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    Hotmart Sparkle: everything you need to know about the app

    Hotmart Sparkle: everything you need to know about the app

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 22, 2022 | News |

    A Hotmart Sparkle can be an excellent tool for anyone working in the digital market.

    Those who work in this market must always be trying to get closer to their audience and gain more and more fans for the brand. And one of the main ways to do that is by investing in creating communities.

    For this, Hotmart Sparkle is practically perfect.

    Sparkle also serves as an audience monetization app, thus turning your content into a real, profitable business.

    If you're interested in Hotmart Sparkle, we've separated all the main points and aspects you need to know about the app.

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    What is Hotmart Sparkle?

    Hotmart Sparkle: everything you need to know about the app

    If you are looking for a way to gather all your followers and fans in one place and still have an environment where you can publish your content in several different formats and everyone can access it, then Hotmart Sparkle may be the solution. 

    This tool belongs to Hotmart, as its name suggests. It ends up considerably reducing the competition for the audience's attention that you would have with other people and brands in the same industry, as well as considerably reducing the ads you would need to have a good income.

    Hotmart Sparkle makes your content the center of attention, working to increasingly improve its reach and importance with its audience.

    That way, you won't be dependent and won't need to run after advertising and partnerships with brands or other people to bring some monetary value to your work. 

    With Hotmart Sparkle, you can charge a subscription fee, similar to streaming so that your audience has access to your content and publications, thus ensuring your income through communities.

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    Why should you use Hotmart Sparkle?

    If you are still in doubt whether or not to use Hotmart Sparkle, below you can check the main advantages that the application will provide you. 

    1. No worries about algorithmic competition

    Usually those who work in the digital market have different profiles on various social networks. And one of the recurring problems is that the publications end up not reaching all the followers by the algorithm used on the platforms.

    These algorithms define which publications will be shown in each user's feed according to their tastes.

    Taking this into account, the content creator ends up having no guarantee that their posts, regardless of whether they are images or videos, reach other people, even if they followed their page/profile on their own. 

    However, Hotmart Sparkle ends up changing this scenario, and no algorithm is used for content distribution. That way, 100% of your content reached the audience that follows you.

    2. Premium Communities

    One of the main advantages when we talk about Hotmart Sparkle is perhaps the possibility for the content creator to create the famous premium communities.

    They allow creators to offer exclusive content that members of normal communities would not have access to. Thus, the interested audience can pay a subscription fee to join the premium community.

    For each subscription and sale that the content creator obtains for their premium community, Hotmart will be charged a service fee of 9%, and the minimum amount for this fee will be R$1,49. 

    Even with this rate, the cost benefit can be very beneficial for the creator, as he will not have to worry about spreadsheets, access systems or other complications in the subscription and service.

    The entire service will be integrated into your Hotmart account, which considerably facilitates the operation and service, as access to the community is automatically released after the subscription has been paid.

    With Hotmart updates, premium communities can also be created faster, allowing sales reports and other solutions to be integrated into the community so that the creator is on top of everything.

    It is worth mentioning that the entire process and activity is done within the Hotmart platform.

    3. Knowledge will be in the palm of your hand

    In addition to working in the digital market, if you are also a producer and have an online course registered on the Hotmart platform, this could be another excellent reason for you to use Hotmart Sparkle.

    Students who are registered for your course on the platform can access all content through the Sparkle app on their cell phone or other mobile device.

    4. Hotmart Sparkle content is flexible

    By using Hotmart Sparkle you will not be limited by the platform in your content creation and you can create it the way you see fit.

    In addition, they can be in various formats, whether videos, photos, GIFs, links and even audio of up to 1 hour, that is, you can even use the podcast format for your audience.

    5. Hotmart Sparkle is integrated with other Hotmart services

    In addition, the advantages for those who are a Hotmart affiliate or producer do not end there.

    Other services on the platform are also integrated with Hotmart Sparkle, which greatly facilitates their access and operation.

    In this way, you will be able to create your communities and still relate to your products sold on the platform, check sales and subscription data and use your Hotmart digital wallet balance to make purchases directly through the application in a quick and practical way.

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    Hotmart Sparkle login and how to use it

    Hotmart Sparkle: everything you need to know about the app

    Hotmart Sparkle is available for download in the appropriate digital stores, either on the Play Store for Android devices or on the App Store for iOS devices.

    And after creating your account with the step-by-step procedure described on the initial access screen, or after logging in if you already have a Hotmart account, it is important to know how the app works. Then check out our explanation of how it works.

    Hotmart Sparkle: Home

    The home page of the Hotmart Sparkle application will be where you will have access to the contents of the communities and the publications of the content creators you follow.

    So, if you liked a post and want to see more, just click on the post to check out other content from the same community or creator.

    Hotmart Sparkle: everything you need to know about the app

    Image: Hotmart

    Another possibility is to leave your comment and like.

    To like, just touch the heart that will be next to the post. However, if you want to insert a comment, just click on the speech bubble that will also be nearby, practically in the same place as the heart.

    A differential is that the platform even allows you to send comments in audio format.

    Option to find new community

    On the home page, you can also search for communities automatically.

    To do this, at the bottom of the page, just go to “Search” and type the name of the community you want, a function also symbolized by the magnifying glass symbol.

    It is also possible to search for other users and posts from the Hotmart Sparkle platform. 

    How it works is simple: just enter the term you want and click “Search” or “Enter” on the cell phone keyboard.

    After that, you will be taken to a search page, so just click on one of the results to access the community and then tap the button that will be in orange to sign up.

    How to publish content on Hotmart Sparkle

    If you want to publish something on Hotmart Sparkle, the process also starts from the homepage menu. Click on the “Publish” shortcut to be able to create your own posts. Then you'll be able to choose between the various formats available and choose the one you want.

    Assuming you have chosen a post in text format, you will be able to insert quotes, highlight excerpts and change sizes, and these post editing tools will also be available in other post formats. But of course, in a way adapted to each one. 

    Once you're done editing, you'll have to choose the community to post to.

    The platform allows content to be published normally with unlimited access, or to be programmed to be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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