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    How to have two WhatsApp on the same phone without downloading anything

    Having two WhatsApp on the same mobile is possible, as long as each account uses a different phone number. Some Android devices allow you to duplicate the chat app without having to download anything.

    Just enable the app duplication feature in the system settings. The way to trigger the device, known as Dual Apps or Twin Apps, varies a little from one manufacturer to another.

    Below we show the paths:

    • Samsung: Settings app → Advanced Features → Dual Messenger → Activate the switch next to the WhatsApp option → Confirm → Install.
    • Xiaomi (MIUI): Settings app → Dual apps → activate the switch next to WhatsApp → Activate.
    • Huawei: Settings app → Apps → App twin → Activate the switch next to the WhatsApp option.

    • Asus: Settings app → Twin Apps → activate the switch next to WhatsApp → Allow.
    • LG: Settings app → General tab → Dual App → Install, next to WhatsApp → Install.

    After performing the procedure, a second WhatsApp icon, with the number 2, will be displayed on the home screen. Just click on it and configure the account normally.

    With the help of an app

    If, by any chance, your smartphone doesn't offer the native app duplication feature, we teach you how to duplicate WhatsApp with the help of a third-party app. In the following walkthrough we will use Parallel Space.

    1. Download the app parallel Space on your Android smartphone;

    2. Once installed, open the app and agree to the program's terms of use by tapping Agree and Continue;

    3. Also authorize access to your Stores, Calls and Location, at Continue → Allow;

    4. Now, tap Start ;

    5. On the next screen, tap on the WhatsApp icon to select the app and go to Add to Parallel Space;

    6. Confirm in Accept;

    7. Then, go to the WhatsApp icon, which you will see on the next screen, to open the messenger clone and configure the second account as you normally would.

    • It may be that, when you tap on the icon, you will be asked to download the Parallel Space - 64Bit Support extension, which promises more stability for phones with 64-bit architecture.

    Once configured, whenever you want to use the messenger, you must open the Parallel Space app and access the WhatsApp icon.


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