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    How to get a loan at Caixa Tem?

    How to get a loan at Caixa Tem?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 17, 2022 | Shopping |

    If you do not know How to get a loan at Caixa Tem, you've come to the right place. From now on, we will address the main information about this benefit: how it works, what are the features, among other issues. 

    Informal workers and recipients of emergency aid can apply for a loan through Caixa Tem in the amount of up to R$5.

    The tool is the main path for those people who receive emergency aid and need to perform virtual transactions, purchase products and services and even pay a bill. 

    The Caixa Tem loan can be a great opportunity to pay off those debts with lower interest rates, renovate your apartment, buy food for your family, invest in your child's education or even take the trip of your dreams after the pandemic.

    When the loan is used efficiently, it can bring many benefits to any individual. 

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    What is the Caixa Tem loan? 

    This is a loan that can be requested by both informal workers and recipients of emergency aid. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, the proposal is to improve the access of low-income people to various types of banking services, such as loans. 

    The benefit is offered to customers through the Caixa Tem app, which should undergo some changes to add the alternative to the main menu.

    Contrary to what many people imagine, it is not necessary to go to a financial institution to request the service. All you need is a device with internet access. 

    If you don't know how to get a loan at Caixa Tem, don't worry. The process is simple and can be completed in a few minutes.

    To give you an idea, since the app was launched in 2022, the financial institution has already accounted for more than 90 million open online savings. 

    What loans are available at Caixa Tem?

    In total, the consumer has access to two types of loans. The lowest values ​​vary between R$100,00, R$200,00 and R$300,00. The other alternative is a line of credit ranging from R$1,5 to R$5.

    For people who need quick money, we have good news: the Caixa Tem loan is already available for amounts of up to R$300,00, which is usually authorized without bureaucracy, even for customers whose name is negative in the agencies. of credit protection.

    When will the loans be released? 

    This is one of the most common doubts when we talk about Caixa Tem. The expectation is that the loan of up to R$ 300,00 will be authorized soon by the financial institution.

    What are the advantages of Caixa Tem? 

    According to Caixa, the interest on the loans will be lower than other alternatives that are available in the market.

    The financial institution plans to set aside at least R$10 million annually for this credit line. However, it is believed that there is a budget of BRL 25 million to be offered to customers. 

    Another positive point of the loan is that the payment term can be completed between three to five years, guaranteeing more favorable conditions precisely to help the range of recipients of emergency aid. 

    With the loan, you have the possibility to start a new venture or invest in something that you intend to earn revenue in the coming months. 

    Is it worth using the Caixa Tem app? 

    Yes. At first, the app was designed to be just a digital savings. Today, he is much more than that. The technology offers several services to the customer, just as with a financial institution on the internet. 

    It is important to remember that, at the end of 2022, the Federal Government sanctioned the law that authorizes digital savings to be used both to pay emergency aid and for workers who are authorized to receive social security and labor benefits, including: FGTS (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) and salary bonus.

    Another important point is that in April of this year, unemployment insurance also started to be paid by digital savings accounts that are operated by the application.

    After discovering the main information about Caixa Tem, learn how to take out a loan at Caixa Tem.

    How to get a loan at Caixa Tem?

    If you don't know how to take out a loan at Caixa Tem, we have good news: the process is practical and you don't need to be a technology expert to apply for the benefit.

    Simply complete the download of the Caixa Tem app, which is available on Google Play or Apple Store on your own mobile device. 

    Then, we recommend logging in with your CPF and registering the numeric password according to the guidelines displayed on the screen. Then confirm your mobile number.

    The system will forward a code via an SMS message. To confirm your identification, you must enter your mobile device number and the string that was sent to the user. 

    At Caixa Tem, it is possible to make payments with bank slips, household bills and make purchases with the virtual debit card. And the best: the user can still compete for prizes of up to R$250 thousand. 

    The tool is used as a form of payment for benefits that are offered by the Federal Government. Among the most common are: emergency aid, FGTS withdrawal and Bolsa Família.

    Through Caixa Tem, you can transfer money, make deposits, withdrawals, motivate digital social savings, make purchases using the virtual debit card, pay bills and consult balances and statements. 

    How to make a loan at Caixa with a dirty name? 

    When answering the question “how to get a loan at Caixa Tem”, many people generally believe that this task is practically impossible for customers who are negative.

    Even with several limitations, those interested in this service can choose alternatives without consulting credit protection agencies, such as SPC and Serasa. Find out below which are the most important.

    Loan in the Caixa by the Pledge

    In this line of credit, consumers have the possibility to pledge various valuable goods. The most common are: jewelry, valuable pens, valuable watches, diamonds and valuable silverware.

    The loan at Caixa through the pledge can reach 100% of the guarantee amount for consumers who receive salary credit at this financial institution. The goods are kept in the safe deposit box of the Bank.

    Customers who use this credit alternative can renew it whenever they feel the need. 

    First, you must find an agency with a pledge. Then take the goods you want to pledge. Also remember to bring all the documentation that is required by the Caixa.

    Then, a Caixa employee will be responsible for the evaluation. The contact period can be conducted by the consumer himself. 

    If approved, the money is received immediately. When the customer pays off the loan, he gets the goods back. 

    Loan with FGTS guarantee

    In this category, the financial institution allows the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) to be used as a loan payment guarantee. If there is a default, there is redemption of the amount that is available not only in active accounts, but also in inactive FGTS accounts. 

    In anticipation of the birthday withdrawal, customers can advance up to three withdrawals. Individuals have to deal with 0,99% monthly interest rates. To be entitled to the contract, the client must request at least R$2 thousand in loan. 

    You can join the anniversary withdrawal through Internet Banking Caixa, Caixa app or FGTS app.

    Hiring can be carried out through branches, through Internet Banking and through the financial institution's application. 

    Payroll loans

    This line of credit is released to employees of companies and bodies that have agreements, retirees and INSS pensioners. The loan amount is deducted from the INSS salary or benefit. The consumer can anticipate settlement at any time. 

    To make the contract, it is essential to analyze whether the employer has an agreement with the Caixa.

    Then, choose the channel to execute the procedure, which can be carried out in the corresponding Internet Banking Caixa Aqui Negociol, Caixa branch and self-service channels.

    To finalize the process, you must complete and sign the hiring forms. Without a doubt, it is a great loan for negative people. 

    Now that you know how to borrow from Caixa, we recommend setting aside a period of your routine to analyze your finances.

    This step is very important to understand how much of your budget you can commit to paying off the loan. In this way, the acquisition of credit will be smoother, without affecting your financial organization. 

    Bonus tip: Did you realize that finding out how to take out a loan at Caixa Tem is simpler than it seems? However, it is never too much to remember that you should give preference to safe financial institutions when you need credit, such as Caixa.

    This is because, unfortunately, there are several people who use this moment to apply blows to citizens. So stay tuned so you don't have problems in the future

    After discovering how to take out a loan at Caixa Tem, discover what to sell on the internet to increase your family income and pay off all debts more easily. 

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