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    eGirl, Soft Girl and VSCO Girl: what each style means

    eGirl, Soft Girl and VSCO Girl. Those who use the TikTok and Instagram apps have probably heard about these terms. They refer to lifestyles, clothing and makeup that make users stand out in their social media posts.

    Each of them has its own aesthetic, behavioral, makeup, musical and consumer preferences.

    has prepared a guide so you don't miss out on trends!


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    A post shared by Julia 🌸 [ Cosplay ] (@juliamonnerat_) on May 12, 2022 at 5:09pm PDT

    The term eGirl is a shortened version of the expression electronic girl or electronic girl, in free translation. The hashtag #egirl boasts an astonishing 1,5 billion+ appearances on TikTok and over 675 on Instagram.

    It can be considered as a kind of opposite of Soft Girls. The style includes gothic make-up and punk rock-inspired clothing.

    According to news website StayHipp, the look also includes bold blush on the nose and cheeks. Under the eyes, they also draw hearts, fake sardines or spots.

    Another feature is the very striking eyes, with lines made with eyeliner. The hair can be colored all over or with some pink, blue or other fun colors.

    Nose rings and septum piercing are also present. High-waisted skirts and band tees as well as long-sleeved striped blouses can complete the look.

    Videos of eGirls on Tik Tok

    With more than 1,5 billion associated hashtags, you can imagine the content related to the topic being quite varied. But there are two models that have gone viral and are copied by millions of users of the social network.

    The so-called eGirl factory (eGirl factory) or movies in which they take a eGirl juice (eGirl juice) follow the same line. In them, an ordinary person is transformed into a girl who follows the style. Often the characters are mothers, grandmothers or boys.

    Already #wannabechallenge brings the girls dancing to a cover of the song Wannabe, by the British group Spice Girls. Most of the time, users seek to perfectly reproduce the movements created by choreographer Kyle Hanagami.

    TikTok egirl compilation. That what we need

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    What are eGirls' interests?

    Until recently, the term eGirl was used pejoratively, to define girls who played games as a way to get the attention of boys.

    With the popularization brought with TikTok, the expression lost its sexist and misogynistic connotation. Unfortunately, however, it can still be associated like that by some.

    According to The Independent, it's not easy to define who is an eGirl. In fact, what is expected is that the person himself has the freedom to consider himself or herself as such.

    Generally speaking, her tastes are associated with video games, memes and anime, as well as her colored hair and characteristic makeup. In terms of music, they tend to prefer a more melancholic rock, like those of artists Billie Eilish and Twenty One Pilots.

    Soft Girls

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    A post shared by Sarah 💗🎀 (@ohsokawaiixoxo) on May 25, 2022 at 3:43pm PDT

    Aesthetics Soft Girl is the cutest, sweetest and most delicate of the three on this list. On Instagram, more than 136 publications use the hashtag #softgirl, while on TikTok, the platform on which it is really popular, there are more than 188 million posts.

    According to Urban Dictionary, girls who identify with the style often love hair clips and headbands and the peach color. Hearts under the eyes and sardines are also used, as are cloud paintings on the cheeks.

    The makeup brings a strong and well-marked blush on the temples and nose. The illuminator usually finishes off the production, usually in white, pink or peach. The glow needs to be there.

    Pastel tones dominate the photos, clothes and accessories. These girls' wardrobes are comprised of sneaker skirts, cute themed blouses and skinny jeans.

    Soft Girls Videos on TikTok

    One of the most popular videos related to the topic are the ones where users transform from eGirls to Soft Girls, showing the change in style. The movies start with the tiktokers with dark, somber makeup and clothes and closed expressions.

    After a leap comes the transformation. Colors appear in pastel tones, lighter makeup and a shy smile on her face.

    Another trend related to the term is the #softgirlchallenge challenge. In it, the girls show how to make makeup abusing the shades of pink and peach to reach the desired cute look.

    What are soft girls' interests?

    According to the website MadMoiZelle, Soft Girls tend to like stuffed animals, clothes and accessories in leather and velvet and sequins. Wider pieces are an option, as are patterned-themed socks and heavier sneakers like the Disruptor da Fila.

