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    Fox FRP: How to remove Google account and unlock cell phone

    Fox FRP: How to remove Google account and unlock cell phone

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 17, 2022 | Google |

    Do you know or have used the APK Foxy FRP? Many suffer problems to be able to remove their Google account from their smartphone or even unlock their cell phone with greater ease. There are a few tools that can help resolve these issues. And one of them is the Raposo FRP, which works only for devices with Android system.

    For those interested, we've separated the main points you need to know about this APK and how you can download it to your device.

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    What is Raposo FRP?

    Known for being one of the most useful APKs nowadays, Raposo FRP is used for those who want to unlock Android devices without having to use a Google account to do so.

    The application works exclusively on Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy and Motorola and is not available for smartphones with iOS systems.

    How to download and install Raposo FRP?

    Image: 4Connect

    At the end of this text, we separate all the links for you to download the Raposo FRP app. So, just go to the end and choose the correct option. For that, you need to authorize your smartphone to perform downloads from unknown sources, otherwise, the cell phone itself will block the installation.

    After downloading the APK, you will need to go to the files folder on your Android device, look for the “Downloads” folder and find the Raposo FRP installation file there. By clicking on the file, you can start installing the APK on your device to use it. 

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    How to unlock some of Android phones for Raposo FRP?

    As said, the APK only works on Android systems. Next, we show you how to use Raposo FRP on some devices to facilitate your learning process.

    1. Raposo FRP not J2 Prime

    To use Raposo FRP to unlock your J2 Prime device, you will need the FRP_BYPASS file for Android_6_GAM in the download options that we have separated below. After downloading and installing Raposo, you will need to open the app and, in the upper right corner, click on the three dots. 

    After doing this, go to the option “Login to the browser” and click “OK” to authorize the continuation of the process. Afterwards, your J2 Prime will be released to be used with any email address, whether your personal one or any other you have access to. 

    Hard Reset on Samsung M21s with Raposo FRP

    The process of performing a Hard Reset on your device, more specifically on the Samsung M21s, can be a little more bureaucratic, since for this you may need a USB cable to connect your cell phone to the computer. After doing this, go to the “Emergency Call” option with the cell phone locked. 

    On the same screen, press the “Power” and “Volume Down” button at the same time and wait until the screen goes completely dark. After that, press the “Power” button again, but this time press the “Volume Up” key at the same time and wait until the phone turns on again and the Android symbol appears on the screen. 

    After viewing the symbol, use the volume down button to scroll down until you find the “Data/Factory Reset” option. Confirm the alternative by clicking the Power button again. Again, scroll down with the volume down button and look for the option to “reset to factory settings”, and confirm on “Power” to finish. 

    If another option appears on the screen, confirm with the Power button on the first option. Afterwards, your phone will restart, this time with the original factory configuration, however, be aware that you will lose everything that was on the device. 

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    How to remove Google account on Samsung J5, J6 and J7 Prime with Raposo FRP?

    Now, we are going to teach you how to remove Google account and unlock Samsung J5, J6 and J7 Prime devices. For that, you need to go to the download links below and install the Setting.apk and FRB_Bypass files. Then, follow the steps described at the beginning of this text to install both applications. 

    After that, open the Setting app and go to the “Lock Screen” option, then select the “Security Settings” option. Then, to continue the process, you need to click on “Device Administrators”, disabling the “Find My Device” option. 

    Go back to the previous page, find the “Applications” option, opening the “Google Play Service” and disabling it so that the process can work. Returning once more, look for and enter the “Cloud of Accounts” alternative. Then go to accounts, click to add an account and go to “Google”.

    Then, you can finish the process by entering your personal email or any other you want, since your cell phone will already be unlocked. 

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    How to remove Google account from Motorola One with Raposo FRP?

    You can also unlock your Motorola One and we will teach you how to do that.

    Go to “Emergency Call” with the phone locked, then go to “Emergency Data”. Click once to select and twice to confirm the action. In the upper right corner, click on the pencil symbol on the screen, and then go to “Owner”. 

    Tap the profile picture and click to choose a picture, in the upper left corner you can open the menu. After that, click and hold on Google Photos or Google Drive. After that, you will need to enter permissions and the search option, symbolized by the magnifying glass, search for “Screen Fixation” and enter the option that appears. 

    You will check the option of “Enable” and “Unlock Devices on Unpin”. In the next step, you will be able to choose any pattern on the screen, also create a new password and confirm to continue moving forward.

    Once you're done, go back to your device's home lock screen, enter the password you set earlier and that's it, the Motorola One unlocking process is complete. 

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    How to remove Google account from Samsung Galaxy A20s with Raposo FRP?

    You can also remove Google account from your Samsung Galaxy A20s device and the process is even simpler than the ones mentioned above.

    First, you need to access your smartphone's settings, then go to the cloud and access the accounts option. There will be located all Google accounts registered on the device.

    Choose the one you want to remove and click on “Remove Account”. Confirm the action by clicking on “Remove Account” again and finish the process. 

    Is the Fox FRP legal?

    Before going through the Raposo FRP APK download links, we need to point out that this is not an illegal application, since it carries out the process on the cell phone itself and the responsibility is completely yours.

    However, there are cases where hackers use the means mentioned in this text to gain full access to devices and unlock them. 

    So, if you bought a stolen cell phone and intend to use the Raposo FRP APK, you could be committing at least two crimes. Possible crimes are:

    • Misappropriation,
    • Receipt of stolen goods;
    • Invasion of privacy.

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    Download updated Raposo FRP APKs

    Now, check out below all the download links for Raposo FRP and other applications mentioned in this text:

    Application – APKRaposo FRP TK
    Fox FRP.tkLink do Download
    Android_5_GAMLink do Download
    Android_6_GAMLink do Download
    Raposo FRP_BypassLink do Download
    FRP_Android_7Link do Download
    Fox Test_DPCLink do Download
    QuickShortCutmakerLink do Download
    Raposo Apex_LaucherLink do Download
    Settint.APKLink do Download

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