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    How to change facebook email

    How to change facebook email

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 9, 2022 | Facebook | 8

    When creating a Facebook account, it is common for you to add an email that you use the most at that moment. The detail is that after some time, you can leave this email aside and start using another account. When that happens it's interesting change facebook email, as all important notifications are sent to your old address.

    This change becomes even more important when your profile is responsible for managing your business page. The good news is that changing your Facebook email is quite easy and practical and everything you need to do is described in the step-by-step guide below:

    Step by step to change Facebook email

    To change your Facebook email, you must:

    Step 1 – Facebook Settings

    When opening your Facebook, click on the arrow located next to the question mark at the top of your homepage. Then click on settings.

    Step 2 – Edit Contact

    When you click on Settings, you will be automatically redirected to General Account Settings. look for the tab Contacts and click Edit.

    Step 3 – Click on add another email

    As soon as the tab Contacts is open on your computer screen, click the link Add another email or mobile number.

    Step 4 – Add new email

    Enter the new email you want to add to your account. Then click on the button Add to Cart.

    Step 5 – Enter your password

    As soon as you finish step 4, Facebook will ask you to enter your password – the same one you use to log into your account – for security reasons.

    Step 6 – Confirmation by email

    Access your email – the same one you just added to your Facebook account – and confirm that you are the owner of this account.

    Just click on the confirm button, but if you are asked for a confirmation code, it will be described in the email you just received.

    Step 7 – Return to Facebook Settings

    After confirming your email, return to your General Account Settings and click Edit next to the flap Contacts.

    Step 8 – Change your Facebook email

    Select the email you just added as the new primary email for your account. Then click on the button Save editions.

    There you have successfully changed your Facebook email!

    Did you like this tutorial? Now you know that you can change your main email address on your Facebook account when necessary!

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    Changes may be necessary not only to your personal profile but also to your Facebook pages, including the name of your fanpage.

    If it is necessary to do this, you must pay attention to some precautions, after all it involves the name of your company or brand.

    Do you have questions about how to change the name of a Facebook page? Check out our tutorial:


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