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    How does Gupy Recruitment and Selection Software work?

    How does Gupy Recruitment and Selection Software work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 6, 2022 | Technology |

    If you have a company and are constantly recruiting and selecting people for your organization. Or, if you are just starting your business and want to hire your team, you need to know Gupy, a tool to help you with your hiring. 

    Gupy is a tool, a software that uses artificial intelligence to recruit and select candidates for a particular vacancy. Used by large companies such as: Ambev, Santander, Vivo, Cielo, Unimed and others. 

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    Its main benefit is to bring a satisfactory volume of candidates with the profile closest to the advertised vacancy. Thus, organizations save time, speed up their job replacements, evaluate better qualified candidates and maintain a satisfactory talent pool for the next hires. All this using a single work tool. See how Gupy works. 

    Gupy and his story

    Gupy is a startup born in our city after joining human resources and information technology professionals. Together, they created the first artificial intelligence technology for recruitment and selection in our country. 

    The company was founded in 2022 and today already has more than a thousand customers and operates in ten countries. It was a very fast growth and millions of candidates were recruited by the platform. 

    How does Gupy work?

    The platform uses an artificial intelligence called Gaia that was developed by Gupy in partnership with IBM. Using fragments of the Watson cognitive computing platform. 

    Gaia works based on user behavior. That is, as the user feeds the platform, it stores data, learns and specializes in how to best serve its recruitment. 

    With this technology, the company guarantees a 75% greater efficiency in the presentation of candidates better aligned with the purpose of their vacancy. The candidates with the highest adherence to the position, are in the first places of the ranking. This makes it easy to choose the best ones. 

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    For this, Gaia combines more than 200 characteristics among candidates. For example: previous experience, academic background, cultural fit with the contracting company, profile tests and, of course, attributes of the advertised vacancy.

    In addition to the advantages presented above, the success of hiring via artificial intelligence also includes hiring without subjective criteria. With this, the chances of a candidate being harmed due to a negative first impression of the recruiter drop dramatically. 

    Some very famous companies use the platform, such as PicPay, Ambev, Vivo, Autoglass, Sicredi, Atento and Assaí.

    How to hire using Gupy

    To hire Gupy's services, companies need to hire a monthly plan. Plans are structured according to customer needs and separated into 3 categories. Currently the existing plans are: Professional, Premium and Enterprise.

    Let's get to know a little bit about each plan. 

    1 – Professional

    Ideal for companies with a low level of hiring per month, a maximum of 50 hires per year. In addition to Gaia intelligence for recruitment and selection, profile tests are included in the plan. 

    2 – Premium 

    Ideal for companies that are growing at a fast pace and therefore needing high hiring rates. In addition to all the features of the Professional plan, this category also has a flow of approval for new vacancies and online scheduling of interviews integrated with Google and Microsoft. 

    3 – Enterprise 

    Ideal for large companies with complex selection and hiring processes. This category has all the benefits of the Premium plan and also specialized monitoring by Gupy and process design that meets the reality of your company. 

    Source: Gupy

    Gupy recruitment and selection software for companies and extra features

    In addition to plans to facilitate the choice of a new employee for your organization, the brand also offers the Gupy Admission solution. This functionality, associated with one of the plans described above, promises to facilitate the management of your company's admissions. 

    In this way, you would have an integrated process in your organization, from the announcement of the vacancy, to the execution of the contract with the signing of all documents and sending the information to the e-social. 

    Gupy Admission offers: verification of all documentation sent by the new employee, electronic signature of documents, document management in the cloud, batch file download, information conference with e-social and most importantly, a system according to the requirements of the LGPD. 

    Gupy for candidates

    Now, if you are on the other side of the team and would like to use the tool to find a new job, know that it is possible. Access to vacancies is free for candidates. Simply register for access on the Gupy website, search for the company you are interested in and click on the option vacancies. Access can be made via Facebook and LinkedIn. 

    The platform has videos to instruct candidates to register their CVs and apply for vacancies. However, if there are still doubts, the company has an exclusive support to service users. 

    This was our contribution to those who want to hire or look for a new placement in the market. To learn more about this subject, we separate other relevant content right below. 

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