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    How to Duet on TikTok in 5 Steps in 2022

    Duetting on TikTok with friends or famous tiktokers is one of the many fun features in the app. The feature, available for both Android and iPhone, splits the screen in half and your video appears side by side with the other person's.

    To use the feature, you must have the app installed on your Android or iOS device and have an account on the service. In addition, the profile with which you will perform the duet must be public and the video cannot be longer than 15 seconds.

    Then just follow the steps below:

    1. Open TikTok and find the video you want to record a duet with. tap on the button Share;

    2. Now, choose Dueto;

    3. Wait for it to load until the duet recording feature opens. The screen will appear split in half, with the original video on the right. Tap on the red circle to start recording and hold until recording is finished;

    • Below your image, the same filter used by the user of the original video will be displayed, if any. Tap on it to activate, before starting recording.
    • On the right side of the screen, speed change tools, filters, beautification feature and timer are available.

    4. When finished, you can insert effects, filters, text or stickers. When finished editing, go to Advance;

    5. Then, just publish the video the way you prefer. You can tag friends and include hashtags in the caption, as well as choose to share the duet on other platforms such as Instagram Stories, Facebook and WhatsApp. Complete the process in Publish.

    Generally speaking, duets are used for those who want to sing along with their music idol. Or to do a choreography or funny movement in sync with another user's recording.

    Tips for doing well on TikTok

    1. Record videos without holding the button

    By leaving your hands free, you will be able to do more movements and choreography and thus enrich your videos even more. To do this, just activate the timer, available through the clock icon on the filming screen.

    Indicate the length of the movie and whether you want a count of 3 or 10 seconds. so go on start filming and wait for the end of the countdown to start. If you want to interrupt, just tap on the red circle.

    2. Improve lighting

    Are you in a low light environment? Don't worry. It is possible to activate the smartphone flash and make the video brighter. The icon is available on the recording screen and appears only when using the camera that has the feature.

    That is, if your device only has flash on the rear camera, then you will see the icon only when it is activated. If the front camera also has flash, then the option will also be displayed.

    3. Explore editing features

    TikTok has dozens of filters that use augmented reality, similar to those used in Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Experiment with options to create original and creative content.

    Another feature often used in the app is video editing. The possibility of making cuts that are easy to make allows you to create “magical” visual effects, such as changing clothes or hairstyles when jumping or covering the screen.

    If you're recording hands-free, just tap the red circle to pause the video and tap again to resume shooting. If you're holding the button, just release it and hold it again when you want to record.

    Afterwards, adjustments can be made through the editing tools, such as the inclusion of transition effects and video clipping. You can also dub and dance to songs you love, available in the Sounds option. Or, use a song with a soundtrack after the video is recorded, in post-production effects.

    4. Add tags and share

    Want to become popular and become a well-known tiktoker? Then start exploring the app's social tools to the fullest. Participate in challenges and use related hashtags to get listed in the tab To discover.

    Also share the video on other social networks. Thus, you can promote your account on other platforms and gain new followers.


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