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    How to boost on Facebook and Instagram?

    How to boost on Facebook and Instagram?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 4, 2022 | Facebook, Instagram |

    How to boost on Facebook and Instagram? There's no way! If you want your social media posts to reach more and more people and have more and more views, you need to know how to answer this question. In addition, this is another way to get good results for your company, if you don't understand tools like Ads Manager, for example.

    To facilitate marketing on social media, we will explain what the “Boost” tool is and how boosting on Facebook and Instagram can help you to improve your numbers on social media.

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    How to boost on Facebook and Instagram: what is “Boost”?

    Many may confuse this option with the “Announce” tool. However, there are differences between them and each has its own purpose. As its name suggests, “Advertise” is best suited for conversions, such as sales on social media, for example.

    It has several options of segments, being able to advertise several products, whether physical or services. The tool also allows you to create campaigns to advertise your product and insert multiple images at the same time into your ad.

    The “Boost” tool is different and serves for your posts to have more views and reach more people on the networks. So it doesn't have that role of selling something like in the ad. The tool can also give the famous “push” so that the profile that is viewing your account will also like your page, get in touch, and so on.

    In this sense, the boost does not have such a large audience segmentation and reaches more people from different areas and content on social networks. It is worth noting that you can only boost posts that have already been published, and both boost and ad are paid tools. Thus, it is important that you keep in mind your goals on Facebook or Instagram before choosing one of them.

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    How to Boost on Facebook and Instagram: What Happens After a Boost?

    Once you've set up the post boost options, which we'll explain how to boost on Facebook and Instagram later, a post of yours will be available for longer. People in the selected audience for the time you set may have a longer time to view the post.

    The tool allows you to monitor the metrics of the post, and if something is not as you determined at the time of the settings, it is possible to carry out the necessary optimizations to correct it. This is the simplest way to reach more people on social media and increase your engagement.

    How to Boost on Facebook

    On Facebook, you can create a campaign with your ads with various objectives other than just sales. You can use goals like promoting your social media page, referring people to your website, installing apps, or increasing conversions. See how to use it:

    Step 1. On Facebook, go to your page;

    Step 2. Select the post you want to boost;

    Step 3. Click the “Boost Post” button (it may also appear under the name “Turbine Post”). It should be available below the selected post. To do this, you'll need to be the page's administrator, advertiser, editor or moderator;

    Step 4. You will have to select the goal you want to achieve with this boost, whether it is getting more message, getting more engagement or getting more visitors;

    Step 5. You will be taken to the boost settings page and will need to program the audience options. They are information about the target audience you want to reach, such as: age, gender, location, behavior, etc.;

    Step 6. Choose the budget and boost duration option you want. By combining the two variables in your own way, the amount you will have to pay to perform the boost will appear;

    Step 7. Select the payment method among the several that will be available;

    Step 8. To finish boosting, click on “Boost Post”. After that, everything will be finished and your post will be visible following the parameters you defined for it. 

    It's worth noting that on Facebook, you can only boost newer posts. Older posts do not have the option to be boosted. 

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    How to Boost on Instagram

    The process to boost your posts on Instagram is just as simple as on Facebook, just follow the steps below:

    Step 1. On an Instagram account, go to the post you want to boost;

    Step 2. Below the post, click on the “Promote” button, which is located in the lower right corner of the post, in blue;

    Step 3. After the settings options screen opens, you will be able to choose what you want the user to do with the post and choose the one that best fits your profile and the post. The following options will be available: “Watch More”; "Know more"; "Contact us"; and “Buy Now”.

    Step 4. Then, you can choose your target audience, and there are two options: Automatic, where Instagram itself selects the audiences of interest for your profile; and the Manual, where you define who your audience will be through interests, gender, age, location, etc.

    Step 5. Set the duration and amount you want to invest. Under “Total Budget”, you can enter the total amount you want to pay. With this, an estimate of people who will be reached will be available to you. After that, set how long you want the boost to last.

    Step 6. Check that everything is correct in the preview that will be visible to you. If everything agrees with what was previously selected, complete the boost by selecting the desired payment option. 

    After that, everything will be finished and your post will reach more and more people, further improving your account engagement. After publishing, it may take a while for results to start showing. This is normal.

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