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    How to change the name of a Facebook page?

    How to change the name of a Facebook page?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 18, 2022 | Facebook | 62

    Changing the name of a Facebook page is important, as every company can have changes in its field of activity or even in its membership. Anticipating these changes, this function allows you to change your company name, if you follow certain rules.

    The main one is that you can't change it to a completely different name than what it was. At least, not at first.

    Facebook will always review the new name you are proposing and if it is too different, they may not approve. Therefore, we suggest that you make the name change gradually, changing a few words until you reach the desired one.

    It is important to know that to change the name of a Facebook page, you must be an administrator of that page. Without this kind of permission, you cannot make the change.

    Shall we see in practice how this exchange is made?

    How to change the name of a Facebook page

    To change the name of a Facebook page, you must:

    Step 1

    Please click About, on the left side of the Page.

    Step 2

    Please click Edit, next to the Page name.

    Step 3

    Enter the new Page name and click Continue.

    Step 4

    Review the request and click request change.

    • If you don't see the option to edit the name of your Page, it could be that:
    • You do not have an administrative role that allows you to change the Page name;
    • You or another admin recently changed the name of your Page;
    • This option is not yet available where you are currently located;
    • There may be limits on your Page.

    If you don't fit in any of the above options, we suggest you contact Facebook support directly to understand why.


    One more change that you may need on your business page is to change the page category.

    As this choice is one of the first things we do when creating a page, changing it in the future can be important for your business.

    If you have this question, check out our tutorial:



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