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    How to Know Who Visited My Instagram

    It is possible to know exactly who visited your Instagram profile with the app Reports +. There are also other ways to see who has visited your Instagram, but they deliver results based on the analysis of your followers' interaction with your account, that is, they are just statistics. For those who have a business profile, the social network itself shows how many people have visited the account at the top of the profile, but does not specify who these people are.

    In fact, there are many apps available for Android and iOS that add more features to Instagram, such as seeing who unfollowed your account, viewing stories anonymously, downloading stories from your friends, or even viewing blocked photos.

    Here you can check out the tools you can use to see who has visited your Instagram and you can test it on your phone right now!

    Reports + Follower Analysis

    Reports+ is an application with a pleasant interface that loads quickly on the phone. In addition to working as a report, it notifies you in real time when you get an unfollow and is useful to keep your numbers always at an advantage.

    Reports + is available for:

    Android iOS

    Follower Analyzer para Instagram

    Follower Analyzer is a complete profile analyzer, it gives you metrics about who always interacts with your posts by liking and commenting, who is the biggest “liker”, that is, your biggest “fan” and so you have a sense of who is always there. keep an eye on your content.

    In addition to discovering all this on your own account, you can do pretty much the same with the account of a friend you follow. Check out his most liked post, who else likes and comments on his follower feed and get more metrics!

    Follower Analyzer para Instagram is available for


    business account

    One of the biggest advantages of an Instagram business account is that you can track multiple metrics. You can access your personal profile and turn it into a business with one click. From there, just check your reach, see your impressions (which are views of a photo or a story) and much more!

    Another advantage of knowing these metrics is for you to test automation tools. Compare the before and after of your statistics with the tools and choose the one that is most effective!

    Satisfied with the ways to see who visited your Instagram? Try some of our options, stay more connected to your audience and how your posts can get more views and likes!

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