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    How to earn Robux for free: 8 proven ways to earn the coin

    How to earn Robux for free: 8 proven ways to earn the coin

    A phenomenon of recent years, Roblox is an open world MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), in which players can create their own virtual worlds, with various options for customization of items (which you can buy after learning how to win robux for free) that allow each player to have a unique gaming experience.

    The game was released in 2004 by founder David Baszucki and co-founder Erik Cassel, and was initially called “Dynablocks”. Over the years the platform has received numerous improvements, with the addition of messages, research systems and character customization. The platform currently has more than 500 game creators and more than 700 million monthly active players, who have logged more than 300 million hours of gameplay.

    The game's popularity is due to the fact that it provides numerous tools for players to create their own maps, serving as a platform for creating and sharing other games and immersive experiences from the community itself. In addition to being available on several platforms and running on most devices (it can even be considered a weak pc game), as it doesn't require much processing or graphics power.

    Despite being on the market for over 10 years, the game has gained more notoriety in recent years, and currently has over 150 million monthly active users and is available for PC, macOS, Android, iOS and Xbox One. It can be downloaded for free, however, it is possible to purchase Robux, the virtual currency used within the game, to buy new clothes, maps and games within the platform.

    Robux are sold in packs, with a certain number of credits, so it is not possible to buy one Robux at a time. They can be purchased via PayPal, credit card, debit card, bank transfer or Roblox prepaid cards available at retail stores. In the mobile versions, it is also possible to buy Robux with the balance available on your mobile app store, either the Google Play Store or the App Store. It is also important to note that Roblox's virtual currency is sold in dollars, so if you are going to buy it, check the current exchange rate for the American currency.

    8 ways to get free Robux

    Robux can be bought with real money or there is also a way to earn robux for free, through the sale of clothes, maps, games and experiences within the platform and with the use of some websites and apps that reward users for performing certain tasks. Check out in this list the top ways to earn robux for free.

    1. Reward Sites (trading fees for robux)

    There are some sites, such as Blox Award and OP Rewards, that make credits available to users when they perform some action within the site, which can be exchanged for robux later.

    They work on both desktop and mobile, and reward users for completing quizzes, surveys, and quizzes. Some quizzes require the user to get the answer right to earn credit, but most answers can be found on the internet, with a quick Google or YouTube search.

    The user can register using Facebook, Google account or creating a 0 account. The sites are all in English, but it is possible to guide through the images and instructions, but, if necessary, it is possible to use a translator to better understand the functioning of the platform.

    When performing these tasks, the user is rewarded with a credit from the site itself, which can later be exchanged for robux. It is also possible to earn these credits by inviting friends to register on the site.

    The sites also offer extra daily rewards, for completing some goals, like completing 5 tasks in the day, for example.

    It is also possible to earn credits by subscribing to the platforms' social networks, Youtube channel, Twitch, Tik Tok, Discord server and Twitter profile.

    Periodically, these reward sites also hold sweepstakes for users who are online on the platform. Sweepstakes values ​​vary, and they are available to all site users.

    Withdrawing and transferring these credits to the Roblox account is very simple, and can be done at any time, as long as the user has enough credits to exchange for robux. This sure is an interesting way to get free robux, isn't it?

    2. Google Opinion Rewards (get rewarded in robux)

    Another way to earn credits that can be redeemed for robux is with the Google Opinion Rewards app. This application, created by the tech giant Google, is exclusive to Android phones, and works similarly to reward sites, in which the user answers surveys and earns money for it.

    These searches are usually related to your activity recorded in your Google account, such as videos watched on Youtube, places visited and recorded by Google Maps or searches performed on Google search engine.

    They happen periodically in the app, and by answering them, the user receives a few reais in their Play Store account. After gathering the required amount, the player can log into Roblox and buy the robux with the money acquired by answering Google Opinion Rewards surveys.

    In our country, this service is only available for Android phones, but in the United States it is possible to download it on iOS devices and it can be an interesting way to earn robux for free.

    3. Microsoft Rewards (Xbox)

    On Xbox it is possible to collect credits in a similar way to the Google Opinion Rewards Android app, through Microsoft Rewards. Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series, this app can be downloaded directly from the video game and rewards players for completing specific tasks, such as visiting web pages of games sold on the Microsoft Store, searching Microsoft's Bing search engine, or earn in-game achievements.

    Xbox Game Pass subscribers have some extra tasks available on the platform, allowing them to accumulate more points compared to non-subscribers.

    Points purchased in Microsoft Rewards can be redeemed for credits or gift cards in the Microsoft Store that can be used to purchase Robux.

