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    How a Makeup Artist Started a Business From Scratch Using Facebook

    How a Makeup Artist Started a Business From Scratch Using FacebookHow a Makeup Artist Started a Business From Scratch Using Facebook

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 11, 2022 | Success Stories | two

    After applying the 3 pillars of success method learned in Camila Porto's Training, Erika started a business from scratch.

    Today, she is a professional makeup artist, offers makeup courses and has conquered many clients using Facebook as a tool to promote her work.


    • It has its financial independence.
    • Created an engaged Facebook group with 20 people.
    • Created a fanpage with more than 14 thousand followers in less than a year.


    Erika Correia de Melo is 31 years old and lives in the city of our city. Until the year 2022, she worked in the planning area of ​​a call center. The work made her have a hectic routine, leaving almost no time to dedicate herself to an extra activity.

    Like many people, Erika wanted to develop some skill in order to fulfill an old dream: to be the owner of her own business!

    This new skill was gradually developed and Erika found her passion in makeup.

    The desire to leave the call center job and start a business grew. But many uncertainties arose. In addition to the desire to undertake, she was going through a divorce process:

    “It was a relationship where I was totally dependent (financially, emotionally, bureaucratically).” Erika Melo

    A very big change was about to happen in Erika's life. It was then that she plucked up the courage: she faced the breakup and quit her job at the call center.


    Many doubts and anxieties arose during this period, as she began a new life and a new profession. But the customers didn't show up.

    One of the main problems Erika had, when it came to understanding how to promote her service, was having creativity and diversification in content generation.

    She created the Ateliê Erika Melo page, but she didn't know how she could get people to interact with her posts and what kind of content she should create to get attention on the internet.


    It was then that Erika started scouring the internet to understand how to start a business in her field.

    During these searches, she had her first contact with Camila Porto.

    With the free content published by Camila alone, Erika has already observed that it would be possible to start a business from scratch, using Facebook to promote it.

    “I saw several videos on Camila Porto's channel. I started to implement tips, like the tool that evaluates the Facebook category ranking.” Erika Melo

    Applying these initial tips, Erika gained followers on her fanpage and also in makeup-related groups.

    “Through the Facebook groups I also met a lot of nice people, like my current employee and my 2 freelancers.” Erika Melo

    With the free tips, she has already started to succeed. That's why she didn't think much and enrolled in Camila Porto's Training.

    “I signed up and executed each idea.” Erika Melo


    One of Erika's first challenges was to publicize her work. She knew the need for the famous “word of mouth” and having her service recommended by others was fundamental.

    With the insights gained from Camila's Training, Erika identified an opportunity and began offering makeup classes.

    “I started posting more videos. I posted tutorials on my page and in women's groups. Posting videos has greatly improved my page metrics. I started gaining followers all of a sudden.” Erika Melo

    Step 1. That's how she started to generate valuable content for her audience and attract the attention of potential customers.

    With these tutorials, Erika identified the opportunity that would change the story of her professional life: she started offering face-to-face makeup courses.


    Step 2. Another strategy that worked very well for Erika was the creation of sweepstakes. Especially in the initial phase, when the page needed to gain visibility.

    She prepared a series of giveaways on her fanpage, getting women to like her page in order to participate. The result was getting better each time a new draw was made.


    Step 3. Generating engagement is always a challenge on Facebook. That's why Érika bet on actions that motivated people to interact with her page.

    That way, those who most engaged with Erika's publications received makeup products as a treat.

    Step 4. The groups were also key for Erika's business to take off:

    “What I felt a lot of effect were the interactions in the groups. According to Camila's guidelines, I was interacting in a way that was not an advertisement. I learned to publish without being a pamphleteer.” Erika Melo


    With all the growth, Erika began to bet even more on makeup courses.

    Today, it also invests in Google Adwords.

    “Even though Camila didn't give Google Adwords tips, I ended up taking advantage of the Training's ideas to create ads in this tool. It made me get a lot of notoriety for my company website.” Erika Melo


    Erika's company started to offer more than five types of makeup courses. Much more than offering her services, she understood the importance of attracting the attention of potential clients in the first place.

    “I hired an employee, expanded the work space (which was inside a small salon). Today, I am a partner in a photographic studio and the space is quite large. In addition, I work with 2 freelancers where the courses are explored at all possible times. And I didn't stop there: I expanded the services too, today we have a hairstyling course.” Erika Melo

    • It has its financial independence.
    • Created an engaged Facebook group with 20 people.
    • Created a fanpage with more than 14 thousand followers in less than a year.

    “After Camila's training, I managed to have a team, expand the services and the service space. Today I can support myself financially from something that seemed practically impossible!” Erika Melo


    Just like Erika, who used Facebook to promote her work as a makeup artist, you can also get good results for your business.

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