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    Havan Card: how to do it and how does it work?

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    Havan Card: how to do it and how does it work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 17, 2022 | Credit Cards | 1 comment

    If you still don't know the Havana card, today we will present its advantages and how to request yours through the store application.

    Havan is one of the most complete department stores in our country, with more than 100 thousand products.

    Its name originated from the mixture of the first syllable of the owner's last name, Luciano Hang, and the first syllable of the name of his former partner, Vanderlei. 

    The first store was opened in 1986, in a 45m² space located in Santa Catarina.

    Today, the company has more than 160 stores spread across 18 states + the Federal District and has more than 20 thousand employees. 

    With this expansion, the store launched the Havan card so that its customers can purchase its products with greater convenience and ease, whether in physical establishments or in the virtual store. 

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    Havan Card: How to apply?

    In addition to requesting it at Havan's physical stores, it is also possible to request the card online via the app.

    You need to download the Havan app, which is available for Android and iOS.

    Once installed, open the application and click on “Request Card”.

    Then, enter your CPF and enter your personal data and proceed to the next steps, in which you need to send photos of some documents that are requested.

    Once completed, your registration will be sent for analysis and you will be informed about the status of your request via SMS, along with confirmation of your approval and the limit available to you.

    Once approved, you already have automatic access to the virtual card and can make purchases online and in physical stores.

    Just present the application and the virtual card data.

    Havana Card: Requirements

    The conditions required to apply for the Havan card are: be over 18 years of age and prove that you have worked for at least 3 months.

    In addition, the applicant cannot be denied in the Credit Protection System.

    Even with the option of the Havan card virtual card, another condition to be approved is having to live at most 200 km away from a Havan store unit.

    Therefore, people who are negative are prevented from making the card at Havan stores, as the company does not accept pending issues registered in their name. 

    Although one of the requirements is the fact that they need to prove professional activity for 3 months, the self-employed citizen can apply for the Havan card, but they also need to prove income in that same period of time.

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    Havan Card: Where can I use it? 

    The Havan card is only accepted at Havan stores, as it is not a card that has a brand.

    It is issued by the company and works as a kind of substitute for the booklet. 

    Therefore, you can only make purchases in one Havan store.

    There is no option to shop at other competing stores or any other establishment.

    It is totally exclusive to the Havan store.

    Havana Card: Benefits

    The Havan card is completely free, there are no fees or annual fees.

    But be careful: every month that there is an open invoice, a fee of about R$9,00/month will be charged.

    You can make multiple purchases and pay on a single date.

    Or, if you prefer, the installment can be made in up to 10 installments without interest and without entry.

    In addition, after the first bill you have up to 40 days to start paying and you can choose the expiration date of the card between the 01st, 05th, 08th, 10th, 13th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 28th.

    The Havan card allows you to participate in promotions valid exclusively for Havan Card customers and payment can be made at the cashiers in stores or via bank slip through the website. 

    It is also possible to request an additional card for dependents, but it is necessary to be at least 16 years old and have a family relationship.

    Therefore, there are several advantages, especially for those who already have the habit of shopping at Havan.

    Havan invoice card: access your invoice

    To access your invoice, just enter your data in the Havan application and you will be able to view the invoices and also the statements. 

    Through the application, you can also track your purchases and installments, issue slips, view the invoice due date and see your card limit.

    Havan card lock

    If you lose or have your card stolen, it is necessary to carry out a procedure to block the card and not run the risk of incurring a loss.

    To do this, you can request the blocking through any physical Havan store or by phone.

    After that, your card will be blocked for new purchases.

    To request a new copy, with another number, just appear in person at a Havan store. 

    Havan Card: is it possible to increase the limit?

    Yes, it is possible to request an increase in your limit through Havan communication channels such as the app, physical stores, website or through the company's virtual attendant.

    Your request will undergo a new analysis to be accepted or not.

