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    Fake Video Calling Apps

    Download a fake video call app to make fun of friends and even make your boyfriend or girlfriend jealous! Fake calling apps will surprise you by simulating the image of a real person on the other side of the screen talking to you. It doesn't even seem true, does it? Download the apps to take the test!


    • FakeV – Funny joke
    • Fake Video Call : Girlfriend
    • FakeTime for Messenger
    • Fake Ronaldo Video Call
    • Fake video call – FakeTime

    FakeV – Funny joke

    To make a funny joke with friends, create a custom fake screenshot even without receiving a real video call. Simple to use, just select the images, enter the data (name, call duration) and create your fake image. If you want, you can also change the image quality to make the conversation more real and even put fake notification in the status bar.

    FakeV – Funny joke is available for:


    Fake Video Call : Girlfriend

    From the name of the app, you can already tell that it is exactly for you to pretend that your imaginary girlfriend is calling you. Fun, huh? It's worth testing!

    Fake Video Call : Girlfriend is available for:

    Android IOS

    FakeTime for Messenger

    With pre-loaded prank call scenarios you show your face using the front and back screen. There's a call with Santa, horror scenery, handsome guy saying hi and much more! You can edit the fake caller's name, number, video and photo too.

    FakeTime for Messenger is available for:


    Fake Ronaldo Video Call

    To joke with friends and simulate a conversation with the football star, the CR7! Easy to use, you schedule the call and can simulate the fake video screen with your real screen, or with video from your gallery. You choose! You can also edit the name of the caller and put a nickname, to make the conversation even more real.

    Fake Ronaldo Video Call is available for:


    Fake video call – FakeTime

    Exclusive to Android, the app is ideal for making tougher pranks, as it even has images of people crying blood. Will you face it? The platform allows you to simulate a video call, programming the receipt of a call. Downloading is free!

    Fake video call – FakeTime is available for:


    Download and start testing now on your mobile. Fun will be guaranteed!

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