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    How to change Wi-Fi password on mobile and PC

    Changing your Wi-Fi password may be necessary if you suspect someone is using your network without your authorization. Or if you want to create an access code that is easier to remember. explains how to change the password of TP-Link, D-Link and Intelbras routers, as well as Vivo, Oi and Net operators.

    The process can be performed either by smartphone or computer (with the exception of Oi). The key is that the device is connected to the network in question (either via Wi-Fi or cable). The steps may change a little according to the router model used, even though they are from the same manufacturer. Check out!

    How to change TP-Link router password

    1. Open your browser of choice and enter the following in the address bar:

    • ou

    The numbers above refer to the router's IP number and vary by model. According to the manufacturer, they can be found on the sticker located on the underside of the device.

    2. Then, in the box that opens on the screen, enter the User name e Password. If it has never been changed, enter the word admin in both fields, as used by TP Link by default;

    Playback / TP-Link

    3. In the side menu of the website that opens, go to wireless and then in WirelessSecurity;

    4. Check the box for the option WPA-PSK/WPA2/PSK and then rewrite the password in the option text box PSK password;

    5. Finish the process in Save;

    6. Then, click reboot to restart the router.

    Playback / TP-Link

    It is worth noting that TP Link offers a network management application, Tether. Available for Android and iOS, it ensures easy access to network settings (including password change).

    The program also allows you to see who is connected to your internet and block unwanted people. The user can also create an access control and limit, ideal for those with small children.

    How to change the D-Link router password

    1. Open your browser of choice and enter the following in the address bar:

    • ou http://dlinkrouter.local

    2. The administration screen will then appear. In the field User name Write admin and leave the field Password in blank. confirm in Begin session ou Login;

    Playback / D-Link

    3. Depending on the model used, the step to be followed now can be Tools → Admin ou Maintenance → Device Administration;

    Playback / D-Link

    4. In the field Password, enter the password you want. repeat in the field Confirm the Password and conclude in save settings.

    How to change Intelbras router password

    1. Open your preferred browser and enter in the address bar;

    2. type the word admin in the fields User e Password. confirm in Login;

    3. Now, side menu, go to System and then in Password;

    Reproduction / Intelbras

    4. Enter the new password in the corresponding field and repeat the same password below. confirm in Save;

    5. To complete the process, enter login again (admin) and password and click Login.

    Intelbras also offers its users a management application for routers, available for Android and iOS. offers a user-friendly interface and allows you to change basic device settings.

    The app is available for router models WRN 150, WRN 300, WRN 240 Slim, WRN 241, WRN 342 Slim, WIN 240 and WIN 300 and NCLOUD.

    How to change the password of the Vivo router

    1. Open your preferred browser and enter ou in the address bar;

    2. Then go to settings;

    3. So, choose Rede Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz;

    4. type it admin field User name and enter the password available on the router label, if you have never changed the original settings. If the router has no tag, enter the last 4 MAC numbers. Confirm the data in Login;

    5. Now click on the field Password and enter the new password. so go on Save.

    Vivo also has a network management application, Vivo Smart Wi-Fi. Available for Android and iOS, it lets you lock and unlock connected devices as well as boost speed.

    The user can also see who is connected to the network, change name and password, and create a temporary password for guests.

    How to change Oi router password

    The operator's website Oi indicates that the only way to change the router's password is to download the Técnico Virtual application, for Android and iOS. Therefore, to carry out the procedure, it is necessary to download and install the app on your smartphone.

    1. Open the Virtual Technician app;

    2. Choose Broadband, no menu to pop up;

    3. Then enter the account holder's landline and CPF/CNPJ. confirm in Login;

    4. Among the options that appear, go to Wi-Fi settings;

    Playback / Hi

    5. Now, tap New WiFi password.

    Now just enter the new password and save.

    How to change net router password

    1. Access the My net and login with your user data;

    2. On the next page, go to Technical Assistant and, in the menu that opens, click on WiFi Password Home;

    3. Enter the new password and repeat below. confirm in Edit;

    4. Finish the process in update my data.

    How to create a secure password for the Wi-Fi network

    Before resetting your Wi-Fi router password, you need to think about a few aspects. It is important that the code created is easy to remember, but at the same time strong. The website of the specialist company NetSpot gives some tips that can help you set the perfect password.

    • Create passwords with at least eight characters;
    • Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols randomly;
    • Create the password based on a phrase that is easy for you to remember and, if possible, make deliberate misspellings or substitute numbers for letters. An example given is to exchange i love hamburger by 3uS28uRgEr$!1;
    • Finally, avoid very obvious combinations, such as numerical or alphabetical sequences, repetitions, birthdays, use of obvious words (like admin, administrator), etc.

    Wi-Fi tips

    On its website, Vivo gives some tips to make the most of the Wi-Fi signal. One of them concerns the installation location of the router. The ideal is to leave it in a higher place and free of obstacles. This helps to have a stronger signal, as there are some elements inside the house that can get in the way.

    So, note if between the device and the router are refrigerator, television, mirror, metal, water, tile or a person. They can generate interference and, consequently, reduce quality. To help, always keep the router antennas up.

    The company also highlights that the speed of the internet also depends on the device used. Therefore, a more modern cell phone will probably have a faster connection than an older one.

    In addition, the maximum speed advertised by operators can only be reached via Ethernet cable. By Wi-Fi it is not possible due to the above mentioned interferences.

    Finally, the more people using the same network, the slower it should be. After all, the bandwidth is now shared between the devices in use. If any one of them is downloading, playing a game or watching a streaming service, it could alone be consuming most of the bandwidth.


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