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    How to dance funk? 10 tips to get started today

    How to dance funk? 10 tips to get started today

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 9, 2022 | News |

    Funk has already become a landmark of our country's culture, we see this in the various prominent artists, such as Anitta, Iza, Ludmilla, Kevinho, Lexa and many others, but do you know how to dance funk? Going much further, funk is also present all over the world, of course, containing its variations of musical and dance styles. 

    However, one thing ends up being certain in funk, regardless of which part of the world you are, you need to be flexible, know how to roll and move your body. Whether it's shoulder dislocation, butt lift, head movements, etc., knowing how to dance funk is basically letting the music take you. 

    So, if you are interested and want to learn how to dance funk, in this post we have brought you the main steps, tips and choreography that you can learn, so be sure to check it out.

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    5 steps to learn how to dance funk

    To start explaining how to dance funk, we have separated some basic explanations for you to learn how to get down to the floor, since this is a movement that you will use in practically every dance choreography. Once you learn this, you can start funk dancing, so practice harder and harder to get the hang of it as quickly as possible.

    1. Move your knees a lot: your knees will be used a lot and forced when rolling to the ground, as you will need to squat, lift your butt and do your best to roll. With time and a lot of practice, this movement may become simple for you. 
    2. Work prancing and straightening the butt: in a nutshell, this movement is about shrinking and stretching your legs while in the aforementioned rolling position. With that, consequently, your butt will make the same movement, also called “Quebrada” in funk.
    3. Do the above two steps together: by mixing the two movements above, you will be able to roll with the so-called “quadradinho”, one of the most famous movements in funk. But be prepared, because at first your knee may feel the pressure of the movement until you get used to it.
    4. Go to the floor wiggling: with your legs apart diagonally, you will go down to the floor repeating the movements above, being able to roll with the main movement of funk and have fun with the dance. 
    5. Closes and opens the feathers during the dance: repeating the same movement made in step three mentioned above, you will create a variation, exchanging shrinking and stretching the leg for opening and closing, doing the roll from one side to the other.

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    How to dance funk - The steps to become a funkeira

    Image: Musical Corner

    To know more and more how to dance funk, you need to know the main steps, in addition to the roll we talked about above. Below, you will learn different ways to roll and other steps to use in the club when playing funk.

    Start rolling by releasing the hip

    As the name of this tutorial says, the main objective is to teach how to roll, and releasing the hips is essential in funk. In the video we separate, dance teacher Carolina gives great tips for you to dance better and better.

    The various steps of funk

    If you want an overview of how to dance funk, this video from the channel “Ao Natural” is perfect, as it does just that and teaches you several steps to get more and more into funk and already finish watching it doing well in dance.

    The quick and easy shake step

    Another of the most famous funk steps is the tremidinha, if you want to know how to dance funk, you can't help but learn this. In the video we separate, youtuber Tainá explains exactly how to learn to shake and roll your butt on the dance floor.

    Learn to roll quickly

    With the explanations and tips above, you should already know how to roll, but have you learned how to dance funk and roll your butt quickly? Knowing how to move quickly is one of the main requirements of funk. Youtuber Ramana Borba will explain in this tutorial exactly how to accelerate and make the movement with greater agility.

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    The cross step to learn by training

    The cross step can be used at different times in a funk choreography, and it's still the perfect time for you to stand out. The beginning can be a little complicated, but with practice you will be able to do the cross step without any problems, check out some tips in the tutorial.

    The square is a funk classic

    Previously, we have already talked about the square and how you can do it, but if you still have some doubts, this tutorial on how to dance funk perfectly explains how you can do this classic step.

    Learn the step of the malokas

    If you want to be more daring on the dance floor, one of the hardest steps to learn is the malokas step, which requires training a lot and not giving up until you can do it. However, all your effort may be worth it, so check out in the tutorial above how to do this complicated step that will make your dance much better.

