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    How to create a QR code online and share data quickly

    It is possible to create a personalized QR Code, online and for free. The code can be used to facilitate sharing website URLs, email addresses, phone contacts and even Wi-Fi password.

    shows you how to generate a QR code for these and other functions. We also explain how the technology works and list apps that use it, such as WhatsApp and TikTok. Check out!

    How to create a QR code

    To carry out the following step-by-step, we will use the services of the QR Code Generator website. The service allows you to create QR codes without downloading anything (online) and for free. The feature is available for sharing different types of information, such as URLs, texts, email, VCard, among others.

    1. Open the browser of your choice and access the QR Code Generator website;

    2. Then, select the data type for which you want to create a QR code. Below we list the types and what information should be entered in each of them.

    • URL: Enter a valid website address.
    • VCard: format that allows you to save contacts on your cell phone. Therefore, you must inform, at least, your name and telephone number, but there is space for more personal data, if you want to include it.
    • Text: You can compose the text or upload a file with static text in .docx or .pdf format
    • E-mail: sends an email with predefined text. Just enter your email address, title and message.
    • SMS: sends an SMS as default text. Just enter your phone number and message.
    • Wi-Fi: Allows whoever scans the code to have access to your network. Ideal for companies and stores. Just enter the network name, password and enter the encryption type of your network.
    • Bitcoin: can be used to request cryptocurrency payments. It is compatible with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether and Dash services. The amount to be paid, the address of the recipient in the corresponding service and the desired message must be entered.
    • Twitter: Allows you to link the code to a profile or post a tweet.

    The other options are only available to paid plan subscribers, but can be tried for free for 14 days. They are: dissemination of Facebook page, PDF content, MP3 file. There is also sharing an app in the app store and photo gallery.

    3. In some cases, it is necessary to end the process with the button Create QR Code;

    4. With the generated code, you can customize it. In Advertising frame, you can choose a border type if you like;

    5. Em Shape and Color, you can select the code format, whether it is formed by lines, small circles or squares, for example. To change the color, click on the colored circle with a + icon, next to the last format option;

    • Logo insertion can only be done upon payment.

    6. Now, define the way you want to save the QR Code. save the result in Download. If you want to embed the image on your site, click on the > icon located to the left of the code.

    • The option to save as vector is only available to paid plan users.

    How to create QR code for WhatsApp

    WhatsApp now allows sharing the phone number associated with the messenger through QR Code. The code is generated within the app itself and facilitates the exchange of data, as all you need to do is scan the image to add someone.

    Check out how to do the process in our guide on how to scan qr code in whatsapp to add contacts.

    Other apps that use QR Code

    WhatsApp, however, is not the only application that uses technology to speed up the search process for users. We list other examples below.


    Instagram has a feature called Name Tag, which is nothing more than a code that, when scanned, allows you to find the person's profile. You can customize yours with selfie, emoji or colored background.

    The feature can be found by tapping on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then, access the icon formed by three lines at the top right and, in the menu that opens, go to Name Tag. In this item, you can either view, edit and scan your own tag or read other people's tags.


    TikTok users can use TikCode, a personal QR code that features the app's logo and the user's photo. You can save the code on your device to send it to anyone you want and scan it to add your friends.

    Find your TikCode or add your friend's at Eu and then on the little doll with the + icon at the top of the page on the left. Then go to the icon in the upper right corner, which refers to scanning. So, scan someone's code or access yours at My TikCode.


    Snapchat was one of the first apps to use QR code scanning as a way to add other users. Your Snapcode is easily found in the user section. Just tap on the profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen.

    To add someone using the code, go to the doll icon with the + icon. Then, go to the app icon located in the search bar and look for the desired Snapcode in the app's image gallery.

    After all, what is a QR code?

    QR Code is a shortened version of the term Quick Reponse Code, which, in free translation, means quick response code. This two-dimensional code (with horizontal and vertical reading) is capable of storing different types of data.

    This information can be accessed using their own reading apps or just the cell phone camera, in the case of more modern devices. The technology stands out for allowing reading even with up to 30% of the surface damaged. It also has more memory capacity than the normal barcode.

    As a rule, a QR code has no defined validity. That is, it does not expire. What can happen is that servers or code generators act in bad faith, not directing the user to their information directly.

    Some of these services send whoever scans the code to the site itself and, after a few seconds, forward it to the desired content. After a while, these generators end the redirect, releasing it only upon payment.

    In other words, the code is still working. However, the targeting created by the service that prevents users from reaching your website, profile, document, etc.


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