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    How do I register for the Young Apprentice?

    How do I register for the Young Apprentice?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 4, 2022 | Technology | 0

    Today we are going to meet the Federal Government Program called Young Apprentice. It is a law that determines that large or medium-sized companies must hire 5 to 15% of their workforce, young people at the beginning of their careers. In addition, we will teach you how to perform the enrollment in the Young Apprentice

    The Young Apprentice Program was approved in 2000, but it was only regulated by law in 2005. Its main objective is to provide job opportunities to young people without professional experience and to train this workforce. 

    To encourage these hirings, which at first sight are not advantageous for companies, the government offered a rate of only 2% of FGTS for these employees. In addition, they are exempt from the paid prior notice and from paying the termination fine at the end of their contracts. 

    For organizations that fall under the national simple, the Jovem Aprendiz project has yet another advantage. In this case, in addition to the previous benefits, these companies will not have an increase in the social security contribution.

    That is, young people gain an ease to get their first job and companies can have a cheaper workforce for training. If you are interested in the program, see how to apply. 

    Enrollment in Young Apprentice: Where to find vacancies

    The CIEE, IEL and ESPRO institutions act as intermediaries between young people and contracting companies. Companies advertise their vacancies to these institutions and young people interested in entering the job market need to register their CVs at these institutions.

    To facilitate the process, interested young people can register their CVs online. This way, they will have access to available vacancies. 

    The cool thing is that these partner institutions still offer professional training courses to better adapt these young people to the market. The best known and the one that stands out among them is the Centro de Integração Empresa Escola – CIEE.

    Enrollment in the Young Apprentice: Requirements to participate 

    Young people who:

    1 – They are at least 14 years old and up to 24 years old;
    2 – Are attending elementary school or high school, attending a public school. Private school students cannot participate; 
    3 – Belonging to a low-income family. That is, who have a per capita income of up to half a minimum wage per member or a total income of up to three minimum wages; 
    4 – Not having previously worked with a work card;
    5 – Have time availability to work. Except at night; 
    6 – Young people who opted for technical education after elementary school will also be able to participate. 

    In order for them to be able to reconcile work and study schedules, the workday of a young apprentice cannot exceed 6 hours a day. Normally, the vacancies offer, in addition to the salary, a food allowance. 

    Enrollment in the Young Apprentice: Documentation required

    Applications for the selection process can only be made upon presentation of the following documents:

    1 – Proof of enrollment and schooling obtained directly from the school secretary; 
    2 – Proof of residence in the name of parents or guardians;
    3 – General Registration – RG; 
    4 – National Register of Individuals – CPF;
    5 – Work and Social Security Card – CTPS; 
    6 – Some states still require a letter from parents or guardians, authorizing the minor to work. 

    When registering on the website, young apprentices will be able to contact the partner institution of choice for intermediation. They will give you all the support and will answer your questions regarding the application process, open positions, selection processes and contracting companies. 

    Enrollment in the Young Apprentice: Remuneration 

    The main advantages of young people who participate in the program are the fact that they have an extra incentive for their hiring, since they do not have the experience to compete for a vacancy otherwise. 

    In addition, they gain the opportunity to enter a profession and then gain experience to be more competitive in the job market. Several companies that hire through this model offer solid career opportunities in their institutions. 

    But the fact is that these vacancies are sought precisely because of the urgency of these young people to have a first payment. 

    According to the law, the minimum remuneration provided for a young apprentice is the minimum hourly wage, which currently stands at R$5 per hour. In addition, the payment of FGTS, transportation vouchers, paid vacations and 13th salary are foreseen. 

    Of course, the contracting companies can choose to pay a salary higher than that provided for in the legislation, in addition to paying the benefits of food stamps, health insurance or dental insurance.

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    Enrollment in the Young Apprentice: Participating Companies 

    Some companies participating in the project allow young apprentices to apply directly on their websites. In these cases, you will not find these vacancies at partner institutions, as the companies themselves carry out the entire selection process. 

    Let's find out which companies you can register your CV with: 

    1 – Bank of our country 

    The company currently has around 4 young apprentices on its staff. Always respecting the workload and other requirements established by law. 

    Check out all the details of the BB Apprentice Program and stay on top of all the information. 

    2 - Bradesco Bank 

    The institution maintains vacancies for young apprentices on its careers website. As all vacancies are advertised in the same space, they have provided a filter on the side of the site, where it is possible to filter only the vacancies destined for young apprentices. 

    3 - Federal Savings Bank 

    Caixa Econômica Federal, despite not making the registration of CVs available on its own website, disclosed which partner institution it uses for hiring in each Brazilian state. 

    4 - Post Office 

    Our country's Post and Telegraph Company is another organization that hires a large number of young apprentices. The selection process is carried out on a single date throughout the year.

    For this, they inform the population through public notices published on their website and disseminated to the population through news portals.

    Enrollment in the Young Apprentice: Conclusion

    Now that you know the requirements to participate in the Young Apprentice Program, the necessary documentation and where to find available vacancies, it's your turn! 

    It is worth mentioning that this same program can be found on websites of companies and institutions with other names, such as: legal apprentice and minor apprentice. 

    However, the term apprentice minor refers specifically to young people able to participate in the young apprentice program, but aged between 14 and 17 only. 

    If you know any young people who need an incentive to start their career in the job market, or who need an income, be sure to share this text. 

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