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    A post shared by @__lil_zi__ on Sep 22, 2022 at 8:15am PDT

    What is TikTok: all about the world's most downloaded video app!

    Interestingly, the musical style may have something to do with its opposite version, e-Girls. Singer Billie Eilish tops this crowd's list of favorites, along with Lana Del Rey and rapper A$AP Rocky.

    Soft boy e Soft Szn

    These two terms are also related to the aesthetic used by Soft girls. The expression #Softszn appeared on TikTok and comes from Soft season, which means light season, in free translation.

    It started with tiktoker makeover videos, which range from tough to cute. That is, from eGirls and eBoys to Soft Girls or Soft Boys. Speaking of Soft Boys, more than an aesthetic style, the contents produced have been used to address the issue of toxic masculinity.

    The virtual metamorphosis opens a gap for the debate that boys can indeed be more sensitive and vulnerable. And that this has nothing to do with loss of masculinity.

    VSCO Girl

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    A post shared by @vsco.girls.account

    As VSCO Girls they are solar, they have a more beachy and light energy. Although the term and lifestyle are associated with the aesthetics of the VSCO image editing app, its popularity has taken place on other platforms.

    The hashtag #vscogirl appears over 1,5 billion times on TikTok and 1,5 million times on Instagram. On YouTube, it is the subject of hundreds of videos, many of them teaching how to adhere to that style.

    Inspired by the images edited at VSCO, which usually have a clean air, the look of these girls follows the basic line, but in tune with fashion. Thus, the makeup is as natural as possible, giving a healthy look. The colors are present in the looks, usually in pastel tones.

    In general, the title is associated with consumption habits and brands used. Basically, they include items like Hydro Flask water bottles, metal straws and Birkenstocks sandals. A Fjallraven backpack and clothing from Brandy Mellville and Urban Outfitters also make the list.

    The look can also include seashell strings, handmade friendship bracelets and puffy hair clips. Sustaining the look, however, is for few, since most of the aforementioned accessories are not cheap.

    VSCO Girls photos and videos

    The contents produced related to the term usually teach how to be a VSCO Girl or follow the aesthetics. On YouTube, the most common are videos on how to compose a look on a budget, choosing clothes and hairstyles and indicating the essential items.

    the basic VSCO girl transformation

    There are also many movies of youtubers turning into VSCO Girls. On TikTok, exhibitionism speaks louder and videos in which the user's style items are shown are often popular.

    It is a kind of checklist that proves that they do belong to that group.

    On Instagram, hashtag-related content often includes photos edited in the VSCO app or of girls who want to show off the look they follow the style. Usually, the images are taken in beachy or relaxing environments.

    Another trend is records on walls with drawings and graffiti of wings.

    What are the interests of the VSCO Girls?

    As you can imagine, having the essentials to be a VSCO Girl is one of these girls' main interests. However, despite the consumerist aspect, they usually advocate for environmental causes.

    That's why the metal straws and the ecological water bottle are part of the list of your belongings.

    What apps are used by Soft Girl, VSCO Girl and eGirl?

    The main apps used by girls who follow the Soft Girl, VSCO Girl and eGirl trends are TikTok, Instagram and VSCO. However, to make the videos and photos more sophisticated and full of different effects, they can turn to other programs and just share on these social networks.

    Kwai video editor is one of them. In addition to offering features very similar to those of TikTok, it became famous for allowing you to publish movies directly on WhatsApp Status. There are also those who don't leave out Snapchat, which was one of the pioneer apps when it comes to the use of augmented reality filters.

    To stand out from the rest and use different filters and visual effects, many of them vary the image editing apps used. even listed the 7 best free mobile video editors for those interested in creating quality content.

    The situation is the same with regard to photos posted on social networks. The more original, the better. So girls dig deep into the best combinations of filters and effects to get the perfect look.

    More than followers, likes or comments, the important thing is to have fun making photos and videos. And, at the same time, be careful to avoid exposing information that allows strangers to know where you live, study or work.


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