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    How to Flip and Unflip PC and Mac Screen Easily

    Flipping and flipping PC and Mac screen image does not require any in-depth computer knowledge. It only takes simple mouse commands or keyboard shortcuts to rotate the screen by 90,180, 270 or XNUMX degrees.

    The feature is ideal for those who have a second monitor or want to vary the position of the screen, taking it from the usual horizontal. Check below how to invert the display of a computer or notebook with Windows 7, 8 or 10 or with Mac OS X.

    How to flip the screen in Windows (7, 8 and 10)

    It is possible to flip the screen of computers and notebooks with Windows either through keyboard shortcuts or through the display settings. The following tips work for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. In some cases, there are only subtle differences in each system version.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    The availability of the keyboard shortcut for rotating the screen varies by PC. According to the Tech Advisor website, feature availability depends on the hardware and software present in your device. In general, video card drivers from NVidia and AMD allow you to create these shortcuts.

    • Ctrl + Alt + ⬆︎: positions the image in the pattern, that is, horizontally, "upside up".
    • Ctrl + Alt + ⬇: Rotate the screen 180º. The image is "upside down", horizontally.
    • Ctrl + Alt + ➡: Rotates the image 90º, to the right.
    • Ctrl + Alt + ⬅: rotates the image 270º, to the left.

    By display settings

    Another very simple and useful way, especially for those who couldn't use the shortcuts above, is to rotate the screen through the Display Settings in Windows. To do this, right-click on an empty section of the Desktop.

    In Windows 10, click Display Settings. In Windows 7 or 8, the option is Screen Resolution. Scroll the next screen to the section Screen orientation ou Guidance and click to see available options.

    • Landscape: default orientation, horizontal “upside up”.
    • Picture: screen vertically, to the right (90º).
    • Landscape (turned): horizontal, but upside down (180º rotation).
    • portrait (turned): screen vertically, to the left (270º rotation)

    By default, when you click on any option, Windows 10 asks if you want to keep the new screen configuration or if you want to revert to the old one. If no option is selected, the system automatically resumes the previous guidance after 15 seconds.

    How to flip the Mac screen

    For those who have a Mac, the screen rotation by 90º can be done through the system settings. Apple recommends that, before rotating the image to use the monitor vertically, you consult the documentation that came with the device.

    The suggestion is made for the user to ensure that it is possible to use the display in another position safely. After confirming yes, just click on the apple icon () to access the menu and go to System Preferences.

    So, click Monitors and go on Monitor. In Turn ou Rotationchoose Standard, 90 º, 180 º ou 270 º. If you want to go back to the previous configuration, just click on To reverse.

    If, by any chance, the feature does not appear for you, it is because your computer does not have the screen rotation option.


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