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    Financial planner: 9 templates to copy and organize finances

    Financial planner: 9 templates to copy and organize finances

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 25, 2022 | Technology |

    Are you in need of greater control over your money, income and the way you spend it?

    So the best thing you can do is start using a financial planner. With it, you can organize amounts to pay bills, spend on travel, achieve some goal, purchases of the week and etc. 

    There are several financial planner models and you need to find the one that best fits not only you, but also your needs.

    With that in mind, we've separated some tips for you to use in your planner and some templates you can try. 

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    Tips for using a financial planner

    To achieve your goals and effectively keep track of your money, you need to know how to get the most out of your financial planner.

    To be able to do this in the best way possible, we advise you to follow these tips: 

    • Have plans and goals that are realistic and not just distant dreams: it's no use wanting to organize your money and have a goal of making a million, if you spend everything you earn in the month. So this kind of goal can be something long term. To get the most out of your financial planner, start with a short-term goal like: saving a not-so-large amount, getting the value of a trip, buying something you need, doing a house renovation or something like that;
    • Put absolutely all your expenses on the financial planner, without exceptions: if you use a certain amount, whether to pay a bill or buy a candy, write it down in your planner. This will make you have full control of your spending and know where and how you are spending your money;
    • Always have the financial planner at your fingertips: to avoid forgetting when writing down your expenses, always try to keep the planner within reach: in your purse, backpack, briefcase or in an extremely visible place in your home;
    • Review your spending periodically, as it is important to have this habit: set periods to review your spending, either once a week or once a month, inform how much you earn and how much you spend. From this, you can analyze where it is most viable to reduce expenses to save.

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    Online financial planner: The best free templates

    Now that you know the main tips to make the most of your financial planner, here are some of the top completely free templates that you can use according to your goals:

    1. Basic financial planner

    Image: Creature

    Our first model indication is the basic financial planner, a great option because it contains areas for you to detail your financial habits, goals, how much you earn and how much you spend.

    The basic principle is that you will fill out one sheet per month, tracking how much was your initial balance and how much is left over at the end of the month.

    The planner is free and can be downloaded from Portal Criatilha. We leave the first month template above for you to check out. 

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    2. Financial planner for control

    Image: Across the Line

    If you only want to focus on financial control, then this financial plan option that we are going to indicate may be the best alternative.

    It allows you to organize and have greater control of your day-to-day expenses, from detailing the value of the bread you bought or the movie ticket, for example. 

    Another option it offers is to detail the money you receive, with five columns organized with: date, description, entry, exit and “paid with…”.

    This is a downloadable planner through Portal Via da Linha.

    3. Clean financial planner

    Image: Finally Solved

    If you are after a more “clean” and charming look, this financial planner is what you should use. The goal is as simple as possible: to help you save money knowing exactly what you're spending on.

    The planner contains columns for you to write down fixed bills, such as rent, telephone, internet and others.

    But you'll also have space to write down the extra bills, even specify how many times you've paid in installments and when the installments will expire.

    For even more detail, you can add interest if you have it.

    This is a planner that can be downloaded from the Anyway Solved Portal.

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    4. Delicate financial planner

    Image: Creative Chamomile

    With a very cute layout, this financial planner offers spaces for you to write down the dates and amounts of your expenses and earnings during the week.

    With very soft colors, it has some embellishments to not make the task of organizing financially so boring.

    This permanent financial planner is offered by the Camomila Criativa Portal.

    5. Complete financial planner template

    Image: Mariana Minari TV

    One of the most complete planner options available, this model offers its own area for you to specify your goals, fixed earnings, other earnings, purchases, varied notes and even the “escapes”, those expenses you weren't expecting.

    With a very interesting color palette, this planner belongs to the Mariana Minari TV website.

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    6. Monthly and annual financial planner

    Image: Paper Rings

    A more complete financial planner option, where you can organize and control your money for months and also for the year, this template is a great option.

    Each month, you can enter the amount you earned, the amount you spent and investments so that at the end of the year you know when you spent the most and make a permanent comparison of that year.

    The Paper Rings blog offers this planner for you to have access to.

    7. Financial planner for daily planning

    Image: Victoria Brito

    If you want to organize and control your money more thoroughly and control your spending per day, then this daily planner is the best option.

    It has spaces and special pages where you can enter your finances, monthly, weekly and daily planning.

    The financial planner is offered by the Victoria Brito Portal.

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    8. Simple financial planner

    Image: Gaby Ferreira

    The basics often work better than other options. So having a simpler financial plan can be a good idea.

    You will have the spaces intended to write down miscellaneous and fixed expenses, in addition to specifying the amount of money you receive.

    The details and color palette make the task of organizing your finances more interesting. 

    Made available by the Meg Meg Portal, you need to access the website and then tap on “I want” to fill in your information and finalize the order.

    The process works as a kind of purchase in a digital store. However, no amount is charged, even if you need to inform your data to simulate the purchase.

    9. Financial planner to achieve your goals

    Imagem: Meg Meg

    Developed by Gaby Ferreira, this is a financial planner for those people who want to focus on achieving their goals.

    That way, you can organize what amount you need and how much you should save per month to get there. 

    The planner is sent to your Facebook via chat. Just request yours.

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