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    Facebook Photo Theme: 7 quick creation steps

    Facebook Photo Theme: 7 quick creation steps

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 15, 2022 | Facebook | 104

    Have you ever wondered: how do I create a campaign where my fans can add a new facebook photo theme?

    Facebook photo theme: what is it

    Surely, you must have seen a lot of people supporting a cause or event on Facebook using this feature. The idea of ​​the theme is for people to be able to apply a theme as a frame to their profile pictures.

    That way, they keep a personalized avatar for as long as they want.

    There are two ways to create these themes. The first is by Facebook itself, but it can take up to a week to be approved. The second is available instantly and is simpler, using the Twibbon website.

    Know that you can also create a custom theme for your business. Today we are going to teach you how to create a frame on Facebook.


    Frame Studio Facebook

    Facebook offers the Camera Effects Platform. With it, you can create animations and stickers for other people to use on Facebook and Instagram.

    You know when you visit a place and, when you make an Instagram story, you find a personalized sticker with that place? So this feature is done with this tool.

    To create a theme using this tool:

    Step 1. Access the Camera Effects Platform website;

    Step 2. Please click create a theme or in Open Frame Studio in the upper right corner of the screen. The following screen will appear;

    Step 3. Please click Upload art;

    Step 4. Upload the image. This file must be in PNG format with transparency;

    Step 5. Please click Advance. Edit theme details such as name, owner, schedule and keywords;

    Step 6. Please click Advance to preview the theme;

    Step 7. If everything is ok, click Send to send the image for Facebook approval.

    You can follow the Facebook analysis within the tool itself. In the top menu, you will find the option shipping status for approval follow-up.

    Camera Effects Platform lets you upload simple creations or more advanced templates. But basically, they're all a PNG file with the artwork and the rest of the image with transparency, okay?


    For this walkthrough, we are going to use the Twibbon tool. This is an online service that allows you to create a Facebook profile picture theme for free.

    To create the Facebook profile picture theme:

    Step 1. Go to Twibbon and login. It can be with your Twitter account or Facebook itself;

    Step 2. Click on the green button Start a Campaign at the top of the screen. Fill in the details of your campaign, with name and description;

    Step 3.  Click on the button I’m Happy. Continue if everything is filled in correctly;

    Step 4. On the next screen, choose the theme image to send. This image must be in PNG or GIF format and be 400 x 400 pixels. The area that does not refer to the theme must be transparent;

    Step 5. See the preview of the Facebook profile picture theme. If everything is ok, click I’m Happy, Continue!;

    Step 6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click No, thanks, just a free Campaign. This is to continue using the free version of Twibbon;

    Step 7.  Edit the categories of your Facebook profile picture theme which suits you best. Click on the view tab to see the theme page.

    It is in this same URL, in the View tab, that you can see what you will share with your followers. Then they will be able to apply the theme to a photo on their profile.

    Your fan needs to log in to Twibbon to proceed with the theme application. Your follower can choose to change their Twitter or Facebook photo.

    Now, just go ahead with the Facebook photo theme application that you created especially for your business.

    Creating a Facebook profile picture theme is a great way to engage followers with your brand. By applying the theme, you can know if your fan is interested in you and a cause you support.

    Personalize sua Fanpage

    Using themes in your Facebook photo is just one of the options to engage your audience. The social network has been receiving more and more resources to help companies publicize their business.

    You can even customize your Facebook page so that it looks more and more like your business. Just customize your fanpage through the available models that vary according to the characteristics of each segment.

    Does your business already have a Facebook page? Tell us in the comments what improvements you've already made to your fanpage.

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