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    How not to be taxed at Shein?

    How not to be taxed at Shein?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 25, 2022 | Shopping |

    When making online purchases on e-commerce platforms, if your order is shipped from abroad, there are great possibilities that you will be taxed at customs.

    One of the main platforms to buy on the internet and that also sell products from abroad is Shein.

    So today we are going to show you how not to get taxed on shein.

    In addition, you can also check how to proceed if you have already been taxed.

    But before we explain how not to be taxed at Shein, we need to understand more about Brazilian legislation for these charges. The law states that every imported product or luggage that comes from abroad must have an import tax charged, in these cases, paid by the consumer. 

    Most inspections of these import fees are carried out by the Federal Revenue Service.

    However, due to the large daily flow of imported products that arrive in our country, not all of them end up being inspected. Therefore, not everyone also receives this import tax. 

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    Make purchases with a maximum value of 50 dollars

    How not to be taxed at Shein?

    The first and one of the main tips that we can give you on how to avoid being taxed at Shein is to make purchases with a maximum value of 50 dollars on the online platform.

    The IRS needs to convert the value of all your purchases to US Dollars. 

    If your order is inspected and has a converted value of up to US$3 in the daily quote, then a 60% tax on the value of your imported order will be charged, including shipping, if charged at purchase.

    Now, if your inspected order exceeds the daily quotation of US$3, the taxes that need to be paid will be charged separately, in accordance with the classification of your imported products. 

    Taking all this into account, the secret for you to know how to avoid being taxed on Shein, and even on other similar platforms, is to make purchases that cost a maximum of $50.

    The Ministry of Finance has a 1999 ordinance that guarantees that purchases from abroad costing up to US$50 are not taxed at customs, if the recipient and sender are individuals and not legal entities.

     The IRS usually follows this guideline to the letter. However, that doesn't mean that you should relax and that just because of that you already know how not to be taxed at Shein.

    Even if you are a natural person, the inspection confirms that during the purchase of your product you did not act as a legal person during the transaction. If so, then there is no way to avoid the import tax.  

    To make it easier for its customers, Shein's website in our country shows the prices of products already converted to the national currency, that is, real.

    Thus, you will always need to be attentive when making your purchase, converting the final value of your product, plus shipping, to make sure it doesn't exceed $50.

    Following these recommendations, you have a good tip on how to avoid being taxed at Shein. 

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    Pay attention to the invoice

    The inspection of the Federal Revenue always compares the information present in the documents outside the box with the order made, that is, the contents of the box and its real value.

    If the information does not match and inconsistencies are found, a fine and a tax will be charged to the consumer who made the purchase. 

    There is no way to know the exact amount of the fine and tax, as this varies depending on the inconsistency. The IRS website lists two possible fines that may apply. Are they:

    • Administrative fine: a 100% fee is charged on the difference in order values;
    • Tax penalty: a fee of 70% is charged on the rate or the total difference between the tax amount declared at the beginning and the amount that was put into practice.

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    How to avoid being taxed at Shein: payment

    First of all, it's important to keep in mind that even if you know how to avoid being taxed at Shein, that doesn't mean you won't pay anything else.

    The private company or the Post Office that delivers the product requires the consumer to pay an amount referring to the postal dispatch.

    This value is normally R$15 per order delivered. 

    But this amount charged depends a lot on the product and the freight that was contracted. For example, we can mention books that have a tax exemption.

    The postal order of the Post Office must be paid within a maximum of 30 days through the website. To do this, you need to access the tracking page of your order by going directly to the Correios website or the company's application.

    When you enter the tracking code and it is time to pay this fee, the message “Awaiting payment” will appear on your screen.

    You can pay the tax clearance by bank slip or by credit card. 

    Payment of your fines and import fees can also be made at the Post Office or through private international transport companies. The maximum period is 20 days.

    The payment process will be very similar to the postal order.

    If the consumer does not make the payment, two things can happen to the goods: return to the country of origin or be declared abandoned and lost.

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