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    Future Professions: 7 courses to prepare

    Future Professions: 7 courses to prepareFuture Professions: 7 courses to prepare

    by Camila Porto | Oct 25, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    There is no denying that the job market is constantly changing. Very influenced by the advancement of technology, we can list some professions of the future, and consequently some businesses, which will cease to exist in a short time.

    Repetitive professions, such as supermarket cashiers, bus collectors, truck drivers, are some examples of professions that are already on their way to the end. Just look at the advances in autonomous driving, self-service supermarket checkouts and transport cards increasingly being used.

    Another evolution that is growing a lot is artificial intelligence, which is already present in many professions. From simple photo or video editing, to complex cardiovascular surgery, where the use of algorithms is able to compare exams and symptoms with a database, create a 3D model of the body and help the surgeon decide the intervention method. surgical.

    Of course, work will change in the future, but it won't go away. Just as some professions will no longer be necessary, new ones will emerge to meet a new pattern of consumption, it is enough to be attentive and prepared to meet these new demands of the job market and the professions of the future.

    Future Professions: How to prepare

    Automation is already one of the main keys to this change. Machines are already replacing labor in the food, vehicle and product industries in general. Just look it up on YouTube and you'll see machines doing the work of dozens of people, without resting, without going on strike or stopping for lunch.

    Therefore, in the future, professions linked to intellect, health, sales and entrepreneurship may be the most promising areas and with more opportunities to generate income and work. Trying to guess the future is harder than creating it. As Peter Drucker said: “the best way to predict the future is to create it”.

    If you are looking for a new career, start a business or change your profession, this post will help you find one of the professions of the future. We separate some training that can transform you into a professional of the future. They can help you find a new profession, go beyond what colleges teach or, who knows, open your own business.

    Today with the internet, many new opportunities have emerged, whether to work as an employee, freelancer, have your own business, sell products, services, work with advertising or even monetize your audience. The opportunities are huge and, in this post, we separate some promising areas that you can learn about and delve into. Come on?


    The first course on the list is already part of a giant and consolidated market. It couldn't be different, the entertainment industry has gained a lot of strength with the internet and with that, game companies, in order not to lose space, are increasingly betting on a more realistic interface and involving the user, who now has decision-making power within the games.

    The video game market is billionaire. Whether on more “traditional” consoles such as Sony with PlayStation, Microsoft with Xbox, companies like Apple and Google, today they see a large part of their revenue coming from mobile games. In addition to the development market itself, the esports market is also on the rise. Undoubtedly, it is a fun, promising and global market to create new professions of the future.

    The Complete Game Development course is promoted by Danki Code. According to the company, more than 13 thousand students have already attended its courses with a high degree of satisfaction. The differentials of the complete Game Development course are listed on the Registration page:

    Course features:

    • Create 20+ Complete Games (2D and 3D) during the course. Updated
    •  create your own Game Engine.
    •  Publish your game on the market and export to any Platform.
    •  Domine o UnityGame maker and other engines.
    •  Access lifetime.
    •  Support & Admin Individual and Customized.
    •  Materials for Download.
    •  Certificate Valid and Official.

    To learn more, visit the course link. Full Game Development the Thank You Code.


    In our country, there are more cell phones than people. Most of the population has one cell phone, two or even more. The increase in users with a smartphone, made the demand for repairing these devices also increase, who never dropped their device and broke the screen, right? With an eye on this market that continues to grow, working with cell phone repair is a super opportunity.

    In addition to the number of devices, prices are also on the rise, which favors the option of fixing the cell phone than buying a new one. Not to mention the slowness of new technologies, which have advanced little, which makes the appeal for new models fall year after year. In this way, people tend to stay longer with the same device, which generates more and more market for those who work in the cell phone repair segment.

