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    Glamping: What is it and the best camping destinations

    Glamping: What is it and the best camping destinations

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 18, 2022 | News |

    Do you like or have you ever wanted to go camping?

    If you are one of the camping lovers or even if you never thought that this would be your beach, how about trying the Glamping, a camp in more sophisticated locations?

    With this option, you can have the experience of being outdoors without having to give up the refinements and stewardship. 

    With that in mind, in this post we will explain what Glamping is, how it works and some indications of places you can travel to carry out your Glamping in our country. 

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    What is Glamping?

    The word Glamping came from the junction of two other words in English, which are “Glamour” and “Camping”, that is, a luxurious camp, translating literally.

    The main idea of ​​this type of camp is to make the traveler have direct contact with nature, but also keep the comforts and infrastructure of a hotel or home, for example. 

    In other words, in a Glamping you, as a traveler, will be entitled to a soft bed, hot baths, decorations in your room, comfortable environment and more.

    This varied option of camping emerged aiming to reach those people who have a hectic routine in big cities, but who also feel a need to disconnect to keep their mind healthy, staying away from all the noise, work, pollution, etc.

    Due to these reasons, the main Glamping sites around the world are positioned in places where nature is practically all intact with pure air and the beauty necessary to calm the mind. 

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    How does Glamping work?

    Unlike camping, with Glamping the traveler does not need to set up his own tent, eat canned or frozen food, carry giant backpacks or sleep on the floor.

    You will sleep in tents or huts that, in many cases, can even be heated.

    However, keep in mind that the main objective is still to enjoy nature.

    So the Glampings will always be respecting the flora and fauna.

    You will also go to sleep and wake up to the sound of nature.

    So that you can enjoy nature as much as possible, it is practically a consensus that Glamping also offers ecotourism tours for you to get to know the entire system of the place. 

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    Glamping in our country: the best places to camp

    Now that you know more about Glamping and may want to try this option to relax, we've put together a list of the best places in our country for you to camp in the Glamping style.

    Just choose the one you like and enjoy the place.

    1. Mangarito – Alto Ribeira Tourist State Park (SP) – PETAR

    With a view of the Atlantic Forest, the Parque Estadual Turístico do Alto Ribeira – PETAR, in our city, has cabins considered very charming by travelers.

    This Glamping has several natural samples to help you clear your head and relax.

    The park is located between the cities of ApiaĂ­ and Iporanga.

    For your feeling of peace, the park also has jacuzzis with space for up to four people, a restaurant and a bar. 

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    2. Parador Casa da Montanha – Cambará do Sul (RS)

    For those who like the smell of the forest, the whistling of birds and who want to see the araucarias up close, in addition to enjoying the landscape without stress, the Cambará do Sul canyon region is one of the best options for you to travel and carry out your Glamping.

    This location contains suites equipped with excellent fireplaces and coffeemakers.

    In addition, the guest has a clean and direct view of the fields. 

    3. Rancho do Peixe – Jericoacoara (CE)

    Image: Rancho do Peixe

    This glamping option is already more suitable for those who are completely in love with beaches.

    At Rancho do Peixe, located in Jericoacoara, you will be totally immersed in the environment.

    Your stay will be in fully themed bungalows directly on the sand.

    If you want sophisticated drinks and gastronomic delights, then the bar available to guests can satisfy your needs.

    The atmosphere of the environment also combines the sophisticated and the rustic in the best possible way.

    4. Korubo Safari Camp – Jalapão (TO)

    Image: Claudia Garcia Vincentini

    Glamping Korubo Safari Camp, is located in JalapĂŁo - TO, has an ambiance and tents totally inspired by African safaris.

    The accommodation is next to the Rio Novo, a very privileged region.

    Among the activities available in the environment, you will have trails, rafting and waterfalls.

    Afterwards, you can relax in your cabins, which have individual bathrooms, comfortable beds and a shower room in the camping area. 

    5. Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge – Novo Airão (AM)

    Glamping Anavilhana Jungle Lodge is located in the region of Novo Airão – AM.

    The accommodation contains bungalows and chalets wrapped in panoramic glass.

    The Gambling has a clean and direct view of the Rio Negro, as well as an immensity with a green view of the Amazon Forest.

    It is a perfect place for lovers of the great outdoors in the middle of the woods. 

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    6. Ka Bru our country – Itacaré (BA)

    Image: Ka Bru Brazil

    Great glamping option with a location positioned on the coast of Bahia, more specifically in Itacaré, one of the most beautiful cities in the region.

    Ka Bru, our country, stands out in some respects compared to other Glamping options, such as the possession of a tree house that also serves as a room for guests.

    In addition to several other attractive rooms, the destination is directly embedded in nature, with a beautiful view and clean air. 

    7. Free Space Glamping – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

    If you want to travel to Rio de Janeiro, then Glamping Space Livre cannot be missing from your travel itinerary.

    The site allows visitors to bring their own tents, but also offers the possibility of renting a space in the glamping itself to enjoy the environment positioned in the Pedra Branca State Park, in Barra de Guaratiba.

    Among the activities available, we can mention yoga, pilates, meditation and several others of the most varied.

    8. Eco Glamping Caraíva – Caraíva (BA)

    Another option for those who like the beach, Eco Glamping CaraĂ­va is located in CaraĂ­va-BA.

    The reserve has a barbecue area, hot shower, full kitchen, WI-FI and is very close to the beach, just a few steps away.

    This corner on the coast is one of the points that cannot be missed in your travel schedule. 

    9. Glamping & Camping Terras Mágicas – Carvalhos (MG)

    Image: Glamping and Camping Terras Mágicas

    In Carvalhos – MG, the traveler has at his disposal the Glamping & Camping Terras Mágicas, with views and direct access to waterfalls, preserved forests and mountains.

    On site, you also have a unisex bathroom, a barbecue area, a restaurant and a hot shower.

    That way, you can perform various activities and everything you want and still have your leisure time in a more relaxed way and leave your trip like new.

    10. Borges Waterfall – Mampituba (RS)

    Image: Suzy x Leo

    Last but not least on our list of recommended places to do your Glamping, we have Cachoeira dos Borges, in Mampituba – RS.

    The space is located in a community called Roça da Estância, and the traveler stays in cabins that have an excellent structure and comfort.

    In this place, you can have a beautiful and complete view of the mountains and waterfalls around the accommodation.

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