    Roman's step

    The step of the Roman went viral relatively recently, and is still considered one of the most popular when it comes to learning how to dance funk. If you've already learned all the steps mentioned above, then this will be a cinch, as you'll only need to have a looser spring on your entire body.

    Main choreographies of how to dance funk

    Image: This is

    After learning the steps and how to dance funk, it's time to take a chance on some choreography, right? That way, we've listed the main choreographies that you can learn to rock whenever you show your funk dancing talents.

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    La Casa de Papel – Just want Vrau

    Who doesn't know the popular Netflix series La Casa de Papel? Due to the success of the series, a parody in the funk version of a well-known song that is part of the soundtrack broke out, being called "Só quer Vrau". Thus, this choreography by the famous Cia. Daniel Saboya is perfect to rock to this song. Just check out the tutorial, rehearse and go clubbing to dance.

    Mc Neguinho – Big Popotão

    Popotão Grandão, by MC Neguinho, is a song that went viral a lot on the internet and outside of it, so it's quite likely that you'll come across it at funk parties and balls. However, she has a much more complex choreography than most, and it can be a challenge to learn. You will use practically all the steps we mentioned here and more, so to learn check out the tutorial we brought you.

    Daniel Saboya another choreography

    If you want a simpler choreography to dance more relaxed, we have Gaiola é o Troco, by MC Du Black. Once again, the Co. Daniel Saboya shows how to dance funk in this song.

    The contagious hit

    A more lively option, “Hit Contagiante” is by singer Felipe Original with a guest appearance by Kevin O Chris. Although it is very lively, the choreography is very simple and in the music video itself you can learn how to dance funk.

    The rhythm and training for funk

    Last but not least, we brought you a perfect choreography for you to train and learn how to dance funk, in addition to perfecting your rhythm while dancing. We are talking about the well-known “Malemolência”, by Dynho Alves, in the tutorial, Thais Carla shows how to dance and use her rhythm.

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    Tips to learn how to dance funk and other styles

    Image: Yahoo Finance

    Finally, we also brought some tips that can be very useful when learning how to dance funk and other musical styles. 

    1- Lose the shame

    Shame is something that can get in the way of dancing, especially considering the taboos that have been built by society about people's bodies. As difficult as it is, when you get rid of these shackles, you start to feel the rhythm of the music and the music flowing through your body.

    2- Release the movement

    Let the movement come out and your body your body move freely, if you look around you will see that everyone dances, from children to pets, so don't hold back, release all the energy inside you. 

    3- Be part of the music and feel what is playing

    It is not you who will guide your body in the dance movements, but the music, you must “become one” with the music. Remember, in dance there is nothing considered right or wrong, you must express yourself with your body in the way you feel is right.

    4- Dance from the inside out

    Don't get stuck on technique, let your body express itself and consider technique only as a support for everything. Before you start practicing the choreography and steps, dance freely, put on some music and see how your body moves.

    5- Practice imitation

    Try to observe the dance that the dancers and singers do themselves and repeat at home, even if they are not technically correct steps. This will help you learn the choreography in the future.

    6- Go after a dance school

    If you want to learn how to dance funk more deeply and in detail, our suggestion is to go to a dance school. With this, you will improve your technique and knowledge, observing other dancers and becoming aware of their mistakes and successes.

    7- Test several different styles

    Many seek to improve in a single dance style, as in the case of this article, funk, but our tip is to try different styles, increase your knowledge before specializing in just one.

    8- Go out to dance

    Don't just dance at home or at dance school, if you are in one, try to go out and show your skills, go to parties, clubs and other places. In addition to being great fun, you'll still be practicing.

    9- Train your body awareness

    Pay attention to the details of your body, even see how you walk, breathe, see the movement of your limbs, supports and much more. As you understand more about your body and how it works, you also understand more about the best dance moves and how to best learn. 

    10- Don't give up and keep repeating

    Don't be disappointed that you didn't start well or make some mistakes, give your body some time to warm up and get used to it, repeat the movements as often as possible, build muscle memory. 

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