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    Halloween costumes: the 46 coolest ideas on the internet

    Halloween costumes: the 46 coolest ideas on the internet

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 5, 2022 | Shopping |

    Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without its classic costumes, and nowadays there's no shortage of Halloween costume options on the market. Thus, we have separated some great options for Halloween costumes for you to use, we have options for men, women, adults and children with the most diverse themes.

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    The best adult Halloween costumes

    To start, let's list the costumes for adults, both male and female, check them out below:

    1. Fantasia Supergirl

    Starting for superhero lovers, we have a great choice of Halloween costumes featuring the outfit of Supergirl, Superman's famous cousin and one of DC's top female characters. The costume has a boot, skirt, blouse and the cape of the characters, and can be found on Amazon by clicking here.

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    2. Harley Quinn Fantasy

    Another well-known character from DC that has become very popular in recent years due to the films she participated in is Harley Quinn. So, dressing up as this character also ends up being a great option for Halloween costumes. The outfit is also available on Amazon and includes a tights, shorts, blouse, boots, wig and bat.

    3. Wonder Woman Fantasy

    Virtually everyone knows Wonder Woman, the main female character in DC, having won live-action adaptations with solo films and participation in other productions. So, on Amazon you also end up finding the character's Halloween costumes, which come with boots, bracelets, skirt and the upper part of the armor, in addition to the character's tiara.

    4. Fantasy Maria Bonita

    You must have heard of Maria Bonita, a historical character of our country, well known as the wife of the bandit Lampião, or Virgulino Ferreira da Silva, the head of the bandit. Therefore, it also ends up being an excellent option for Halloween costumes, which is available on Amazon. The outfit has a hat, boot and body part.

    5. Fantasia Hermione – Harry Potter

    Harry Potter lovers are not left out when it comes to Halloween costume options, and a great option is to go dressed as Hermione. The character's costume is also available on Amazon, and comes with a wizard cape, wizarding school outfit, and wand.

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    6. Lilac Princess Fantasy

    One of the classic Halloween costumes is the princess one, and on Amazon you can find a great lilac color. The costume is composed of the princess dress and tiara, being totally lilac.

    7. Skull Fantasy 

    Another option for women's Halloween costumes is the skull one. Basically, this is a totally black outfit with a human skeleton design, being another classic to wear on these dates. On Amazon, you can find this costume only a little more comfortable, sleeveless and with gloves.

    8. Pumpkin Witch Fantasy 

    Another one that is among the main Halloween costumes is that of a witch, and unlike the most well-known ones, on Amazon you will find the Pumpkin Witch costume, which is entirely in pumpkin color and only the black hat.

    9. Angeline Purple Witch Fantasy

    Another variation of witch Halloween costumes is the Purple Angeline Witch with black, which features a dress that goes just above the knee, a hat and gloves, and is available on Amazon.

    10. Black Widow Witch Fantasy

    Among the Halloween costumes listed on this list, the Black Widow Witch is a great option for those who want to have a sexier vibe and still rock among the best costumes. Can be found on Amazon, this costume comes with an all-black dress and hat.

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    11. Zombie Nurse Fantasy

    For the female audience who likes zombies, Amazon has the perfect fantasy, being a zombie nurse. The outfit comes with the sock and bodysuit completely stained with fake blood, in addition to a hat and mask, also stained in red, being one of the very stylish halloween costumes.

    12. Little Red Riding Hood Fantasy

    Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most popular fairytale figures in the world, so for female audiences, why not dress up as her? Amazon sells the complete costume with the classic hat and underwear, making it one of the most flashy Halloween costumes. The best thing is that the clothes sold by the online store are the gothic version of the character, which gives a different touch to the costume.

    13. Fantasia Manto da Akatsuki – Naruto

    Those who like anime, specifically Naruto, were also not left out, having some good options for Halloween costumes. On Amazon you can find a great costume from Akatsuki, the famous group of villains in the anime. The outfit comes with the group's cape and a leaf village renegade bandana.

