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    How to gain followers on TikTok? 10 tips to rock the social network

    How to gain followers on TikTok? 10 tips to rock the social network

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 30, 2022 | Social Networks | 0

    Just like any social network, if you want to leverage your content through it, you will need a lot of followers. The higher your audience number, the more engagement your posts will have. For that reason, today we are going to talk about how to gain followers on TikTok. 

    Of course, it's important to make it clear that your followers need to be real. There is no point in buying followers or attracting people from all over the world. They will be able to increase the number of your audience, but they will not consume your content. 

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    The social network has recently exploded and, by all indications, will still yield a lot of publicity. Very popular with younger audiences, TikTok has already surpassed 1 billion downloads in 2022. 

    If you're not already on TikTok or don't know how the app works, it's basically a video social network. Very famous for the dances and dubbing that we see spread even on Instagram. 

    However, it is possible to use the format of funny videos to present content or products. It all depends on the message you want to convey to your audience. 

    Now let's get down to business! Check out these strategies on how to gain followers on TikTok and test them on your account. 

    How to gain followers on TikTok: 10 tips with potential 

    1) Create content for your persona 

    This means that you must produce content that your audience will enjoy watching, that they are interested in, that will look for this information. Want to know how to define your persona? Click here to see additional content. 

    If you have a business, a lot of information about content of interest comes from customers themselves, through questions they send to your company. Filter those questions out, see the most frequently asked, and you've got some hot content to pump out on your TikTok page.

    Another way to get followers through content is to make original posts. In other words, don't copy what everyone else posts! Test new formats and check which your audience consumes the most. 

    After all, your goal is not just to increase the number of followers, but to attract followers that will add to your page and your business. A follower adds to your business when:

    – Like, comment, share your content. 

    – Interested in the services and products that your business offers to the market. 

    – Effective purchases from your store because you have connected to your content. 

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    2) Maintain the frequency of your publications 

    The frequency of publications is essential to maintain the engagement of your audience. Whether every day, or three times a week, the important thing is to keep a rhythm in the posts. 

    With this, you will be conditioning your audience to wait for this content on fixed days and you can use this to your advantage. Whether to show a new product or launch a promotion, for example. 

    The frequency of posts also makes it easier to reach your profile to new followers. This is one of the ways to get more followers organically. 

    3) Feed your profile information 

    The profile picture and name are the main information in the eyes of the app users. So, of course, they deserve greater care. Put a good quality profile image that is in line with your brand goals. 

    Create a username that is simple. Ideally, your followers should be able to read it easily and also memorize it without much effort.

    However, photo and name are not everything. The ideal is to fill in all the fields of the profile and leave as much information as possible available. 

    Here you can also connect your TikTok account with other social networks. For example, by linking your Instagram account with the social network, it will be easier to attract followers to this medium as well.  

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    4) Use hashtags related to your market

    We've already talked about how hashtags help improve your page engagement, and best of all, organically. That's because, when using a hashtag, you are putting an identification tag on your content, which will appear to other users when they perform a search on the social network. 

    Aligning strategic content with good hashtags can be the key to success. Check which # are most used in your niche market, so your content will be delivered to a qualified audience and aligned with your page. 

    We have separated here a list of the 100 most used hashtags in the world, so that you can get inspired and start using this resource. 

    5) Pay attention to your followers 

    Just as you want your followers to be engaged on your profile, interact with them as well. That's the first rule to captivate your fans. Take time to like and reply to comments. Appreciate the praise and criticism you receive. Be open to dialogue with your audience.

    And above all, be attentive to the information you gather from this interaction. They will help you think of new strategies for your business.

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     6) Publish when your audience is online 

    Choose to publish your videos at times when your audience is active within the social network. This makes it much easier for your content to have immediate interactions and stay longer in favor of the algorithm.  

    Now how do you know when your audience is on? where to get this information?

    Unfortunately, there is no formula for finding this information. Some research has already been done on, but not all audiences are the same and you can't just rely on other's markets. But then what to do? 

    Our tip is always to test! What days of the week and times do you feel your posts get the most interaction? 

    Try publishing for a period of time on different days and times and analyze the number of interactions and the type of content published. 

    In addition, TikToK itself provides data on the activity of your audience, just log into your account, in the Analytics option. 

    However, you need to convert the time zone, according to your location, to find the correct time. 

    7) Interact with content that favors your brand 

    You can interact with content from other profiles that are related or complementary to yours. Enter the profile of other brands or influencers in your field, like and comment on the posts. 

    Use creativity to comment something with other users that attracts that audience to your profile. Do this often. 

    8) Add a Call to Action at the end of your videos 

    A CTA is a phrase that encourages your audience to take action upon your post. The goal is to engage that viewer with your content. 

    Examples of CTAs are: If you liked this video, leave a like; for more videos like this, follow our profile; if you want to participate in this action, leave a I WANT in the comments; tag here in the comments your friend who needs to see this; share this information with that special someone and many others. 

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    9) Invest in ads 

    As with any other social network, you don't always live organically. Investing in ads can indeed be a source to increase the number of followers on TikTok.

    The goal of many companies when thinking about ads is, most of the time, to make money from sales. But remember: no one enters the social network to buy anything!

    This is a consequence of a strategy aligned with relevant content and investment in advertising and the objective of your ads. 

    10) Visit popular profiles 

    aba for You in the application, it is directed to indicate content from profiles that are in line with your taste within the social network. View this content with a critical eye and adapting it to your business. 

    Use posts with high engagement to get inspiration for your productions. Focus on what might have made that post so engaged and replicate it in your content.

    That is, of course, if that action is in line with your objective and your business. In other words, just because a popular profile did a little dance that generated a lot of audience doesn't mean you need to go out dancing too. Filter what is in line with your goals and what will not be relevant to your audience.

    How to gain followers on TikTok: bonus tip

    Enjoy your videos. Try your best to produce quality content. Spice up your content with effects, popular songs, subtitles. See what can hold your audience's attention. 

    Also, invest in good scenery and lighting. Avoid noisy environments when recording and do it when you're in the mood to produce. 

    How to gain followers on TikTok: conclusion

    The logic of social networks is always the same. The more audience a publication receives, the more this content will be delivered and shown to other people, after all, it is relevant content.

    By addressing a younger audience, the content displayed on TikTok is essentially creative. You need your content to have interactivity among users to increase your following. So be creative in your videos. 

    The tips above will help your brand recognition within the platform, which will consequently increase your engagement and ultimately, more people will know your profile, with a high chance of becoming followers. It's a virtuous cycle. 

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