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    Facebook Lite: What is it and how to enter?

    Facebook Lite: What is it and how to enter?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 7, 2022 | Facebook |

    Although Facebook is still a popular social network around the world, it is a fact that its app takes up a lot of space on the mobile phone. Furthermore, if you want to use chat and exchange messages on your smartphone, you need to have a second application called Messenger, which gives you access to Facebook chat and allows you to post stories, for example.

    Well, not all cell phones have enough storage space as a lot of space is required. But there is a solution to this, if you suffer from this problem, meet Facebook Lite, the version that takes up less storage space.

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    What is Facebook Lite?

    Facebook Lite was created by the Facebook company itself thinking about those who want more space on their smartphones and speed on the social network. According to information from Facebook itself, Lite also consumes less data, even working with 2G data networks. And in case you suffer from unstable and slow internet, Lite can also run in this scenario. What's more, visually it has a simpler design compared to the original.

    However, it is worth noting that Facebook Lite contains only the basic features of the social network, which should be enough if you only use the network to view some posts, post, publish stories and exchange messages, for example. The minimum Android resource to have the app is Android 4 or iOS 9.0, thus being compatible with older phones. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store.

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    What are the differences between Lite and Facebook?

    Now that you know what Facebook Lite is, check out the main differences between this app and the original one:


    As said before, Facebook Lite was designed to take up less space and be more practical and faster. As a result, it ends up having fewer resources than Facebook. However, the main features are still available, such as accessing friends' feed and making posts, for example. What's more, Facebook Lite's layout turns out to be much more basic compared to the original app. But this turns out to be necessary so that accessibility and low throughput are maintained.

    While the original social network requires that extra apps like Messenger be installed to have functions like messaging and stories, Facebook Lite doesn't need that and already offers these options in the app itself. However, Lite does not allow you to use features like “Marketplace” or “Places”. After recent updates, Facebook Lite also allows live streams, even if limited. You can't use filters and add a location, for example.

    What can you do on Facebook Lite?

    • Receive notifications such as likes and comments on your posts;
    • You can use chat and send group messages without Messenger will also be possible;
    • Share videos, photos and posts including locations, feelings and activities;
    • Check your friends' feed;
    • Sell ​​and buy on Facebook Marketplace, locally;
    • Publish to pages as the administrator;
    • Express using reactions;
    • View and publish Stories without app restrictions;
    • Publish in groups;
    • Edit cards for the posters with the colored background;
    • Search by post, group, people or pages;
    • You will be able to view and publish your Stories without any application restrictions;
    • Post and answer questions in your personal profile;
    • Insert ads on Facebook pages;
    • View saved links and memories from “On This Day”;
    • Poke, remove and add friends, put them into snooze and etc;
    • Even with limitations, you can stream live videos;

    What can't you do on Facebook Lite?

    • Expect the same design as the original social network, as it's much simpler in Lite;
    • Make advanced edits to posts with photos;
    • Use polls in your posts with multiple response options;
    • Use bot features, in-app purchases and games;


    For starters, as it is a smaller application, the download time on your device will also be much lower. And if you suffer from a lack of space on your smartphone, but you still want to have access to Facebook, then Facebook Lite is perfect for you. While the original app takes up around 158MB on installation alone, the Lite takes up around 2,3MB and works on older devices as well.

    Taking into account usage time and Cache (temporary storage), Facebook can take up about 1 GB of space, while Lite, even taking all this into account, takes up about 30 MB of space on your device. .

    Mobile Data

    If you use your mobile data network to access Facebook, you don't have to worry so much about consumption, which can be quite high. With Facebook Lite data usage takes a back seat along with updates. But if you still want to reduce your data consumption further, there is a way.

    To make these changes, just open Facebook Lite and go to the menu and look for the “Data Usage” option. After that, enable the “Data Saver” function. The app also allows you to check the amount of data spent previously and you can choose the time interval to view consumption, whether 90 days, a month or a week.

    Processing and performance

    Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of Facebook Lite is that it was developed to work using less RAM memory. Thus, those who have an older or limited device, with less powerful processing, can use the app without much difficulty. The overall performance of the device can also improve, as Facebook Lite will not require much to work on the device and will also end up consuming less battery.

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    What is Facebook Messenger Lite?

    Just as Facebook Lite is a lighter version of Facebook, Facebook Messenger Lite is a variation of the social network's messaging app, Messenger. It is available for download on Android devices from the Play Store. As expected, the space occupied by the application in the download is only 10 MB, which can be ideal for users who suffer from slow internet problems, interference or an old phone that tends to run out of space, for example.

    What's more, Facebook Messenger Lite requires much less processing power from your mobile device. With this, he ends up demanding less from his smartphone that contains input hardware, for example.

    The app only contains the basic functions of Messenger, and you don't need to have a Facebook account to use it. According to its description on the Google Play Store, with the app you can:

    • Chat with people using Facebook Lite, Facebook or Messenger.
    • Check the status of each to see if they are online.
    • Chat either individually or in groups.
    • Use gifs, stickers, emojis or send photos and links.
    • Using the Wi-Fi network, you can make voice or video calls for free, unless the Wi-Fi is turned off, which may incur a charge for your mobile data.

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    Sign in on Facebook Lite

    To access Facebook Lite, it is quite simple. You can use your own original Facebook account, or if you don't have one, create an account from scratch. Just follow the steps:

    Step 1. Go to your device's virtual app store and search for “Facebook Lite”.

    Step 2. Click on “Install” for the app to be downloaded on your smartphone.

    Step 3. Open the app and enter your email or phone number and password to login.

    Step 4. If you don't have an account, just click on the green button that says “Create new account” and enter the requested data to continue with the login.

    Ready, access is identical to the original Facebook, just make good use of the social network without worrying about space on your device or data consumption.

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