    14. Fantasia Aquaman

    For superhero lovers, an Aquaman costume is also a good choice for Halloween. Can be found on Amazon, this is another one of the DC characters Halloween costumes. Purchasing it, you will receive the character's outfit and pitchfork.

    15. Fantasia Harry Potter

    Harry Potter lovers also have options for men's Halloween costumes, more specifically the title character of the work. It can also be found on Amazon, when you buy it you receive the wizard school clothes, scarf and wand.

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    16. Fantasia Frankenstein

    Monster costumes can also go down very well on Halloween, and one of the most classic is Frankenstein's. On Amazon you will find the complete outfit, in addition to the wig.

    17. Han Solo Fantasy - Star Wars

    Anyone who likes Star Wars is not left behind either, and one of the main and most beloved characters in the franchise is Han Solo. If you want this as one of the Halloween costumes, then on Amazon you will find it complete and with all the details.

    18. Fantasia Monkey 

    You can also leave the classic characters to wear Halloween costumes, and go as an animal, and a good choice is the monkey costume, which although simple, can become quite fun. It is available on Amazon as a one-piece, a kind of monkey-shaped jumpsuit.

    19. Killer Clown Costume

    If you want to scare people, then going as a killer clown might be a good idea. This costume has a scary clown mask, as well as a clown outfit that you can find on Amazon to buy.

    20. Fantasia Zumbi The Walking Dead

    It's pretty hard to go to a costume party and not find at least one zombie party, especially zombies from The Walking Dead, a very popular series. On Amazon, one of the main Halloween costumes is the zombies from this series, which is available complete, just dress up and don't worry about makeup.

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    21. Men's Mexican Skull Fantasy

    A variation on the skull costume is the Mexican skull, which is a skull outfit that has a Mexican suit around it, giving a new style to this of several Halloween costumes you can find on Amazon.

    22. Female Mexican Skull Costume

    This one follows the same pattern as the Mexican skull costume that we mentioned above, however, this option is for the female audience and, instead of being a suit, the skull appears wearing a Mexican dress that you can buy on Amazon.

    23. Chucky The Killer Doll Fantasy

    Chucky the Killer Doll is one of the most feared figures, winning several adaptations for film and TV. Thus, it is one of the Halloween costumes that best fit the commemorative date. Amazon offers this costume with a fake machete, wig, and the doll's classic jumpsuit outfit.

    24. Zombie Doctor Costume

    Another variation of zombie halloween costumes is the doctor costume, where the costume consists of a fake surgical equipment, with a cap and mask, all covered in fake blood and which you can find on Amazon.

    25. Doctor Cosplay Newooh Inflatable Costume

    Inflatable Halloween costumes are also quite popular, and the Doctor Cosplay Newooh can be quite fun, as it simulates a person being carried by a doctor, and the scene can end up being out of this world. You can find this costume available on Amazon.

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    26. Inflatable Ghost Costume

    Another inflatable costume option, which works in the same way as the one mentioned above, is the ghost. The outfit is a great option among Halloween costumes, imitating a ghost carrying a person and you can find it easily accessible on Amazon.

    27. Inflatable Pirate Costume

    Another alternative among inflatable Halloween costumes, we have the pirate, which is an outfit that inflates and has the details of a pirate outfit, including the eye patch that you can find everything on Amazon.

    The best children's Halloween costumes

    Now that we've seen the top Halloween costumes for adults, let's take a look at the options available for kids.

    28. Skull Fantasy

    Starting from among the options for Halloween costumes for children, we have the skull/skeleton costume, which on Amazon consists of an all-black outfit with a white skeleton design, in addition to a mask that follows the same pattern, but still allows for the user to see normally.

