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    Elizabeth Olsen takes on the infinite Burn Gauntlet in the latest episode of Hot Ones

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    Regular celebrity interviews are boring, but interviews where the rich and famous have to endure the scorching heat of a chicken wing smothered in hot sauce? Now that's entertainment and the culinary torture that WandaVision actress Elizabeth Olsen endured during the latest episode of the Hot Ones.

    Back in an in-person setting and with socially distant tables between Olsen and presenter Sean Evans, the actress spoke about her work in theater, indies like Wind River and Ingrid Goes West, and the definition of “Stan”. How did Olsen handle the chicken wings topped with everything from a mild classic hot sauce to the infamous celebrity buster Da Bomb?

    You can see for yourself in the video below.

    One of the interesting things that Olsen talked about was WandaVision's Easter eggs, which were not lacking in the series. An interesting nod to Wanda Maximoff's comic book history? A bottle of wine from the first episode, with a French label that translated to "House of M" in English. Comic book fans will know how monumental that limited series was in boosting Wanda's profile at the time, but for the series, it was just one of many nods to the source material.

    Although WandaVision came to an end earlier this year, it was followed by Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Loki. Disney+'s latest series once again features Tom Hiddleston as the gender-fluid god of mischief. If you're looking to see what the rogue is up to, make sure you're ready with our Loki How to Watch guide.

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