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    Google Chrome Adblock: The 11 Best To Use Today

    Google Chrome Adblock: The 11 Best To Use Today

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 2, 2022 | Technology |

    Who likes to be always seeing ads for programs, courses, stores and others every time they access the internet? An example of when this can be quite annoying is when watching a video on YouTube. But having installed on the computer a Adblock Google Chrome could be the solution to this problem. 

    It's not just when watching a video that these ads usually appear. Even when browsing social networks, reading news online or uploading some torrent files, it is possible to come across these ads that spoil the experience.

    Google Chrome Adblocks, as the name suggests, are used precisely to block these ads. 

    What's more, Google Chrome Adblocks also become essential for security reasons for your data and your computer in general. Many of these ads may contain viruses that are activated as soon as you access their page.

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    The best Google Chrome Adblock for you to use

    To keep your computer and personal information, in addition to preserving your patience, we have separated the 11 best Google Chrome AdBlock options for you to use on your computer.

    1 CyberGhost

    Google Chrome Adblock: The 11 Best To Use Today

    Focused on VPN apps, the CyberGhost program is an AdBlock that serves to protect against malware, tracking and ads. To get started, you need to manually enable the type of session protection you want. To leave as much security as possible, we recommend that you leave all three sessions active, but that is up to you.

    CyberGhost works a little differently than regular Google Chrome Adblock. While most work by blocking DNS requests on specific websites, this one works by removing a part of the code that is responsible for the ads from the server's request.

    It is worth mentioning that this AdBlock also creates an encryption for all your online data, further increasing the protection. The user can choose from hundreds of different IP addresses so that all their data is hidden from internet servers and hackers.

    Another advantage that comes with using CyberGhots is that by connecting with a US IP address on the servers, it allows you to unblock US Netflix. In this way, the user has access to the foreign catalog, where he has movies, series and other programs not available on Netflix in our country.

    Adblock is compatible with different types of devices, and in case you face any problems, the platform stands out for its customer support that is always available via chat.

    However, not all are flowers, and to use these benefits you must have a monthly subscription that costs R$11,89. You have a 45-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Also, you can use AdBlock on up to seven devices.

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    2. AdBlock extension

    Our second Google Chrome AdBlock suggestion is also one of the most popular, as it has been on the market for over ten years and is an extension for your browser. We're talking about AdBlock, available on the Chrome Web Store. This extension has one of the best possible compatibility. In addition, it has customizable features and the ability to block ads all over the internet.

    In addition to pop-ups, AdBlock can block banner ads, videos and many others. It is important to note that the extension also participates in the Acceptable Ads program. As a result, ads that are considered non-intrusive are not blocked by default. But in case you want to block all ads, you can change this option in AdBlock settings.

    Among the other customization options that we can highlight are the possibility of filtering ads individually, choosing colored themes and changing whitelists. Another very interesting feature is the ability to replace all ads with photos of cats, dogs and various landscapes.

    In addition to ads, AdBlock Google Chrome allows you to browse completely securely by blocking cryptocurrency miners, third-party trackers and phishing scams. The best part is that the extension is completely free, being compatible with all the major browsers available.

    AdBlock will start working automatically as soon as you install it, but if you have problems or questions, the extension's support can help very quickly. If you want to solve everything yourself, the official AdBlock website has a help center to look for your problems and how to solve them.

    3. R.O.B.E.R.T by Windscribe

    ROBERT is best known as a Windscribe VPN security feature and Google Chrome AdBlock to be used in your browser. Thus, it ensures the protection of your device and data from ads, malware and trackers and phishing. By using a list of known domains, it blocks all DNS requests.

    By protecting your data and increasing the security of your browser with AdBlock, it is likely that even page loading times in the browser will be faster. When the user tries to access sites that are considered dangerous, ROBERT acts immediately to prevent access.

    AdBlock Google Chrome still allows the user to perform some customizations to improve the experience. Some of the main ones that we can mention is the possibility to create lists of IP addresses that you want to keep blocked so that you never access them, in addition to creating domain block lists. If you want to leave access free for some sites, it is possible to create a whitelist of portals that are not affected by ROBERT

    A very interesting feature is the ability to create domestic block lists to control browsing habits. This is a very useful option for those who have children at home, as parents can block access to pornographic sites, social networks, fake news and gambling, for example.

    Users of the free version of ROBERT can block ads and malware on up to three different devices. Those who chose to use the paid version of the program can use AdBlock Google Chrome on unlimited devices. In addition, in the paid plan, it is possible to request a refund within three days, if you do not like the service.

    The plan options for the paid version are three: the monthly subscription, where the user pays $9,00 and the annual version, where the user pays $4,08 per month; in addition to the possibility of creating your own subscription plan.

