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    Gift for grandma: 19 best simple and cheap ideas

    Gift for grandma: 19 best simple and cheap ideas

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 9, 2022 | Shopping |

    Grandmothers are one of the most beautiful and closest gifts a person can have in their life, many consider them a second father and second mother, but you know which one is the best? gift for grandmother? In this post, we have separated some of the best gift ideas for you to give to that special person who takes care of the grandchildren, prepares food and is always by our side. 

    Even though we live far away, grandmothers are reliable people to whom we turn to in some problems and who welcome us with open arms, even when we live far away. So, be sure to check out our list and choose the best gift for grandma and gift it on grandpa's day, birthdays and even mother's day. 

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    Best gift ideas for modern or young grandma

    To start our list of the best gift for grandma, let's focus on modern and younger grandmas. If your grandmother is super active, doesn't like to sit still, wants to go out, work, travel, visit places like restaurants, then you can't give her any kind of gift.

    In these cases, keep in mind that we are not just talking about young grandmothers, as many older ones can have more energy and give a ten to zero in girls in their 20s, for example. So, some gift tips for grandma on the next commemorative dates are:

    1. Smartphone or tablet

    One of the most modern gifts possible are tablets or smartphones, a great option since grandparents are getting closer to technology and a great tool to post photos, meet people, chat with friends and family and much more.

    Another advantage is the easy access to exercises and games that can help physically and even psychologically, improving memory, for example.

    To further enhance the surprise and gift for grandma, you can even invite her to go buy the tablet or smartphone together. So they can test and choose the best device possible. But remember to factor in their tech experience. If this is your first smartphone or tablet, our suggestion is to buy a simpler one and always be there to teach, answer questions and help whenever necessary.

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    2. Games

    Make no mistake, games are quite popular with grandmothers, especially those like dominoes and playing cards, so it's a great gift option for grandma. A different and great idea that you can use is to assemble a kit with several games so that she can always have fun with friends and family.

    Also, this is a great way to always be exercising your mind. 

    3. CD, book or DVDs

    Modern grandmothers are usually more and more in the know, updating their musical tastes, watching more and more movies and reading new books. So, you don't have to worry and give your grandmother a good book of suspense, mystery and even fashion, cooking and culture, some of the themes she likes the most.

    The same goes for CDs or DVDs, as you can always give away something from your favorite artist, like a recorded show or even a movie you really like. To innovate even further, you can even give a DVD player or CD-accepting stereo along.  

    4. Makeup

    A great gift for more modern grandmothers who like to go out, work or even spend the day feeling more beautiful, is makeup. If your grandmother fits these characteristics, definitely a suitcase full of makeup products can make your grandmother very happy. However, you need to be a little careful, as you will need to know her skin type and her taste in makeup. 

    If you have more experience with this, along with the suitcase, you can set aside a few hours to teach her how to use it and some techniques and combinations. In addition to the amazing gift, you will be able to spend time with your grandmother and show your affection for her. 

    5. Creams

    Another gift for grandmother that follows the makeup style and can even be a complement to the above option, are creams. There are several options, whether for the body, hands, feet, face, etc., to make your gift even better, our tip is to customize your own kit with several products.

    What's more, several brands on the market produce these products especially for older women, so it's worth checking out.

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    6. Perfumes

    Who never thought their grandmother had a characteristic smell? A smell that whenever you smelled it, it reminded you of your grandmother? It was probably his perfume, being considered one of his trademarks.

    So, a good gift for grandma is to give a bottle of her traditional perfume, or even give her a completely new perfume with a new fragrance, maybe she likes it and decides to change it. 

    7. Accessories

    Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and others, end up being a great gift for grandmother, whether jewelry or jewelry. You can look for the best options that match her style, you can even buy one of each for her joy.

    Another excellent tip is hats, bags, clothes and belts. A more personal tip is to give a personalized accessory, such as a ring with a specific symbol, a necklace with a phrase or name, etc.

    8. Tickets for shows or theaters

    For the most active grandmothers, there is nothing more attractive than a gift that comes with an opportunity to get out of the house, especially in more nocturnal places. Several grandparents are increasingly creating a routine of going out to bars, restaurants, clubs and concerts. Then you can take advantage of this to give the best gift for grandma. 

