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    Here's How To Uninstall Multiple Apps At Once On Android

    Google Play natively offers a feature that allows you to uninstall multiple apps on Android at once. Therefore, it is not necessary to download and install any app to perform the procedure.

    The tool is ideal for those who need to free up space in their cell phone memory or want to give their smartphone a makeover and use new applications.

    explains how to delete multiple apps at once for those who don't have time to waste.

    How to uninstall multiple apps at once

    1. Open the Play Store app;

    2. Tap on the three-line icon, located in the upper left corner of the screen, inside the search bar;

    3. No side menu to open, go em My apps and games;

    4. Select option Installed, located in one of the tabs at the top of the screen;

    5. Inside the tab, go to Storage;

    6. Select the boxes located next to the names of the programs you want to uninstall. Note that for each marked app, the Play Store informs you how much memory will be freed up;

    7. After selecting all the apps you want to delete, go to release xx MB, located at the bottom of the screen;

    8. Confirm your choice in the window that appears by selecting release xx MB.

    That's it, the apps will be immediately removed from your device.

    How to uninstall apps that come from the factory (bloatware) on Android

    It is not possible to uninstall apps that are already installed on the device (called bloatware) natively. Deleting these programs can only be done by rooting the device.

    The process makes the user the system administrator, so that they can have full control of the device. The trick, however, should only be performed by really experienced people who know what they are doing.

    If it goes wrong, the cell phone can be more vulnerable to viruses and intrusions and even become unusable forever. Furthermore, the system can only be updated manually, by downloading the software update directly from the developer's website.

    And that's not all: most cell phone manufacturers report that the user loses the right to the warranty if the device is rooted.

    So, if your problem is a lack of space, the best solution may be to transfer whatever you can to a cloud storage service. If the device has an input, it is also valid to buy a memory card.

    How to disable android apps

    Despite not letting you uninstall, Android allows you to disable these bloatware. They will remain on the device, but their icons are no longer available and the programs are “turned off”. Check out how to do it:

    1. Access the device settings, usually represented by a gear icon (⚙️);

    2. In the menu that opens, go to Apps and notifications;

    3. Then tap See all xx apps;

    4. Now, choose the native app you want to disable;

    5. On the next screen, tap on the button Disable;

    6. Confirm your choice in the window that appears when selecting disable app.

    If you want to reactivate the application, repeat the steps and press the button activate.

    How to know how much memory and battery each app consumes on Android

    People don't always delete an app because they don't like it. Often, taking up a lot of space or consuming too much of the device's battery can be good reasons to uninstall a program.

    If you suspect that some apps may be harming your smartphone's performance, know that it's quite easy to find the culprits.

    How to clear cache of apps on Android and free up space

    To find out how much memory each app consumes, just access the system settings and then go to Storage. Within the option, go to other apps. Soon, all applications will be listed. Below the name of each one of them is displayed its size.

    When touching on, the system also informs how much of that value is in temporary memory. Also known as cache, its function is to speed up access to some program features by saving usage preferences.

    However, for those who really need to free up the least amount of memory, you can choose to clear cache, through the button with the option located at the top of the screen.

    How to find out how much battery each app consumes

    Some programs consume more power than others, especially if they run in the background. This means that, even when not in effective use, it continues to process information and act “behind the scenes”.

    To find out what could be making your device last less time on, just access the system settings and go to Battery. The programs that consumed the smartphone's battery since the last recharge and the percentage spent by them in the total number of apps will be displayed.

    Tap on which you want to know more information. You can find out how long the app was used and also the amount of time it ran in the background.

    Android gives as an option Force stop, that is, make the app close instantly. This can result in a malfunction if the program is performing some process, such as finishing a post or sending an email. The other option, a little more drastic, is to delete the application from the device.

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