    The Cell Phone Maintenance course is taught by 6 professionals. There are 14 main modules, plus content in bonus modules. In it, the student will have access to the main content and information to create a cell phone maintenance business or act as a professional in this area, either in a company or as a freelancer and have one of the professions of the future. According to the registration site, these are the course differentials:

    • 210+ video lessons in HD
    • 70+ hours of content
    • Basic to Advanced Course
    • 60+ live appliance repairs
    • Apostille and Certificate of Completion
    • Post-course support for 3 months
    • Indication of Suppliers
    • Indication where to buy tools
    • Support documentation details
    • Troca de Vidro na cola OCA
    • Samsung Devices Repair
    • Motorola, LG, Nokia and Sony
    • Apple Iphone 5, 6, 7, 8 and X concert
    • Software Classes, Hard Reset
    • Backup, Install Rom Firmware
    • Electronics Classes Applies to Cell Phones
    • Watch the classes as many times as you want for 2 years

    To learn more, visit the link on Mobile Maintenance Course enrollment page.


    Finally, the change in mindset made our dear pets become family members and, with that, increased concerns about the health and safety of our pets. The pet market only grows all over the world and if you want to make money and also love pets, this can be an amazing niche for you to explore.

    After all, who wouldn't want to earn money, take care of the animals and know they're well fed and happy? A trend that we see growing a lot is the “humanization” of pets. Clothes, jewelry, beds, aesthetic treatments that include hot tub and massage, go beyond simple bathing and grooming. The growing concern about healthy eating for humans has also reached the pet world and it is not uncommon to see rations with fewer chemical components and, of course, healthy snacks.

    It is with an eye on this market that the Natural Biscuits for Dogs Course, by Cachorros IncrĂ­veis, was launched. The course teaches some recipes that can be made at home, without much equipment and experience. All content is supervised by a veterinarian.

    Now, in addition to you being able to make cookies for your dogs, many people are making it a business and even one of the professions of the future. Selling cookies to family and friends. Who knows this may not make you a successful entrepreneur? There are 5 video course modules in addition to complementary content.

    To learn more about Natural Biscuits for Dogs Course, access the link on the course registration page.


    The increase in the number of users with access to the internet and also to social networks has made the digital marketing market give an up in the career and also in the business of many entrepreneurs. These professionals show business on the internet, to attract more customers and consequently increase the number of sales of their own businesses or even as service providers for third parties.

    It is a booming market all over the world. Companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook show that internet sales and content consumption are here to stay. With this, either the entrepreneur qualifies or counts on the help of professionals to help him.

    From this point of view, the opportunity that the digital marketing market has created for companies and professions of the future. Therefore, in this area we have separated four courses, which work on different fronts, so that you can start to identify opportunities and, who knows, invest in this as your profession of the future.

    The chosen courses will help you not only to promote your business, if you choose to undertake, but also to train yourself for new areas of the job market that are little (or zero) covered in traditional courses.

    Change Your Routine Course

    Taught by Breno Marchesini, Mude Sua Rotina is a course focused on teaching how to create a digital business. According to the enrollment website, more than 15 people have already participated in the training. The course is focused on using the internet to create extra income, whether selling third-party or own products.

    Based on advertisements and sales strategies with automation tools, the course can help you identify points of improvement in the marketing of your business or in the dissemination of third-party business or in the provision of services.

    According to the author, the Change Your Routine course is focused on people who:

    • Want a source of Extra Income to reconcile with Work, Study or other activities;
    • Want to build a business to be your main source of income;
    • You want to work from your home or from anywhere, so you have more time to do the things you love and for your family.
    • Are you willing to work hard to change your life;
    • It is difficult to relocate professionally;
    • You are dissatisfied with your current job and are looking for new knowledge, new areas to work;
    • If you are looking for a way to make money on the Internet and you are not finding it.
    • Is willing to put into practice what is taught in the course to get results.

    To learn more about Change Your Routine Course, access the registration page and learn about the entire program.

