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    How to get started in Digital Marketing?

    How to get started in Digital Marketing?

    by Camila Porto | May 17, 2022 | Digital Marketing |

    Any internet-related profession or career has enormous growth potential in the coming years. Therefore, how to start in digital marketing is one of the most common searches for those who want to start a new business or professional career.

    I started in digital marketing in 2008, when I was part of the writing team of a large technology website. Since then, I have migrated from the area and started to undertake my own business. Here we already have one of the advantages of knowing how to start in digital marketing: there are countless options for areas, careers, ways of working in this segment that grows year after year. 

    Digital marketing tips for beginners

    With some experience in the area, I would like to start this text with some digital marketing tips for beginners. Tips that had I received when I started would certainly have saved me a lot of time and money. 

    you need to be open

    This is an important tip. When I started in the newsroom, I did the same thing every day. However, despite writing being my routine, I needed to be connected to everything that was happening in the market. 

    After I started my business, the same thing happened. As it is a dynamic world, with many releases, new tools, news daily, you need to be open to learn and to do a little bit of everything. 

    Knowing how to use your creative side and your analytical side will make you a more complete professional or entrepreneur, even if you only work in one area. Be open to the new as digital marketing changes a lot. 

    Learn to think short and long term

    Because it is a dynamic area, everything can change very quickly. Therefore, having a balance between short-term and long-term actions is critical. Stick to the foundations of your strategy or business strategy. 

    However, if you want to work with digital marketing, you need to understand that there are things that need to be thought about and done in the long term. A website, for example, to generate good traffic organically, needs to be thought of in years. 

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    A sales campaign on social media, on the other hand, can be carried out in a matter of hours, depending on your objective. So with tip one, being open is important and knowing how to identify long-term trends and short-term opportunities will make all the difference. 

    make a list

    Make a list of people or companies that you admire or that have cool content. Subscribe to their newsletters, follow their profiles, follow their content, read their emails. 

    It doesn't have to be digital marketing companies, it can be from any segment. Evaluate how they communicate with their customers, what they write in their emails. So, you already start to observe how they work online. 

    make another list

    Now make a list of companies, professionals, digital marketing hashtags. Look for fonts on Instagram, Google and do the same thing: follow their profiles, join their email lists. 

    In the beginning it will be very difficult to follow everything. However, as time passes, filter the sources that connect you the most or that the content adds more. 

    How to start in digital marketing from scratch?

    If you want to learn digital marketing to apply in your company or want to turn it into a profession, know that everyone started from scratch. Even those who have millions of followers started with their first follower at some point. 

    The first step to starting from scratch in digital marketing is seeking to have a broader view of the market. This will help you understand all the market opportunities and see all the possible segments that you can act on. 

    This can be done in several ways and I will list the most effective ones below. Of course, this will require commitment from you to take that first step, but it will definitely help you visualize everything that digital marketing can bring to you or your business. 

    How to get started in digital marketing

    Free courses

    One of the ways to get started in digital marketing is by participating in free courses. There are many free digital marketing courses that you can use to get to know the market and its areas of expertise. 

    We have a very cool post here on the blog that brings a list of companies that offer courses, in various areas, for you to study without paying anything. 

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    When it comes to getting started in digital marketing, many people often restrict their field of expertise to social media, ads, inbound marketing, SEO. These are the most popular areas within digital marketing. 

    Now, if you really want to expand your knowledge and go beyond the obvious, programming and data can be an excellent path. As a programmer, there are many opportunities to act.

    From creating websites and apps, to artificial intelligence that can be used to optimize ads, texts, data analysis. It is also worth venturing into this area. Below you will find another post with a hundred courses on programming to learn about. 

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    Another way to stay in touch with the market is to participate in events, whether in person or online. This is a great way to have a more direct contact with the routine of a digital marketer. 

    Stay tuned to your social media, you will surely receive invitations to lives, webinars or events to participate. Another tip is to create alerts in Google Alerts and be notified when a new event is confirmed. 

    Events are also great for meeting people with the same goals as you. Some of the biggest events in the digital marketing market include: 

    • Live Launch Formula
    • Locaweb events 
    • Imasters
    • ESPM
    • RDSummit
    • Hotmart Fire

    These are some of the biggest events on the market. It is worth getting organized to participate in any of them, whether in events or courses promoted by these companies. Of course, if you have more event tips, let us know in the comments. 


    Participating in discussion groups on Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp is also a great way to get to know the market better. Just search through each of the channels and find a number of places where you can learn more about the issues, opportunities and routines of a digital marketer or business owner who does their own marketing. 

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    Another gateway, more advanced there, is to start a degree in the area. My tip is to first know the opportunities, understand which sectors you are most interested in to consider a degree. 

    It is not uncommon for many people to invest in a degree and, after months, discover that it is not quite what they would like to do. Therefore, take free courses, participate in events, talk to those who work in the area to find out what you most identify with. 

    Today it is common to find undergraduate and graduate courses in digital marketing. Institutions such as PUC and ESPM are some of the references in this type of graduation. Of course, other institutions also offer options in this area, just search in your city or options with online content.

    Areas of expertise in digital marketing

    Now that you already have a guide on how to get started in digital marketing, it is worth knowing a little about the areas of activity. If you start following the tips in this text, you will see that there are countless ways to act in this area. 

    Some are better known, like social media, content production, paid ads, metrics, social media customer service, video editing, image editing, copywriting, SEO. 

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    A good way to learn about the options for how you can fit in or which digital marketing strategy most connects with your audience is to learn more about how digital marketing can work in your company. 

    If you want to start a career in the area, it is worth knowing the options of available areas. In addition, take courses, participate in events and discussion groups to find out where you want to work.

    marketing salary

    Of course, digital marketing salary is something to consider, even if you're still figuring out how to get started in digital marketing. Of course, this shouldn't be your only focus when choosing a profession, but it sure helps to map out opportunities. 

    In the following post you will find a list of marketing salaries in various areas. There are data for director, manager and analyst positions. Check out in the following post how much some professionals in the area earn.

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    Getting Started in Digital Marketing: Final Tips

    Digital marketing can be used to promote your brand, your website or work as a professional within a company or agency. The fact is, you don't need to be an expert in the field to get started. In fact, digital marketing allows anyone to get started, as today there are many courses, tools, platforms and opportunities to put what you learn into practice. 

    One of the most interesting ways to get started in digital marketing is to invest in a personal project. If you like to cook, travel, read, program, series, how about turning this into a project?

    If you enjoy recording videos or writing, how about turning your channels into a laboratory to test strategies and ideas? Starting a blog or YouTube channel, for example, will add a lot of baggage to your experience. 

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    You will be able to produce content that answers your audience's questions and, from your experience, understand how the most common things work, such as audience research, metrics, ads, editing, monetization. 

    This is one of the paths that digital transformation can take in your life. Well, it's no use wanting to know how to get started in digital marketing if you don't put what you learn into practice. 

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