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    Fonts for Instagram: the best apps from different fonts

    Fonts for Instagram: the best apps from different fonts

    by Camila Porto | Feb 17, 2022 | Instagram |

    If you saw a bio or post full of different letters on Instagram and you were curious to know how to do the same, you are in the right place. Today I'm going to share several ways to use fonts for Instagram to make your content stand out. 

    Using different fonts on Instagram has become a craze. This is a simple way to differentiate your content, draw attention to a specific phrase or word on the social network. 

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    Fonts for Instagram: where to use?

    Instagram biography

    One of the most common places to see different fonts is in the Instagram bio, the famous Instagram bio. Using texts with different letters is very common in the profile bio. 

    Posts no feed do Instagram

    Another place you can use different Instagram fonts is in the description of your posts. With this, it is possible to highlight some words or make the text more cool. 

    from Instagram

    Another place you can use different fonts is in the comments. They are sure to attract a lot of attention. Of course, avoid abusing so you don't get too forced.

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    Your profile name

    Another place you can add different fonts is in your Instagram profile name. Many accounts use this feature to stand out when people search for a particular name. 

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    Fonts for Instagram: the best apps from different fonts

    If you want to stand out and create a bio, profile, name or comments using Instagram fonts that stand out, there are many ways and websites to do that. Here are the best font generators for Instagram to use on PC, Android or iOS.

    Piliapp (for desktop) 

    This is a site with lots of cool resources to use on social media. But, if you want to use different fonts on your Instagram, it has a feature focused on that. Instagram Fonts, as the name says, allows you to create, copy and paste various font options according to the catalog. 

    Here are some examples of fonts that the site offers:

    ???????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????????

    Ǝxǝɯd ן os pɟ ɟouʇǝs dɐɹɐ Iusʇɐƃɹɐɯ

    E҈̥̭͛͐̎x̸̟͍͛̿̏̿e҈̱̩̜̖̭͐̎̒̏m҈̫̰̠̑̽̋̌p̵͎̬͆̈́̆̏l҈̲̮͒̍͆͑́o̴͍̫͔̮̅̍͐̄s̴̯̤̘̿̂ d҉͈̳̿͂̉̓́ĕ̵̳͎͉͗ f̶̗̬͉̾̾͐o҈̳̖̥̄̓ṇ̸̞̃͊t̷̬͙͕̘̩̑͌̑ĕ̶͎̥̿̽̊s҉̰͎̟͊̇̋̆͛ p̷̗̯̬̪̮͌̈́̌͐̾a̸͍̪͍̒̋̈́̎͋r̴͖͎͗̇̂ȁ̸͙̗̣̏̀̀̒ I̴͉̜͖͚͑͋̔n̵͕͎͉͒̄s҉̮̥̀̊̋̾̓ț̸̤̯́̑̔ã̷̰̖̪͛ĝ̴͈̞̏̂̉̉r҈͔̞͑́a҉̙͍̠̣̈͋́̓͑m̶͚̠̤͚̳̋͌̅

    E͟͞x͟͞e͟͞m͟͞p͟͞l͟͞o͟͞s͟͞ ͟͞d͟͞e͟͞ ͟͞f͟͞o͟͞n͟͞t͟͞e͟͞s͟͞ ͟͞p͟͞a͟͞r͟͞a͟͞ ͟͞I͟͞n͟͞s͟͞t͟͞a͟͞g͟͞r͟͞a͟͞m͟͞.

    ???????? ?? ?????? ???? ?????????

    Lingojam (for desktop) 

    This site allows you to do the same thing as Piliapp. The difference is that with it, you can create your own fonts. You can choose a font for each letter, use emojis and much more. It is worth knowing and unleashing creativity with the tool. 

    Cool Fonts For Instagram (para Android) 

    The Android app is one of the most used to customize your fonts on Instagram. In addition to changing fonts, you can change colors, use emojis and much more. It also has support to use in other social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, for example.