    SEO for e-commerce

    There is no denying the growth and maturity of the e-commerce market in our country and in the world. More and more, people are turning to the internet to do their shopping. In addition to practicality and time savings, the convenience and ease of comparing prices favors growth and the preference for online shopping.

    The opportunities are huge, but with them comes competition. To stand out in this scenario, not only price is enough. First of all, you need to be found by potential customers. This is the time when search engine optimization, also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies are critical.

    To train professionals in this area, Mestre Academy launched the SEO course for e-commerce. Taught by Fabio Ricotta and Frank Marcel, two giants in the field, the course focuses on dealing with basic and advanced subjects for various audience profiles.

    From entrepreneurs and e-commerce owners, through managers and marketing professionals to programmers and designers. The course has a 30-day guarantee, if the student doesn't like what he sees in the classes, he can ask for his money back.

    To learn more and register for the Master Academy SEO course for e-commerce, visit the website and see everything you will learn.

    Online Business Formula

    The dream of having a business can be realized in a way that is little known to most people: being an affiliate. Having an online business as an affiliate is the great insight that Alex Vargas' Formula Business Online course will show.

    For years on the list of best-selling courses in the industry, this milestone shows that the teacher knows what they are doing and that their methods work, as their results are indisputable. Also, just follow Alex's social media to see the extremely positive feedback from his students. If you want to be an affiliate, FNO as it is known is one of the most complete courses.

    Being an affiliate is nothing more than promoting other people's products or courses and earning a commission on the sales you make. It's not something new in the market, but it can be a huge novelty for those who are looking to make their dream come true, have an extra income, without necessarily having to sell something of their own.

    The model is well established in the world, with large affiliate networks on Amazon and stores here as well. Platforms like Lomadee focus on selling physical products as an affiliate. Companies like Hotmart, on the other hand, focus on selling courses.

    Formula NegĂłcios Online addresses several issues related to the world of affiliates and Digital Marketing. With more than 100 thousand students, according to the registration website, there are 18 content modules. Not to mention the bonus content and other materials available.

    It's almost an MBA on how to have a digital business. In addition, the course has a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are interested in knowing more about making money online, being an affiliate is an excellent business model. Especially for those who don't want to show up, record videos and expose themselves. It is worth knowing the model and, who knows, venturing into it.

    Social Sell

    I could not fail to mention the Social Sell, in this selection of courses for professions of the future. Social Sell is our Social Media Marketing course taught by Camila Porto. Throughout the 3 fundamental modules of the course, you will understand how to use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger to attract, engage and convert followers into customers.

    Despite seeming short, the course content is focused on entrepreneurs who want to promote their businesses, whether they are physical businesses, those who sell products or provide services. In addition, it is an excellent course for anyone who wants to become a professional in the field of social media management or become a Digital Marketing professional.

    That's because, in Social Sell, you'll learn the exact strategy we use here to promote our business. This same strategy has already generated more than 13 million in sales and thousands of students since it began to be applied.

    In this course, you will learn from how to know your audience, what type of content to produce and how to use ads to promote any business using Social Media. Unlike Alex Vargas' and Mude Sua Routina's course, which is focused on being an affiliate, you will understand how to use Digital Marketing to promote your business or the company you work for or provide services for as a freelancer or agency.

    To learn about Social Sell and find out how you can too generate more sales using Social Media, visit this page and learn all about the course.

    Courses to train for new markets

    We have separated some courses that will help you to explore new areas of business. They were chosen for their market potential. They are not professional courses, but they will undoubtedly help you take your first steps.

    As stated above, growing or already consolidated markets are increasingly demanding trained professionals, and a quick and cheap course can help you get to know the career or market better and help you make a decision.

    Many people start college or graduate school and, only after a lot of time and money, do they discover that it wasn't what they needed or wanted. Courses like the ones listed here, don't cost a fortune, have a satisfaction guarantee and help you "get your foot in the water".

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