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    How to get a job online

    How to get a job online

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 18, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Do you know how to get a job online? The internet has hundreds of open job vacancies, either on specialized job sites or even on social networks. The problem is that not all opportunities have professionals with the minimum training and experience requirements for the selection processes.

    If you want to get back into the job market and you don't know what to do, we are going to show you 6 options for you to know how to get a job.

    How to get a job online: where to start

    Before going out and registering for all the job openings that appear for you on Google, you need to be clear about what you are looking for in your professional career. This involves creating some filters to help you select where you want (and don't want) to work:

    1. Be clear about your area of ​​expertise:

    Know what you want to do. If you have training, experience or skills in any activity, define which opportunities fit your profile. If you just want to make money, no problem. But that's OK, if you're going to do something you don't have affinity for and evaluate if it's worth it (or not) in the end.

    2. Have a good resume:

    Having a good resume is the gateway to working for some companies. If you don't have yours, our post on How to Build a Resume: 4 Basic Rules to Avoid Mistakes will help you. You will learn what is the basic structure you need to have on your resume and what are the 4 mistakes you should avoid when making your first contact with employers.

    3. Take the time and dedicate yourself to filling in the complete information in your registration profiles:

    In this case, quality is better than quantity. You may even find that applying for multiple job openings will give you an edge over your competitors. Make a good impression and fill in as much of your information as possible, especially on sites specialized in work, such as Catho and LinkedIn itself, for example.

    4. Evaluate whether you want to work in physical companies or go for a safe and paid online job

    With the pandemic, we observe that there has been a certain change in our traditional work model. We had to adapt to different situations and one of them was learning to work online.

    Increasingly, we see a growth in companies that hire to work over the internet and that have learned to alternate working hours in person and at home. If you haven't considered working remotely, know that this is no longer a trend, it's a reality. There are several positive aspects that favor a working-from-home lifestyle, such as:

    – More time with the family;
    – Less time spent on commuting, transit;
    – More time to eat better;
    – More balance in activities involving work and home activities.

    How to get a job online: where to find a job

    The internet is a sea of ​​opportunity if you know how to exploit it. For this, let's start by indicating some sites that you may already know, but that always have permanent and temporary job openings.

    1. How to get a job online: Work our country (formerly SINE our country)

    The website SINE our country, called Work our country, has several job opportunities for those who want to return to the job market. If you want to register on the site, we have a post ready that will help you in this mission:

    Learn more: How to register at SINE and get a job

    If you want to make an appointment and appear in person at one of the SINE units, we also have a post with 3 tips for you to be attended to.

    Learn More: How to schedule a service at SINE: 3 service channels

    2. How to get a job online: Catho

    Job sites are great places to sign up. Highly sought after for online jobs for young people, these sites offer both permanent and temporary job opportunities, depending on what you can offer.

    In addition, Catho has a plan where if you subscribe, you get 30 days free. There are 225 thousand job vacancies and 85 thousand advertising companies. To have access to vacancies, users need to fill out a registration on the platform,

    How to get a job online: InfoJobs

    InfoJobs is a tool specialized in job vacancies. To gain access to vacancies, users also need to complete a registration through the website or the app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

    By registering on the platform, free and for an unlimited time, you can receive job alerts on your profile or email, in addition to being able to attach your resume and make optimized searches according to your location. If you want access to more features, like getting to know the companies inside out from a feature developed by the platform, you can pay for the premium version of the tool.

    How to get a job online: LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a big deal if you know how to take advantage of it. Many companies seek their future talents through the social network, as it is focused on professional relationships. There are more than 675 million users with active LinkedIn accounts in our country.

    The first step to start looking for a job is to register on LinkedIn. After that, you can apply for vacancies offered by companies and receive notifications as interested employers emerge.

    How to get a job online: Workana

    If you're a freelancer and don't know how to search for jobs online, Workana is the place for you. There are more than 2.575,457 freelancers, 30.337 monthly projects and more than 33 online users spread across several countries.

    If you are looking for an outplacement opportunity and have training in one of the following areas, you should use Workana:

    – IT and programming;
    – Translation and contents;
    – Administrative and legal support;
    - Marketing and sales;
    – Finance and administration;
    - Design and multimedia.

    How to get a job online: Hotmart Jobs

    Now, if you want to work in the digital marketing area, Hotmart, the largest infoproduct portal in our country and present in several countries, launched Hotmart Jobs to publicize all your job opportunities.

    You can search by areas and places (including other countries). There are so many open positions that it is worth taking a calm look at the requirements, differentials and benefits. To check everything, visit the Hotmart Jobs website and learn more.

    How to get a job online: Conclusion

    Your chances of saying I can't get a job have drastically decreased after these opportunities we've mapped out for you. Now if what you're looking for are trends to undertake in 2022, let's recommend reading the post Digital Marketing Trends: 6 Quick Bets for 2022.

    We hope to have helped you in the mission of how to look for a job on the internet, whether physical or remote.

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