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    Etus or Mlabs? Know the differences and how to choose the best one

    Etus or Mlabs? Know the differences and how to choose the best one

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 1, 2022 | Social Networks |

    When hiring a platform to manage your social networks, Etus ou Mlabs always leave companies and entrepreneurs in doubt.

    The indecision is justified because the two alternatives are quite similar. However, each one has its particularities. 

    With that in mind, we will explain the features of each one, the value of the plans, the reputation of the companies in the market, among other issues that you need to know to make a more assertive decision.

    Continue reading this post and find out which is the best alternative: Etus or Mlabs. 

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    Etus or Mlabs: What are the best features?

    One of the ways to find out which is the best Etus or Mlabs option is by analyzing the features of each tool.

    To help you with this step, we are going to show you the benefits of each one. Follow up!


    One of the main advantages of Etus is that the platform allows you to schedule your posts on various social networks, such as: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google Meu Negócios. 

    At Etus, you have the possibility to schedule the publication for different profiles/clients, ensuring more practicality for franchises or chain stores.

    Another positive point is that the user can publish in different file formats: jpg, png, videos, gifs and 360º images.

    We know that each social network has a language style. Therefore, Etus allows the customer to modify the caption of the post according to the form of communication of each platform. This makes it easier for your followers to understand the message. 

    You can also configure various features such as: boost, shortener, repost, location, first comment, among others. To complete, it is possible to schedule the same publication for different dates and times. 

    Mlabs has scheduling on the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Meu Negócios.

    If the focus of your marketing strategy is on Instagram, for example, you have access to several features, such as: scheduling posts in both video and image formats. 

    It is also possible to set up an official subscription for your publications; establish a default location, build hashtag groups and customize captions with emojis, links, among other features. 

    Time optimization is also quite visible on Facebook. In this social network, you can schedule publications in video, images or 360º photo.

    The tool also lets you schedule photo album posts, create hashtag groups, and customize captions.

    At Mlabs, you can also create independent subtitles according to each social network and run multiple schedules.


    It doesn't matter if you prefer Etus or Mlabs. Both platforms offer the possibility for users to boost their company's contents in the tool itself, guaranteeing more time and efficiency for their daily tasks. 

    message integration 

    Gone are the days when it was necessary to go from social network to social network to respond to user interactions. Etus and Mlabs offer a feature that integrates all messages in one place. 

    However, each has its own characteristics. At Etus, it is possible to access messages from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    At Mlabs, there are interactions from Facebook, Instagram and Google reviews. Therefore, evaluate which social networks are most used in your business, before choosing the option that best suits your needs. 


    A good social media strategy is one that uses data as the basis for its actions. Through the numbers, you can understand which are those points that had positive effects and which are those that need to be adjusted or eliminated in the coming months. 

    At Etus, the user can monitor the most important metrics from Instagram, Facebook, Facebook ADS, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Leads.

    They show you which posts are the best, the reach and views of each post, and the engagement of each post. 

    You can also follow your competitors on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Thus, your team can understand how each page is performing on social networks. 

    With Mlabs, you have access to a personalized report with great graphics from Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Analytics and Google My Business.

    It's a great opportunity to track your LinkedIn followers and monitor the Company Page's development.

    When deciding between Etus or Mlabs, choose the alternative that contains more complete and practical reports for your routine.


    It's a workflow where you and your customers can add demands, forward management tasks to those responsible for creating them, and then for customer approval.

    Generally, it is easy to use, allows you to manage time, offers a good system of interaction, approval for companies and consumers, and much more. 

    The positive side is that both platforms contain this functionality. 

    Lead Capture

    Lead generation is one of the main challenges for companies.

    To help you in this mission, Mlabs allows you to add a lead capture form to your pages.

    Etus also guarantees practicality to create landing pages, pop-ups and forms. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the Etus lead capture tool is integrated with RD Station. In this way, leads are automatically captured on your platform to work with an email automation flow with organization and efficiency. 

    Extra Features 

    To surprise customers, Etus allows you to analyze your website, blog, e-commerce and also your profile on Instagram.

    It even contains automatic watermark; seasonal calendar and the ability to view Trending Topics without leaving the screen. 

    The Text Overlay functionality is another interesting feature of the platform. You don't need to open another tab to test your image's text percentage before it's shared with others. 

    With this analysis, you are more likely to reach your audience on social media. The media library and unlimited users are also other differentiators.

    Mlabs, on the other hand, does not offer so many extra features for users. 

    Etus or Mlabs: Which is more economical?  

    Etus offers three types of plans for customers: monthly, half-yearly and annual. 

    • Monthly: Post scheduling plan – R$9,90; complete plan – R$18,90;
    • Semestral: Post scheduling plan – R$8,84; complete plan – R$16,87;
    • Annual: post scheduling plan – R$7,80; complete plan – R$14,88. 

    The complete list of services available in each plan can be accessed on the company's website. 

    The Mlabs plans also offer three options for customers: monthly, semi-annual and annual. 

    • Monthly: basic – R$7,90; professional – R$29,90;
    • Quarterly: basic – R$7,32; professional – R$25,64;
    • Annual: basic – R$5,90; professional – R$12,90. 

    Before choosing the Etus or Mlabs plan, check which alternatives correspond to your business needs.

    Then, analyze the options that don't hurt your financial budget. Otherwise, you may have problems in the future. 

    Etus or Mlabs: which company has the best rating on Reclame Aqui? 

    The Reclame Aqui website is a great option to identify a company's reputation in the market. It can also help you define which is the best alternative on the market: Etus or Mlabs. 

    In July 2022, Etus recorded 6.9 out of 10, which is considered a regular review by the page. She has already had 54 complaints on the platform and answered all questions, which proves the special care taken with the relationship with the consumer. 

    The evaluation of Mlabs in Reclame Aqui is better compared to Etus. On the platform, the company achieved 7.1 out of 10, which is considered a good score, according to the page. The company also has the habit of responding to all complaints on the platform. 

    Etus or Mlabs? Conclusion

    We know that choosing the right tool for your profile is not an easy task. Also, we don't want to indicate an option for your routine, as your brand has its own needs.

    Therefore, to choose between Etus or Mlabs, we suggest carefully reviewing all the information that has been mentioned above.

    Also, an interesting tip is to test both digital marketing tools. They offer a free trial for users. Thus, it will be easier to choose the best option: Etus or Mlabs.

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