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    How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription from PC and mobile

    When canceling the Amazon Prime subscription, the user ends access to the services that are part of the package. Among them are Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, as well as exclusive promotions and free deliveries.

    The process is the same for those who are already subscribed as for those who are testing the free period. Those who are trying it need to inform payment details. And, in order not to be charged, you need to end the subscription before the 30 days expire.

    If you do not cancel, the renewal will be done automatically and the monthly or annual fee will be charged at the end of the trial phase.

    How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription via browser

    The following step-by-step is only valid for those who subscribed through the website and not by third-party service providers. In this case, the user must contact the company with which he signed the contract directly.

    The process can be done through the browser on both the computer and the cell phone.

    1. Go to the Prime Subscription Setup page. If you are not logged in, log in to your Amazon account;

    2. In the left corner of the screen, click Cancel subscription and benefits, if you are already a subscriber. Or in end test, if it is still in the testing period;

    3. On the next screen, choose Continue and Cancel;

    4. Then, click Cancel subscription:

    5. Finally, go back to Cancel on XX of XXXX of XXXX.

    • Note that to the left of the same box is the date on which the subscription services will end. The deadline is valid for both subscribers and for those who are performing the free trial.

    Create cancellation alert

    Still not sure if you want to cancel your subscription? No problem. Amazon allows you to request that an alert be sent 3 days before the deadline. So, you can give up without risking losing money.

    on the same page of Prime subscription setup, there is a box on the left in which you see the greeting Hello, your name. It has the option Remind me before renewing. Click on it and you're done. The message will be sent to your email.

    How to cancel Amazon Prime subscription in the mobile app

    1. Open the Amazon Prime app, available for Android and iOS. tap on My area, not bottom menu;

    2. Now, tap on the gear icon (⚙️), located at the top of the screen, on the right;

    3. Scroll and tap Manage account;

    4. In the Prime box, choose Edit on Amazon;

    5. Again, scroll until you see the item Cancel subscription and benefits. Tap on it;

    6. so go on continue and cancel;

    7. Then confirm in Cancel subscription;

    8. Finally, complete the process in Cancel subscription.

    • Note that below, in the same box, is the date on which subscription services will end. The deadline is valid for both subscribers and for those who are performing the free trial.

    Amazon Prime Cashback

    According to the Amazon Prime Terms and Conditions, when a subscription is made through the website, it can be canceled at any time. The full refund conditions are:

    • If the cancellation is made within 7 working days after the subscription;
    • If you cancel within 7 business days of converting your free trial period into a paid subscription.
    • If the cancellation is made on any date and the account has not made any purchases or used any Prime services since the day of the last charge.

    Still, Amazon reserves the right to charge if the account user has enjoyed the service during those 7 days.

    Are not eligible for refund by Amazon:

    • Subscriptions made through third parties;
    • Subscriptions redeemed via gift card or discount code.

    Refunds are received by the same means as the payment is made. In the case of a credit card, it may take one to two invoices to be received. On the debit card, the period given is 10 days.

    If it is a bank slip, the user can choose to deposit in a current account, which takes 3 days. Or, request the issuance of a gift card, which takes 3 hours.

    What Amazon Prime Offers

    Amazon Prime consists of a package of services from Amazon. The subscription includes video and music streaming, e-books, deliveries, among other options. Are they:

    • Prime Delivery: free shipping for purchases made through the website of products with the Prime seal. There is no minimum purchase amount
    • Prime Video: Amazon video streaming. It offers a catalog of original movies and series to watch on up to 3 devices at the same time, such as smart TV, computer or cell phone. The user can download the content to watch it when offline.
    • Prime Reading: catalog with hundreds of eBooks and digital magazines available at no extra charge. The user can borrow up to 10 volumes. Then, just return the ones that have already been read and have access to new options.

    • Sale exclusive to subscribers.
    • Prime Music: Amazon music streaming. It brings together more than 2 million titles that can be heard offline and without interruption by ads.


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