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    AdLock is another Google Chrome AdBlock well known on the market, where you can download it in its version for mobile devices or as an extension to be used in your browser, more specifically for Safari or Chrome. It ensures security by blocking access to malicious websites, blocking malware and ads that may be problematic, and also making your privacy safe from trackers.

    AdBlock stands out for its easy operation and installation, both in its version for computers and in its version for mobile devices. AdLock works better on Android and Windows devices, blocking virtually all browser ads when accessing the internet.

    It is common for website owners to use an ad blocker to prevent the removal of commercial content. However, AdLock is configured to work around this, allowing AdBlock Google Chrome to work on all websites.

    It is worth mentioning that the extension version of the program is completely free. However, the version for Windows and Android devices is paid. By subscribing, you can keep up to five devices safe and still have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    5. AdBlock Plus extension

    Google Chrome Adblock: The 11 Best To Use Today

    Much like the AdBlock extension, AdBlock Plus is also a completely free Google Chrome AdBlock program that you can use as an extension through the Chrome Web Store.

    It promises to keep your browser and computer safe from Ads, Malware, Trackers and various other issues. Among the blocked ads, we can mention videos, banners, pop-ups, Twitch ads, social media and more.

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    Also available as an extension on the Chrome Web Store, Ghostery is yet another Google Chrome AdBlock that you can use to keep your devices safe.

    This alternative stands out from the competition, as Ghostery allows trackers to also be blocked on websites that can collect your information.

    Another differential is that when visiting a certain page, the user can see all the ads and trackers of the pages you visited. Furthermore, it lets the user study all the ins and outs of any online page to determine whether or not it is safe to access. If you decide it's not safe, you can disable all trackers and ads manually.

    7. uBlock Origin

    One more AdBlock Google Chrome option that can also be installed on the Chrome Web Store for free is uBlock Origin, an open-source ad blocker that works especially in the Chrome browser.

    In addition to saving space on your machine's system, video ads, banners and pop-ups, as well as malware, trackers and trackers, whether from social networks, YouTube, websites or others, are blocked.

    uBlock Origin also takes care of your CPU and computer memory while performing its primary function. In addition to this feature, AdBlock Google Chrome allows the user to create a list of types of ads and websites that are considered safe and can be displayed online. 

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    8. AdBlock Ultimate

    Another free and open source Google Chrome AdBlock, AdBlock Ultimate has no exceptions when it comes to blocking all types of ads on all pages available on the internet.

    It can be installed as an extension by going to the Chrome Web Store. However, a point that for some can be negative, is that AdBlock Ultimate does not have a whitelist for considerable safe ads.

    9. MACE

    Compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and MacOS, our next AdBlock Google Chrome suggestion is MACE, which in addition to Chrome, also works with other browsers such as Opera and Firefox. Among the main features offered, we can highlight the blocking of trackers and ads, thus ensuring your good online experience and internet privacy.

    In addition to this main function, pages opened in browsers start to load faster and all sites that may have harmful malware are blocked instantly. If you don't understand a lot and don't know how to work with AdBlock, you can rest easy, as the interface is super simple and easy to use.

    Although MACE is paid in the amount of R$11,21 per month, the user can easily use AdBlock Google Chrome with all its functions for 30 days without worries, since after this period, if desired, it is possible to request a refund of the signature.

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    10. Stands Fair AdBlocker

    Stands Fair AdBlocker is a Google Chrome AdBlock that, at the time of writing, is only available for the Chrome browser as a completely free extension. You can install it in your browser through the official AdBlock website or the Chrome Web Store.

    The main features offered by Stands Fair AdBlocker include blocking virtually all types of ads, whether they are pop-up, static or even videos. All websites where links indicate the presence of malware and trackers are blocked by the extension and cannot be accessed.

    Also, Chrome pages tend to load faster when using AdBlock Google Chrome.

    Fair AdBlocker still stands out as one of the few ad blockers that doesn't track your user history. That is, all blocked ads and trackers will have no connection to your IP address, user ID or email. In addition, the extension allows you to customize some of its functions, being able to allow all or only some ads to be displayed.

    11. Opera Browser

    Google Chrome Adblock: The 11 Best To Use Today

    For Opera browser users, our last but not least AdBlock indication is rightly built into this browser, that is, it is not a Google Chrome AdBlock. Among the main features available in the Opera ad blocker, we can also highlight security when blocking trackers.

    However, the benefits don't stop there. All websites that are a malware threat are also blocked by AdBlock and cannot be accessed. All pages opened in the Opera browser also start to load faster, a function that is super easy to use and completely free of charge.

    To activate this function in your Opera browser, simply click on the shield symbol that is positioned in Opera's search bar. It is worth mentioning that it will not be 100% of the ads to be blocked, but especially those that can be harmful to your computer and your data, the famous invasive ads.

    If some acceptable advertisements are identified by Opera, it will continue to be displayed with advertisements.

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