    29. Vampire Fantasy

    Vampires are one of the most popular creatures in the world, so it is to be expected that children will want to dress up as them, which is why you can find a great vampire costume option on Amazon. You will have a high collar cape, pants and blouse with the symbol of a bat, being able to complete the costume with false vampire teeth.

    30. Mexican Skull Fantasy

    Still talking about the skull theme, as we have done with other Halloween costumes above, we also have the Mexican skull for children. On Amazon, it is very similar to the adult version, being all black, with drawings of a skeleton in a Mexican suit.

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    31. Fantasia Sonic

    Sonic is one of the most famous characters in the world of games, so the blue hedgehog ends up being a great costume request for Halloween. Amazon offers a costume of the character that covers the entire body, leaving only the face out and imitating the character's appearance very well.

    32. New Moon Vampire Fantasy

    Another vampire costume that is also available on Amazon is Lua Nova, where you can find her with dentures, scarf, pants and shirt, offering comfort and quality to the user. 

    33. Evil Pumpkin Fantasy

    One of the most different Halloween costumes from the others is the evil pumpkin. This outfit features a blouse and shorts with a pumpkin design, as well as a scary mask on Amazon for other kids.

    34. Frankenstein Girl Fantasy

    The Frankenstein Girl is a great costume for kids who want to keep their style but still participate in the Halloween costume theme. Having its green color, this costume has the classic scars of the title monster and can be found on Amazon as a dress.

    35. Purple Witch Costume

    Children can also wear witch Halloween costumes, with the purple children's dress. On Amazon, you can find this costume that comes with the dress and the witch hat ready to wear.

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    36. Rocker Skull Fantasy

    For kids who love to rock, the rocker skull costume is perfect for Halloween. It consists of a vest, dress and headband and is available on Amazon.

    37. Little Mermaid Fantasy

    The Little Mermaid, one of Disney's main characters, could not be left out in a list of Halloween costumes. Amazon offers a costume that comes with a princess dress, mermaid train, crown and other accessories, predominantly purple.

    38. Mermaid Princess Fantasy

    Being a Little Mermaid variable, on Amazon you can also find a Mermaid Princess costume, which come in different colors and sizes, and also include several accessories, gloves, dresses and mermaid tails.

    39. Fantasia Ladybug

    Ladybug is another character that has been on the rise lately, so many kids want to dress up as the character. Amazon has a complete costume of the character, with shorts, blouse and mask, promising comfort and quality to the customer.

    40. Luigi Fantasy - Mario Bros.

    Luigi is Mario's famous sidekick, making them two of the most famous game characters on the market. On Amazon you can buy your Luigi costume for children and men, which comes with a fake mustache, cap and dress in the character's colors.

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    41. Witch Fantasy

    Another witch costume available on Amazon, this one comes with a tiara instead of a hat. The outfit is predominantly gray, giving the perfect air for a Halloween costume night.

    42. Fantasia Hermione – Harry Potter

    Children who love Harry Potter also have their own Hermione costume on Amazon. Just like the adult version, here you have the wizard school uniform, cape and magic wand to have fun and have one of the best Halloween costumes.

    43. Spider Fantasy

    A Spider costume can also be very themed for Halloween night. Amazon sells an all-black one that comes with a cover and gold details that resemble spiders and their webs.

    44. Pumpkin Witch Fantasy

    Above we already talked about one of the Pumpkin Halloween costumes, but Amazon also has the female and less scary version. Predominantly orange, the outfit comes with a tiara and a dress with green details.

    45. Vampire Fantasy

    Girls also have their version of vampire-themed Halloween costumes on Amazon. The outfit is red and black and comes with an accompanying tiara, ensuring beauty and comfort.

    46. ​​Mummy Fantasy

    A mummy could not be left out on a list of Halloween costumes, and the children's version for girls can be found on Amazon without interest. The costume is a common outfit, with pants and top that resemble the bandages of a mummy, in addition to also having a mask and nothing prevents you from making accessories to improve everything.

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