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    How to download private Instagram videos and photos?

    How to download private Instagram videos and photos?

    by Camila Porto | Feb 25, 2022 | Instagram |

    Do you want to download videos and photos from a private profile on Instagram? Today you will see how to download private Instagram videos and photos with the help of free and easy-to-use tools. 

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    What is a private Instagram account?

    Private Instagram accounts are accounts where you can “hide” your posts only to followers you approve. So, when browsing Instagram and finding an account with the phrase: “This account is private. Follow him to see his photos and videos” means that the owner of it has chosen to restrict his content to his followers only. 

    To be able to view the content posted by the account owner, you need to ask him to release it. To do this, when you find the account, click on “Follow” and wait for the account owner to release your access to the content. 

    How to make your Instagram account private?

    If you want to make your Instagram account private, it's quite simple. Just follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Go to account settings

    Step 2. Go to “Privacy & Security”

    Step 3. Select the “Private Account” option


    When someone wants to follow you, you will receive a notification to authorize or not the request. 

    How to download private Instagram videos and photos?

    Now that you know a little more about private accounts, let's talk about how to download videos and photos from private Instagram accounts. The fact is: it is not possible to download these contents without your being authorized by the account owner.

    In short, the only way to have access to the videos and photos of a private account to download, is the account owner giving authorization for it. So, if you want to download private Instagram content, videos and photos, the first step is to get the account owner to allow you to follow him. 

    Once you get the clearance to follow a private account, it becomes easy. Just use any tool to download Instagram videos or photos. We've already talked about it here on the blog. I'll leave the link to the full post below. 

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    How to download Instagram videos and photos?

    There are several tools that allow you to download content from Instagram. Below I have listed three options. One that works on PC (browser), one that works on Android and iOS. Come on?

    [Desktop] Instawload 

    Instawload is one of the sites to download photos and download videos using browser. The advantage is that you don't need to install anything, you don't need to log into anything. All you need is the link to the post you want to download. 

    On the Instawload website you will have all the steps you will need to follow to save quality photos and videos from any Instagram account. Just put the @ of the profile you want to download the stories that it shows the videos or images posted.

    [iPhone e Android] is a tool that works in the browser and also on Android and iOS devices. With it you can download videos from Instagram and other channels like Facebook and YouTube. It is not an application, which makes the process of downloading Instagram videos safer, as you do not need to provide any data. 

    Conclusion: How to download private Instagram videos and photos?

    Unfortunately, there is no clear way to download videos from a private Instagram. The main problem with downloading from private accounts is that you have to copy the URL of the content to use in the tools. 

    For this, you need to have your access released by the owner of the private account. If you want to download Instagram stories or download content from the feed of open profiles, you can easily access the link. 

    In this way, to download videos and photos from private Instagram accounts, the only safe way is to ask to follow the owner of the account and, when he releases it, download whatever you want. 

    I reinforce the words “safely”. That's because, when searching the Internet, there are several tools that promise to download videos from private Instagram. However, for this they ask for your username and password. 

    I recommend that you never provide this data, especially for tools you find on the internet. The chances of you having your account stolen are high. So no matter how curious you are about a private profile, always remember the security of your account. 

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