of the withdrawal made in our country is R$12 per operation and abroad it rises to R$16. Remembering that the Tax on Financial Transactions (IOF) rate is 6,38%.

    What is the limit of the Casas Bahia Card?

    The limit of your Casas Bahia Card is separated into two parts.

    The first is only for shopping at Casas Bahia stores. The other part is for other establishments.

    Therefore, the amount of the limit is made available according to your credit history. So it is not possible to mention how much your Casas Bahia card will be.

    But if you don't like the credit amount offered and you want to request a limit increase, you have two options:

    In person: you must go to a Bradesco branch. Don't forget to bring your card and documents. In this way, you can request an analysis of your situation to increase the limit.

    By phone: call 4003-4033 if you are in any capital or 0800 880 4033 for other regions of our country. Over the phone, it is allowed to request a credit analysis for the limit increase.

    It is also worth mentioning that you can still request an emergency credit assessment for R$18,90, that is, that the bank releases a limit to make a certain purchase that exceeds the limit value of the card.

    Casas Bahia Card App

    Customers with the Casas Bahia credit card can download an application for mobile phones with Android and iOS systems. It is possible to:

    • Check the invoice and see the purchases made;
    • Consult the limits;
    • Make the payment of the ticket using the barcode;
    • Block purchases made on the internet.

    Despite offering the most common features of a card application, it is important to report the dissatisfaction of its users.

    On the Google Play Store, the app has a score of 2,4 in more than 45 reviews.

    There are several issues mentioned such as:

    • The difficulty of renewing the card on the platform;
    • Do not present real-time cost values;
    • There are cases in which the person cannot complete the registration.

    The problems are also no different in the Apple Store, with the rating in this app store being 1,4.

    This whole situation of adversity is bad for customers, especially for those who usually manage the card through the app.

    Quality of service of the Casas Bahia Card

    If the Casas Bahia card application still needs to improve a lot, the service provided by Bradescard, which generates the card, is at least effective.

    This is because in Reclame Aqui the overall score is 7,3, which is considered good.

    The rate of complaints answered is 98,2%.

    Most complaints reported on the platform are about inappropriate service requirements such as incorrect billing and late payment of the invoice.

    In any case, as much as the service to its customers is good, it could be even better, since the vast majority of the problems reported are due to Bradescard, which could have been avoided.

    Therefore, the solution rate in Reclame Aqui is 77,9%

    Advantages of the Casas Bahia Card

    The Casas Bahia credit card has some very interesting positive points, as you can see below:

    • Possibility of paying in installments for purchases made at Casas Bahia in up to 24 installments;
    • Permission to request an emergency credit assessment;
    • Customers of Banco Bradesco can make tele-withdrawals, that is, enable account credit through the Call Center. It is also possible to make withdrawals abroad;
    • Exclusive offers, discounts and promotions for customers who pay with the card;
    • Customers can shop at other establishments, in addition to Casas Bahia;
    • There is the possibility of splitting the invoice;
    • Price Protection Insurance: if the customer finds a product at a lower cost than what he paid at Casas Bahia, he can ask for the difference;
    • This advantage is valid for products with a cost equal to or greater than R$150 and up to 30 days after the date of purchase. The user can have access to this benefit in four purchases per year or reimbursement of R$330;
    • Half price: you can get a 50% discount on Cinemark Network tickets.

    It is still possible to enter programs to be allowed to participate in sweepstakes worth R$10 per week through the Federal Lottery, in addition to being able to count on some assistance and coverage.

    Go Visa Program

    In addition to the advantages of the Casas Bahia card, the Visa International brand offers customers the possibility to join the Vai de Visa Program.

    The program offers discounts at partner establishments such as Marisa, Netshoes, Magazine Luiza, Shopclub, Natura, among others.

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    All advantages offered in the program are the responsibility of the store and discounts can be through vouchers, codes and coupons, even with the use of the Visa Card directly at participating stores.

    Photo: Publicity/Casas Bahia

    Mastercard Surprise Program

    Now, if you choose to get a Casas Bahia card with the Mastercard brand, you can participate in the Mastercard Surprise Program, which transforms earned points into exclusive promotions and benefits.

    The program works as follows: the establishment provides a point for every purchase made with your credit and debit card, regardless of the amount.

    These points can be collected and exchanged for vouchers on partner sites of the brand.

    In this way, Mastercard Surpreenda has partnerships with dozens of stores, for example:

    • mormaii,
    • Imaginarium,
    • Oakley,
    • Exam,
    • Outback,
    • pizza hut,
    • Cheese Bread House,
    • L'Occitane
    • Asics,
    • TNG,
    • Live.

    Disadvantages of the Casas Bahia Card

    On the other hand, the Casas Bahia card also has some disadvantages:

    • The installment of purchases may have interest. Withdrawals and tele withdrawals also have fees;
    • The installment of the invoice affects the credit limit of the card, which will be refunded according to the discharge of the monthly fees. Thus, payment in installments must undergo a credit analysis and is not suitable for cards that have automatic debit as a payment option;
    • The annual fee for the card is quite high compared to its competitors. In addition, even the additional card has a “salty” annual fee.
    • The application is problematic, it goes through several situations in which the user cannot even log in to his account.

    How to make Casas Bahia Card

    If you are interested in the Casas Bahia card, you have two different ways to apply:

    physical stores

    You can go to a physical store and open the credit card application process.

    For this, you need to bring the following documents: CPF, RG and proof of income and residence.

    The opening hours of the physical stores are from Monday to Friday, from 08:20 to 08:18 and on Saturdays, from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX.

    If in doubt, just call this number: 3003-8889.


    You can also apply for your Casas Bahia card without having to leave your home.

    To do this, the first step is to access the store's website and log in. After that, on the home page, you need to click on “Cartão Casas Bahia”.

    Now, on the page that opened, click on “Order your Card now”.

    You will be taken to a window where you need to fill in some data, such as your full name, CPF, address, email and phone number.

    In the next stages, you will need to submit a document with your monthly income and occupation.

    After this process, the bank will analyze your information.

    It is also worth noting that this analysis may take up to 10 business days. However, in some cases, approval came out almost at the same time as the request.

    Points of attention when knowing how to make a Casas Bahia Card

    When someone asks for a credit card, Bradesco makes an analysis to see if the consumer fits the bank's profile.

    Although not disclosed, the analysis criteria are:

    • Possess the CPF regularized with the Federal Revenue;
    • Not having any type of open debt or any restrictions with Casas Bahia or Bradesco;
    • Have the name regularized in Serasa and SPC.

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    After requesting your Casas Bahia credit card, in a few days you will receive an email with the approval or not of your order.

    There is still the possibility of contacting the SAC to find out how the process of your request is going.

    For this, you need to call the following number: 0800 727 9988.

    The reasons for your Casas Bahia credit card not being approved are:

    • Credit restrictions;
    • Low score on Serasa;
    • Minimum monthly income did not reach the amount required by the bank;
    • The uploaded documents had a problem.

    In any case, it is allowed to open a new order after a few months.

    So, the Casas Bahia card can be a good option if you are a big consumer of this store. This is because the vast majority of benefits are aimed at those who usually use this sales company.

    Therefore, you should put the positive and negative points of everything you read at the tip of the pen and consider the number of times you use the store.

    After doing this, it will be possible to identify your finance profile with Casas Bahia to the point of requesting a card from the company.

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