    4. Selling custom clothes and receiving robux within Roblox

    Want to know how to get free robux without even having to leave the game? All the customization offered by Roblox allows players to fully modify the appearance of their characters, from the outfits used to the objects and accessories, and these custom outfits can be sold to other players for robux.

    Usually Roblox takes some time to sell, so for about three days the sold clothing can be in a pending transition, and only after all the necessary verifications made by the platform will the robux fall into the player's account.

    Although it seems quite profitable, this practice favors Roblox Premium subscribers, the game's subscription service, as it is necessary for the player to be able to sell their pieces within the game. The minimum amount for the sale of shirts and pants is 5 Robux and for t-shirts it is 2 Robux.

    5. Selling ads within games created by the community

    The customization available in Roblox is not restricted to clothes, objects and accessories, it allows the creation of different worlds, with different styles and game modes. And, in addition to clothing sales, the game also allows companies to advertise within player-created games, and reward them for doing so.

    However, Roblox Company has some requirements and limits on the sale of these spaces to advertisers, such as the ban on placing well-known brand names in the game, thus avoiding possible lawsuits. The company also evaluates the number of players and if there are any complaints about the game.

    If your game meets the standards set by the company, it can apply to receive ads. To promote it, post photos or videos of your game on social networks with the hashtag #ROBLOXRisingStar, it is through this that the company looks for games to offer to its advertisers.

    If you want to know how to earn free robux in this way, know that generally games with a good appeal and creative design, and which are more interesting and child-friendly, are more successful and are more likely to receive ads, as they attract a greater number of people. players.

    Games are reviewed by a team within the Roblox Company, but this review can be very subjective, so if a game is declined the first time, it is possible that it will be accepted after a few more attempts.

    6. Robux Code

    The success of Roblox allowed the company to launch a toy line inspired by the game. On the packaging of each of these toys there is a robux code, which is a code of a few digits that, after being entered in the game, guarantees the player a large amount of robux.

    The code for redeeming robux is located inside the package, at the top, and must be placed on the “redeem page” of codes, available within the game.

    Although it is not a completely free way to acquire robux, as it requires the purchase of products and toys from the company, it offers a large amount of robux without the need to buy them directly from the in-game store.

    7. Sell Game Passes and Access in exchange for robux

    Another form of commercialization that exists within the Roblox platform itself is the purchase and sale of passes and access to games. Unlike clothing marketing, this mode is available to all Roblox players, whether they are subscribers or not.

    Game passes are used to provide players with extra features such as VIP lounges, chat options, vehicles, special powers, and more. Access to games, on the other hand, are like keys for paid games, which provide a code that will allow the buyer to access a restricted game, which can only be accessed after payment.

    New accounts must wait 30 days before selling access, and paid games must be available to everyone who has purchased access. Additionally, they must comply with all of the Roblox Company Terms of Use.

    Robux earned in this type of trading is placed in a deposit for up to three days before being debited from the player's account, just like with clothing trading.

    It is worth mentioning that subscribers to the game subscription service are privileged in this type of transaction. Accounts with a subscription receive 70% of the sales value of passes and access, while free players who do not have the subscription service receive only 10%.

    To ensure the quality and reliability of paid games marketed on the platform, the company has a curatorship that is attentive to paid games with many complaints and, if they identify any problems, they quarantine the game until the developer resolves the bugs and problems. Winnings from the game during this quarantine that are still on deposit are refunded to buyers.

    8. Through robux donations from friends

    In addition to marketing, Roblox also makes it possible to donate Robux to members of your group. To make the transfer it is necessary that both players are in the same group, and it can be done by accessing the option “configure group”, and accessing the payments page, where it is possible to add payment recipients to receive the donated robux.

    Although they look quite attractive, to get a large amount of free robux it takes time and patience to complete all the tasks, sell the items or produce the games. The fastest and easiest ways to get the game's virtual currency are paid. By subscribing to the exclusive service of the Roblox Company, which offers a monthly amount of robux, or by purchasing packages within the platform itself.

    These packs vary in price, starting with 400 robux for $4,99, 800 robux for $9,99, 1700 robux for $19,99 and going up to packages called economy packages which offer 4500 robux for $49,99 and 10.000 robus for $99,99.

    Also, from time to time, the official Roblox store launches promotions lowering the price of robux packs or increasing the amount of robux in each pack, so it's worth keeping an eye on the company's official stores and channels.

    The platform also makes the opposite way possible, providing the option to exchange robux for real money for players over 13 years old who get 100 Robux and are subscribers to the premium version of the game.

    However, it is possible to gather a good amount of robux without paying anything, performing and mixing the ways to get the virtual currency presented in this text and dedicating time and effort in the creation and commercialization of the products and experiences contained in the platform.

    So, did you like to learn how to get free robux to enjoy Roblox more? Then share it with your friends!

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