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    How to download music from YouTube to flash drive?

    How to download music from YouTube to flash drive?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 8, 2022 | Youtube | 1 comment

    Are you the type who usually stores music on digital media to listen whenever you want without having to be connected to an internet network? Ever heard a song on YouTube that you liked a lot but couldn't find anywhere to download? know how to download music from youtube to flash drive easily and quickly.

    Over the years the ways of storing files have evolved. And with music it was no different. We saw the late vinyl records give way to tapes, and soon after they were replaced by CDs.

    Currently, we are increasingly making use of digital content. This format proves to be very practical as it does not take up space and can be stored on the vast majority of mobile devices that we use on a daily basis.

    Among these devices, the ones that stand out the most are pen drives due to their size and large storage capacity, with several options from 512 megabytes to 2 terabytes. In addition to being small, pen drives are compatible with all devices that have a USB input, whether computers or music players such as the popular JBL boxes.

    Added to this, it is very common for people to consume music online through YouTube. But is it possible to download only the audio of the songs and store it on a flash drive? The answer is yes, and we have selected some ways on how to download music from YouTube to flash drive.

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    How to download music from YouTube to flash drive: snappea

    Snappea is a website that allows you to download music, not only from YouTube, but also from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The user will be able to choose between downloading the video or just the audio for free and unlimited without having to do any type of login.

    Just follow the steps below:

    1. Copy and paste the YouTube video link you want to download into the site's search bar, then click ”Search”;

    2. Now just choose the format (MP3 or MP4). In this case, as we only want the music, we have to choose between the MP3 options. Remembering that the larger the file, the better the audio quality;

    3. After clicking, the download will start automatically. When it's done, just click on the arrow where some options will be displayed (this may vary from each browser. In our case, we are using Google Chrome). After that, click on “Show in Folder” to display the location of the file on your computer;

    4. When opening the folder, click on the file with the right mouse button and select the option “Copy” or “Cut” (if you don't want to keep a copy of the file on your computer) and then just paste it into the file's storage folder. your flash drive.

    If you don't know where it is, just go to ”My Computer” or ”This Computer” (depends on the version of Windows you are using) and there you will find your pen drive as you named it in the ”Devices and drives” tab.

    2. How to download music from YouTube to USB flash drive:

    If you don't want to use Snappea, is a great alternative as they both work very similarly in converting video URLs into MP3 audio files.

    The download is also free and unlimited without the need to log into any social network or perform any type of registration. Below are the 2 ways you can download music through the converter:

    1. This first step can be done in two ways:

    The first is typing ”x2” in the video link after the word ”youtube” and before ”.com” as in the image, this does not require accessing the site.

    By doing this, you will be redirected to another screen where you can see some video quality options that can be downloaded by clicking on “Download Video”. As we only want the music, select the audio quality in the tray below and then click on “Download MP3 file” next to it.

    The other way is more similar to the method presented in Snappea. You must copy the YouTube video link and paste the link into the site's search bar.

    Once this is done, choose the quality in the options tray and click on “Get MP3 Link”

    After that, you will be redirected to another screen where you can listen to the music before downloading and change the quality if you don't like the option chosen.

    If everything is ok, just click on “Download”. Then just follow the steps mentioned above to transfer the music to the flash drive.

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    How to Download Music from YouTube to USB Flash Drive: Byclick Downloader

    A third alternative for those who would like to download music from YouTube to flash drive, but would like an application to do so, is Byclick Downloader.

    The free version is one of the easiest and most intuitive tools. If you find it too basic, there is a paid version with many more features.

    To download, simply go to the Byclick Downloades website and click on the Byclick Downloader app download link. Then just click on “Download” and the download will start automatically.

    Installation is very simple: double click on the file, select the language and click on ”Next” until the installation process starts.

    No need to worry, no other programs will be installed together with ByClick Downloader. When finished, just click on ”Run by ByClick Downloader” and the following window will open.

    As shown in the previous screen, you can select the file's destination folder, format (MP3/MP4) and quality.

    Once this is configured, just copy the link of the music file you want to download and click on the ”Paste the URL” button and it will automatically recognize the link you have copied.

    The biggest advantage of this method in relation to the other 2 mentioned is that if the link in question is from a YouTube list, the program will ask if you want only the audio of the song that is playing or if you want to download all the tracks from a only once.

    But don't worry, if you have a song on the list that you don't want, the program allows you to select the tracks you don't want and even make some final adjustments before proceeding with the download and choosing the destination folder, format and file quality.

    Then just click on “Download” and the files will be directed to the destination folder. After completion, just copy the files to the flash drive storage.

    These were some ways to download music from YouTube to flash drive.

    It's choosing the most interesting way for you, either through the browser itself using Snappea or, or even through the application as is the case with Byclick Downloader.

    With the songs on the flash drive, just enjoy it at the family barbecue, at the party with friends, or simply save it to listen whenever you want.

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