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    Havan stores: find out where there is one closest to you

    Finally, as we said before, one of the requirements to be able to apply for the Havan card is having to live within a radius of 200 km from one of the stores. 

    With that in mind, we've separated all the cities that have a Havan store, so you can check if the place you live fits that profile.

    Check it out now: 

    • Acre
      - White River
    • Amazonas
      – Manaus (Opening soon)
    • Bahia
      – barriers
      - Victory of the Conquest
    • Federal District
      – our city
    • Holy Spirit
      – Linhares
    • Goiás
      – Annapolis
      - Green River
      – Valparaiso de Goiás
    • Maranhão
      – Saint Louis
    • Minas Gerais
      – Judge from Outside
      - Montes Claros
      – Uberaba
      – Uberlândia
      – Varginha 
    • Mato Grosso do Sul
      – Campo Grande North South
      – Campo Grande 2
      – Gold
      – Three Lakes
    • Mato Grosso
      – Barra do Herons
      – Cuiabá
      – Cuiabá 2
      – Lucas do Rio Verde
      – Spring of the East (Opening soon)
      – Rondonópolis
      – Sinop
      - Smile
      – Tangará da Serra
      - Varzea Grande
    • Para
      – Ananindeua
      – Bethlehem
      – Maraba
      – Parauapebas 
    • Pernambuco
      – Petrolina
    • Piaui
      - Teresina
    • Paraná
      – Arapongas
      – Araucaria
      – Long Field
      - Campo Mourao
      – Rattlesnake
      – Colombo
      - Parolin
      – Good Retreat
      – Barigui
      - Gate
      – Ecoville
      – Tree fern
      - Good view
      – Fazenda Rio Grande
      – Foz do Iguaçu
      – London
      – Maringá
      – Paranaguá
      – Paranavaí
      - Pato Branco
      – Pine forests
      - Ponta grossa
      – São José dos Pinhais
      - Toledo
      – Umuarama
    • Rio de Janeiro
      – Resende
      – San Pedro da Aldeia
      – Round Round
    • Rondônia
      – Cacoal
      – Porto Velho (New Porto Velho and Industrial District)
      – Vilhena
    • Rio Grande do Sul
      – Cinnamon (opening soon)
      – Capão da Canoa
      - Caxias do Sul
      – Erechim
      – Gravataí
      – Guaiba
      – Ijuí
      - Deep step
      – pellets
      - Porto Alegre
      - Big River
      – Santa Cruz do Sul
      - Santa Maria
      – Viamão
    • Santa Catarina
      – Araranguá
      – Balneario Camboriu
      – Old Bar
      – Biguaçu
      – Blumenau
      – Brusque
      – Chapeco
      – Criciúma
      – Florianopolis
      – Gaspar
      – Indian
      – Itajai
      – Itapema
      - South jaragua
      – Joaçaba
      – Joinville
      - Lages
      – Navigators
      – hut
      – Porto Belo
      – Porto União
      - South river
      - Sao Bento do Sul
      – San Francisco do Sul
      – San Jose
      - Shark
      – vine
    • Sergipe
      – Aracaju
    • our city
      – Araçatuba
      – Araraquara
      - Bauru
      - Botucatu
      – Bragança Paulista
      – Valinhos
      – Campinas
      – Catanduva
      – Franca
      – Hortolândia
      – Indaiatuba
      – Itapetininga
      – Itaquaquecetuba
      – Jacareí
      – Jundiaí
      – lime tree
      – Lorraine
      – Marília
      – Mogi Das Cruzes
      - Mogi Mirim
      – Osasco
      – Piracicaba
      - Big beach
      - Big beach
      – Ribeirão Preto
      – Santa Barbara Do Oeste
      – São Bernardo Do Campo (opening soon)
      – San Carlos
      - Sao Jose do Rio Preto
      - São José dos Campos
      – Sertãozinho
      – Sorocaba
      – Sumaré
      – Taubaté
      – Votuporanga
    • Tocantins
      – Palmas

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