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    How does Facebook News Feed work?

    How does Facebook News Feed work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 26, 2022 | Facebook |

    If you've ever stopped to analyze the contents that appear on your social networks, you've certainly wondered how Facebook News Feed works.

    Have you noticed that, even though you have hundreds of friends and like thousands of pages, only the content of some of them actually reaches you through the feed?

    This is due to the work of algorithm of Facebook, a series of programming codes that filters the content that comes to you.

    If the algorithm didn't exist, each person would receive such a large number of posts in their feed that we wouldn't be able to use Facebook.

    To understand how the Facebook News Feed works, it is first necessary to understand the factors analyzed by the algorithm.


    All content available within Facebook is part of the inventory. Posts from friends, pages or groups, announcements, events, status updates, in short: everything that can be presented in your feed.


    In addition to analyzing what is available in the inventory, Facebook also takes user behavior into account. This information is called signals.

    At this point, Facebook will consider, for example, questions such as:

    • What kind of content does this user engage with the most: video, text or image?
    • What device is he accessing from: desktop or mobile?
    • What kind of connection is he using: cable, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G?
    • What are the pages and contacts that this person interacts with the most?


    After analyzing which posts are available (inventory) and what information about the user (signals), Facebook filters the contents and assigns grades to them.

    So, the more relevant the content is to that user, the higher the grade for that content will be and the sooner it will appear in the News Feed.

    To make it even clearer, check out this video in which Camila explains and gives a great example of how the Facebook News Feed works.

    Knowing that Facebook considers user behavior when deciding which posts appear for it, we understand that the more a given person interacts with the posts on a page, the more the contents of that fanpage will appear to them.

    Therefore, generating engagement and interaction in publications made on Facebook is essential! Who is not seen, will not be remembered EVEN on Facebook.


    Reach on Facebook is a constant concern of those who work with media.

    Knowing the metrics related to reach and how it influences the results in your business is very important to improve your performance.

    Want to better understand how reach on Facebook works? So, continue here on the blog:



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