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    How to create location on Instagram: 3 quick steps

    How to create location on Instagram: 3 quick steps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 30, 2022 | Instagram | 7

    Do you own a business and are trying to reach more customers in your vicinity? So learn how create location on instagram can be very helpful.

    Having a social media location makes it much simpler to discover new content and engage with people everywhere.

    The location, or Instagram location, which was also known as “Geotag”, is the junction of the English terms for “geotag”.

    When creating a location on a social network, your geographic position data is collected through the GPS of your cell phone or a PC connected to the internet. This allows you to assign a location to your post or add a location to your Instagram Bio.


    If you've searched and haven't found your business location, we'll teach you how to create location on Instagram through Facebook.

    Before going to the step-by-step, remember to enable Facebook location on your phone in settings > settings.

    Important: Once created, there is no way to edit or delete an Instagram location.

    Step 1: By mobile, log in to your Facebook account. In the part of creating a post, tap on the option Move-in;

    Step 2: No field Search (magnifying glass icon), enter the name of your business. If it is not already listed, click on the option to Add to Cart;

    Step 3: Choose the Category in which your company fits. If you don't find the specific category, select the one that most closely matches. Depending on the option selected, there will be subcategories;

    Step 4: Choose whether to use your current location or enter the address manually. For the second option, the city you are in will appear, click on it;

    Step 5: Complete or fill in the information you want. When finished, tap Create in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Observation: To add a location on Instagram, you can only do it on your phone or tablet. It is not yet possible to create a new location via Facebook on PC.


    You can add the location on Instagram in 3 ways: in the profile Bio, in Feed posts and in Stories. We will show each of them below.

    1. NA BIO

    The Instagram Bio is that part below the profile picture that contains information such as name, username, website, etc. For those who have a business profile, you can put your business address on your Instagram profile.

    Follow the instructions below to add an Instagram Bio address:

    Step 1: Access the app and then tap Edit profile, which is below the Bio information;

    Step 2: On the part of Public business information, select Contact Options and depois Business address;

    Step 3: Fill in the information and tap Conclude.

    Another way to add your Instagram Bio location is to have your business's Facebook Page linked to your Instagram account. In this way, on the part of Contact Options of your profile, the option to synchronize the information will appear.


    By sharing a photo or even a video in the Profile Feed, it is possible to add the location in the Instagram post.

    The Feed is where all your profile posts are. But this name is also used for the part where you access the posts of those you follow.

    To put the location in the Instagram post:

    Step 1: Select the photo or video that will be posted;

    Step 2: Below the space where the caption was written, tap add location;

    Step 3: Options for locations near you will be suggested. If you don't find the one you want, use the search field to find it. Just tap the location and it will be included in the post.


    It is also possible to put the location in Instagram Stories, be it in photo or video.

    To add location to Instagram Stories:

    Step 1: After creating your Instagram Stories, click on the sticker icon (it's like a smiley sticker) that is in the menu above the editing options screen;

    Step 2: Select the sticker Location;

    Step 3: Options for locations near you will be suggested. If you don't find the one you want, use the search field to find it. Just tap on the location and it will be selected for Stories;

    Step 4: By tapping and holding the location you added to Stories, you can drag it and place it where you want it. If you just tap the location, you can change its layout.


    Now, you must be wondering how adding location on Instagram can help you, right? Using this technique in your posts can make it easier to engage with your followers and increase your engagement.

    That's because, using Instagram's location makes it easier for users to find a local business.

    In addition, we have some more tips on how you can use this function in favor of your brand:


    In the search field (magnifying glass) of Instagram, you can filter your search by Places. In this way, you can look up who the users are using your location and start interacting with them.

    This makes followers feel close to your business and start interacting even more with your profile, consequently generating organic engagement for your business.


    A great way to promote your business is to partner with local influencers. And a great way to find them is by Instagram location.

    An example: if you have a clothing store in Curitiba, enter the Explore of Instagram (also represented by a magnifying glass). Tap the search field, enter the city name, and tap a location to see who the top users in that region are.

    On the part of most relevant, you will find the publications that had the highest number of engagements. This makes it easier for you to find people who have a high number of engagement and followers.

    Through these local influencers, you can form partnerships to promote your brand, products or services.


    Not all users will remember to add location on Instagram when they are at your business. Therefore, take actions and encourage your follower to use this function in their posts and, especially, in Stories.

    The first thing you can do is share images of people who already use your location. In this way, other users can be inspired and also feel attracted to appear on your Instagram profile.

    You can also put up posters at your store, asking people to post their photos with your store's location. Don't forget to enter the profile of these users to interact with them, ok?

    By creating your location on Instagram, you also create new ways to interact with your audience on the platform, in addition to gaining a greater number of followers through user searches.

    Now that you know how to create and add your business's Instagram location, it's time to get your profile posts right.

    There are some strategies you can use to increase your views on Stories, for example. They are simple practices that do not require much effort, but when used, they can guarantee great results.

    Do you want to know what they are? Here are 5 amazing tips to increase your views on Stories!

    Let me know in the comments if you've already created your business's location on Instagram!

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