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    Horizon Workroom: Facebook's New Immersive Video Calling Feature Is On The Way

    Horizon Workroom: Facebook's New Immersive Video Calling Feature Is On The Way

    by AllYourVideogames News | Aug 19, 2022 | Facebook |

    Facebook on Thursday launched a trial run of a groundbreaking new virtual reality remote work app called Horizon Workroom, where users can hold meetings as avatar versions of themselves in the comfort and safety of their home or office, without need to travel in person for business.

    Facebook has made the leap to virtual reality with a new app that allows employees in different locations to meet virtually and work together. The company says this is just one step towards building what they call a “metaverse”.

    Billed as a “telepresence” experience, Facebook’s VR remote work app offers companies that need remote workers or are looking for a fresh perspective on their business idea something more than video conferencing can offer: immersion. .

    As it would be impossible for two people with headphones to see each other face to face from thousands of miles away, this would be possible with computer-created avatar representation so users have another person present during work (or meeting) via virtual

    After the COVID-19 pandemic closed workplaces, many companies were forced to work from home and now a new variant has spread across the world. Facebook's Horizon Workrooms app is in beta testing and promises to be the new face of online meetings.

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    How does Horizon Workroom work?

    Facebook's latest release is an initial step towards building the futuristic "metaverse" that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled in recent weeks.

    Facebook has been in a VR immersion lately, investing heavily in VR hardware like its Oculus headsets and AR glasses. Facebook has also purchased several game studios for their work with the technology, including BigBoxVR to ensure they are at the forefront of developments in this new medium.

    According to the G1 website, called Horizon Workrooms, the space is available for people who own a Quest 2 headset, which costs US$299 (about R$1.600, at the current price) and which is not officially sold in our country. […] Those who do not have a headset can connect via conventional video call and participate through a “screen” in the environment.

    Facebook said it would not use people's conversations and work materials in workrooms to target Facebook ads. He also said users must follow the VR community's standards, or else they could be reported for rule-breaking behavior.

    Virtual reality took a long time to arrive and it finally did. meet other people online. You can still interact with your physical table by doing this too!

    People were excited not only to be able to create avatars that looked like them, but also to work on projects from home or elsewhere without having any distractions around them all the time! Undoubtedly, tiresome meetings via Zoom or similar can become more interesting and immersive with this technology.

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