    Fonts – for Instagram Pr‪o‬ (para iOS) 

    If you use iPhone or other device, Fonts is one of the most recommended apps to change Instagram font. It doesn't differ much from other services, given that the fonts used by everyone, whether apps or websites, are almost the same. But, it is a good option if you want to have an application always at hand.

    Cool Fonts (para Android e iOS)  

    Another app, but that has versions for Android and iOS, is Cool Fonts. He doesn't have big differences. Here, it is worth testing and downloading to see which of the options you like the most and offers more alternatives for your text to have a different font on Instagram or other social networks. 

    Fonts for Instagram and accessibility care

    When using some fonts for Instagram, it is important to remember that they may cause accessibility issues for some users. Those who use a screen reader, for example, are not always able to interpret the characters. 

    So if you choose to use a distinctive unicode font (this also goes for emojis) on Instagram or another channel, consider adding some elements to make sure your post can be read in some way by accessibility tools. 

    How to make your content more accessible using different fonts on Instagram?

    A simple way is to use a description of your post in normal characters. After using the different characters, write the same thing below with the classic Instagram font. Thus, those who have difficulty reading the content with a different letter, will be able to access the information without many problems. 

    Fonts for Instagram: How to customize your profile

    If you like the idea of ​​adding different fonts to your Instagram, check out the steps to add them to your bio. Remembering that fonts for Instagram can also be used on other channels. 

    Step 1. Choose one of the tools listed above to generate the words or phrases with the fonts for Instagram you want. Here in the tutorial, I will use Piliapp. 

    Step 2. Type the text you want to use. Avoid using words with accents. Not all fonts support accents and may not be able to apply the correct style. 

    Step 3. If you are going to add the font in your name or bio, go to your Instagram account and go to "Edit Profile".

    Step 4. Paste the text copied from the font generator for Instagram and save.

    To use in other places like comments, IGTV, just follow the steps of writing in the font generator and paste wherever you want. 

    Fonts for Instagram: Best practices to use

    You must have liked the possibility of using fonts for Instagram and highlighting your content. But, it's always good to avoid exaggeration in everything. That's because if you use too much, the effect can be the opposite. Instead of attracting attention, you can come across as exaggerated. 

    So, check out some tips to use Instagram fonts in the best way possible.

    1. remember the look

    Choose your fonts carefully. Avoid fonts that are difficult to read or have too many elements. Especially if you are going to use them in your Profile or Bio name. These are important places, especially if you have a business. 

    1. Use with moderation

    Everything that is too much is not cool. It's not because you can use dozens of fonts that you should. Abusing here can pass an image of spammer, which is not interesting anywhere. Use fonts strategically, to highlight something really important.

    1. be consistent

    It's cool that you create a connection with your brand or what you want to convey with your profile. Therefore, study which fonts can help to better represent your business. For example, fonts without much detail help to give your business a clean, modern look, for example. 

    Fonts for Stories on Instagram

    If you use Instagram Stories, you know that within the app there are several new sources. Instagram constantly adds new fonts and features to your text. But, there aren't many native ways to use different fonts in Stories. 



    *We’re testing this with a small percentage of people. Stay tuned for updates. ✨

    — Instagram (@instagram) April 29, 2022

    Some ways to use different fonts in your stories is with the help of tools that allow you to create and post personalized content. A tool that helps a lot to customize your Stories is Canva.

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    You can create your story with many different sources using Canva. There are lots and lots of ways to use fonts for Instagram Stories with Canva. 

    Another way to use different fonts in Instagram Stories is via ready-made templates. There are several websites that offer these templates for Instagram Stories. Just customize and post. Here on the site we have a very cool article on this subject.

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    Conclusion: Fonts for Instagram and the best apps of different fonts

    Today you learned about several ways to use fonts for Instagram on your profile, in your bio, in comments and even on IGTV. There are several websites that offer these fonts. Here, I tried to summarize and bring the ones we use the most around here. If you have more tips on how to use Instagram fonts from different tools or apps, let us know in the comments. 

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