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    Free image bank: the best with free photos

    Free image bank: the best with free photos

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 14, 2022 | Content Marketing | 123

    If you don't know how to create images, get access to a Free image bank can be your greatest ally. Because those who run a business on Facebook, Instagram or another social network, always need to innovate their content, especially when we talk about photos.

    A free image bank is an amazing place to fill the lack of a paid image bank, which most of the time are not always accessible to those starting a business.

    But what exactly is a free image bank?

    Basically, a free stock photo is a royalty free stock photography website where you can download photos for your personal use and in your company's advertising.

    There are two types of image banks: those with free images and also those with paid images, where you need to buy the rights to use them. The same site may only offer one or both types.

    Let's talk about both in today's post.

    Why use free stock images?

    Nowadays you know that well-produced content on the internet is very important for the image of a brand. The phrase “Content is King” has never made so much sense, with the immense and competitive amount of information we have in the digital world.

    Interesting texts and captions, along with high quality images and videos are essential for anyone who wants to grow and invest in digital marketing.

    But, it is not always easy to create and make images for your website, blog and social networks. Even more so on occasions when you don't have a design or social media professional to help with this part.

    At other times, what can also be a problem is that there is no extra money to buy the copyright on ready-made images. That's why it's important to have access to a free image bank.

    What is the best free stock image?

    The answer is: it depends! It depends on what you need and the availability of photos from that free image bank. In this sense, it is recommended to have several options where to get free images.

    That's why we've created this list of the best free stock images for commercial use that you can use. They are photo sites and other resources that will help you make your content more beautiful and attractive to your customers.

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of free stock images are in English and we can't find many options for free stock images in Portuguese.

    So, before we list any free stock photos, we have two tips for you to get the best out of these stock photo sites:

    Use your browser's automatic translator to translate the free image bank into Portuguese;

    When searching a free image bank, use terms in English, as it will be much easier to find content options.

    Now, let's go to the list of the best free stock images:

    1. RawPixel

    For those looking for a photo website with a large amount of images and still in high quality, the best free image bank is RawPixel.

    The site has a community of professional photographers all over the world and to download the free images, just make a quick registration at the time of downloading. Upon completion of registration, you can download 8 images for free per day.

    For those who need a greater amount of images available, some sessions have photos that need to be purchased. But, at first, most are free images.

    1. Free Images

    With more than 350 photos, it is a free image bank that is growing every day, mainly due to the ease of access on the site, since it is not necessary to register to download the photos for free.

    At Free Images, it's easy to find what you're looking for. All images are separated by categories and you can search for images of what you need by “keyword”.

    The images on this site may be used for commercial, recreational or artistic purposes. If your goal is different, you might be better off looking for another image bank so you don't get in trouble.

    1. Free Pik

    Free Pik is a very practical free image bank that already has more than one and a half million free images and photographs.

    By clicking on an image, you can access the type of license and the origin of the image. So, just download and save the image you want, without having to register on the photo site.

    In addition to photographs, it also offers a bank of free vector images, for those who want to venture into graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator, for example.

    1. MorgueFile

    With a cleaner and more practical design, MorgueFile is a free image bank with great quality and, best of all, with lots of free photos!

    On this site, you can choose your favorite images from many different styles and download them without registration.

    It also has a search field to facilitate your search for the perfect image.

    1. Pixabay

    On Pixabay, you will find images, vectors, illustrations and even videos that you can use whenever and wherever you want, as it is a royalty-free image bank.

    There are more than 680 high quality images that you can search by: category, size, color and even page orientation (vertical or horizontal).

    1. RGBStock

    RGBStock was created by photographers and illustrators. It has a lot of high resolution photos.

    In it, it is also possible to search for images by “keywords” and also by categories. To download images for free, you need to make a quick registration in the free image bank.

    1. Flickr

    Did you know that many photographers share their work for free? Mainly on Flickr, which is the most traditional community of photographers today.

    That's why Flickr can become a powerful free image bank for you!

    Just do an advanced search with a filter to find only works with a Creative Commons license.

    Go here to do the advanced search. Remember to always search only for Creative Commons-licensed content.