    We are talking about a ticket to a show, theater, cinema, etc. You can even give her more than one for her to take a companion or call the whole family to have fun together and be a memorable moment in everyone's life.

    9. Travel

    Another fantastic gift idea for a grandmother who likes to go out is tickets for a trip, whether by bus or plane, as long as it's to a place she's going to have a lot of fun or she wants to go, it doesn't matter much.

    It's even worth inviting her friends or talking to her family so that someone goes along to keep her company.

    10. Spa or salon day

    A great way to make your grandma feel more and more beautiful and still be able to relax and get some rest is to give grandma a day at the spa or beauty salon as a gift.

    So she can do hair, nails, get a massage, talk, etc. You can go along yourself or leave her alone to have some time for her.

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    Gift ideas for grandmother between 70 and 100 years old

    We're not going to give a gift suggestion for grandma just for the most modern ones. If your grandma is over 70 or is more of a stay-at-home or homely style grandma, she doesn't have to worry. Our gift tips for grandma won't change much, but it all depends on her taste and style.  

    11. Do it Yourself (DIY)

    Image: Pinterest

    One of the best gifts possible are those you made yourself, spending hours, days and your own effort for it, the famous DIY (Do it Yourself).

    These types of gifts tend to have greater emotional significance for grandmothers, so they feel loved and valued. Also, this kind of gift doesn't usually cost much. Some suggestions are home decorations, mugs, photo murals and so on. That way, you can give some creative gift.

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    12. Photo album

    Virtually all grandmothers like to reminisce about their younger days, or just like to remember their grandchildren and children when they were children. So another great gift for grandma is a photo album. You can put pictures of the grandchildren, pictures of the grandmother herself, her children and other family members.

    A tip is to organize everything in chronological order, much like telling a story. 

    13. Picture frame

    Following the same idea of ​​photos, another great gift is a picture frame. You can select a photo with a special meaning for your grandmother, put it in a beautiful picture frame and give it as a gift. You can look in stores for personalized picture frames, as there are several aimed at grandmothers and grandfathers. 

    14. Fruit or breakfast basket

    On the commemorative date, you can start the day in the best way possible and on top of that, deliver the gift to grandma at the same time, we are talking about a fruit basket or breakfast, which are great options.

    This type of basket can contain your grandmother's favorite fruits or favorite foods. So she starts the day in the best possible mood. The best part is that you can invite other family members and even your grandma's friends for this lovely surprise. 

    15. Flowers

    Flowers are always a great gift choice for any woman, as well as being relatively simple, it is also quite meaningful. You can assemble a bouquet with your grandmother's favorite flowers or make something more varied.

    To complete the gift, you can choose a beautiful flower vase that she would like to leave the flowers in. 

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    16. Comfortable shoes

    Grandparents often enjoy going for walks, going for a walk, or just getting their feet comfortable. So, a great gift for grandma are sneakers or other comfortable shoes.

    You can also search for shoes that meet her needs and still match her style. Among the best choices are sneakers and running shoes. 

    17. Religious images

    This is a tip aimed at more religious grandmothers, especially those who are Catholic, as they usually have their own altar at home. If this is your case, a great gift for grandmother is religious images. Try to find the saint she wants or doesn't have yet, that way you'll avoid repeating anything.

    18. Personalize a gift

    Currently, it is super simple for you to customize a gift, as everything is easily done through the internet, with specialized stores. So, a gift tip for grandma is to have a painting, pillow, sheet, mug, picture frame or any other product personalized.

    You can put your grandmother's name, a personalized phrase, a message of love or something like that.

    19. Appliances

    Last but not least, we have the suggestion to give away home appliances. However, this is a gift idea for those with a slightly bigger budget, so if that's not your case, no problem.

    You can invest and give something to make your grandmother's life easier or that she has wanted for a long time, such as a sandwich maker, a new stove, refrigerator, Airfryer, microwave oven and etc. You can find this out by talking to her or even taking your grandma to pick her up. 

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