    1. Dreamtime

    Dreamstime has a gallery with over 9 million photographs! It is the free image bank that has the highest number of daily hits. Most of their images are free, but you may also find some that need to be paid for.

    It is possible to find perfect images, both by the search engine and by the categories of the site. And to download the free images, just register in the free account.

    1. Free Digital Photos

    It is a website with completely copyright-free image galleries categorized with several different themes.

    Most of the images are produced by photographers, illustrators and designers. That's why the images are of high quality and the free image bank is great.

    1. Freerangestock

    To download free images from Freerangestock, you need to register on the site. The advantage of this free image bank is that the amount of images to download is unlimited, that is, you can download as many images as you want.

    For those who like agility to find images, it is a well-organized site with a very efficient search system.

    1. Pexels

    There are many amazing options for downloading images for free. And one of them is Pexels Images, a free image bank that does not require registration to use.

    The images are in high resolution and perfect for editing. And the site is all in Portuguese.

    1. Unsplash

    Unsplash is another free image bank with amazing photos for you to use on your website or in posts on Facebook and Instagram.

    The cool thing about it is that you can find many nature photographs. This is cool if you are going to assemble posts with motivational phrases for Instagram, for example.

    1. Stock Up

    Another photo site that does not require registration to be used for free.

    It works like a search engine: you search for the desired term and Stock Up brings up the result of thousands of free image banks. There is a plethora of beautiful and professional images to use.

    1. Adobe Stock

    Adobe recently released a free image bank with more than 70 files, a partnership between the company to help more than 40 artists with their projects over the next year.

    Adobe's free image bank has, in addition to photos, templates, vectors, and videos, all in high quality. Very worth checking out.

    But now, if you are wondering: is there any image bank of our countryman? The answer is: unfortunately not, which is a shame.

    Don't want photos from a free stock photo? Then check out this tip to buy images from paid stock images.

    Best paid stock photos

    If on the one hand a free image bank can help you, on the other hand it can also harm your work. As anyone can download these images for free, it is possible that many people use the same photos.

    This can prove to be a problem for your business, as multiple companies using the same free images can give a bad impression to customers.

    Also, free stock images don't always have high resolution images. Also several offer only limited versions of the files.

    For these reasons, we also brought in this post two options of paid image banks to help with your content and posts:

    1. Istock

    If you don't want to use a free stock image and want to invest in a paid stock image, our recommendation is iStock.

    iStock by Getty Images is one of the largest image banks in the world, so we couldn't fail to mention it.

    There are thousands of photos, illustrations and vectors for you to download and use in your content and advertisements. It is worth checking the plans and accessing the huge collection that the paid photo website has.

    1. canva

    Another company that provides paid images is Canva. One of the largest and most affordable image editing platforms, Canva is one of our free tools.

    On Canva, in addition to finding a bank of free images and ready-to-use templates for your social media posts, you'll find banners and a multitude of other materials.

    And, in addition, you also have the option to buy images of them at very affordable prices.

    Can I download images from Google?

    This is a question we get asked a few times, and the answer is no!

    Many people tend to search for images on Google to publish on their companies' social networks, thinking that because they are on the internet they can be copied and used by anyone.

    Learn more: Image rights on social networks

    Searching Google image and copying is a big mistake and doing so can bring several problems for you and your business.

    On Google, you can't tell if an image is copyright-free or if it's in the public domain, which can be quite a headache if it's protected by law.

    Another important point is that Google photos are usually not of good quality, which is not cool and can hurt your brand marketing.

    To avoid all these problems, using an image bank is essential, which is why we have brought you so many free and paid image bank options.

    Where to download free videos and music

    We hope you enjoyed today's free stock photo tips!

    Do you want access to a free video bank too? Check out our top free video banks that you can download content with professional refinements to use in your projects without spending anything!

    To further enrich your experience, also check out the top bank of free music to download and use in your posts.

    Now, just take advantage of the tips and use only high quality images in your business to catch the attention of many people.

    In addition to the free image bank, 10 other important tools for those who use social networks, and especially Instagram, I put in this post here.

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