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    Easy: Is it reliable? How does the group purchase app work?

    Easy: Is it reliable? How does the group purchase app work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 14, 2022 | Shopping |

    Everyone likes to pay cheaper when buying a service or product, but certain advantages need attention to avoid possible problems. THE Facily is an application that is in this scenario of offering goods more affordable for your pocket, with the promise of making available to its users the possibility of buying items at a wholesale price.

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    What is Easy?

    In a simple and direct way, Facily can be defined as a collective purchasing application. This means that purchases are carried out in groups and, consequently, the values ​​of the goods are at wholesale prices, which ends up becoming more advantageous than in the market.

    On the sellers' side, the app works as a marketplace where shopkeepers can register and sell their goods. Therefore, the platform is another option to expand sales in your business.

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    Easy: How does it work for consumers?

    After creating the account on the platform and logging in, it is possible to find the goods that are available within the app, with new promotions being added daily. With this, if you are interested in a product, you can create a group inviting your friends to the application or you can join a group already created by users who want to purchase the same merchandise as you.

    When making a purchase, people can monitor the order process directly in the app. When the product is released, it is necessary to pick up the goods at one of the pick-up points on the platform, which are displayed in the application. It is important to say that shipping is free.

    Application users can use the following means to pay for goods:

    • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard and Elo);
    • PIX;
    • Ticket;
    • Bank transfer;
    • Bank deposit;
    • Cash.

    It is also worth mentioning that there is no minimum or maximum purchase amount.

    Easily: Types of groups

    You already understand that the app works with groups, but it's also important to know that there are two categories of groups. Each one has its own rules and particularities, but nothing that changes your experience on the platform much, as you can see below.

    Buy Together: the customer selects the product they want to buy and the app will give them the option of joining an existing group or creating their own group. Then just place the chosen merchandise in the cart. Groups in this category need two to three people to close. After that, you need to select how you are going to pay for your order. So, only after making the payment will your participation in the group be completed and it has up to two days to complete and the purchase to be sent to the Facily supplier.

    Super Group: this modality is very similar to the other one. In this case, the first steps of the process are the same as in the previous option, the difference is that in the Super Group it only takes two people to close the group. In addition, another change is that there is a period of 24 hours for the group to complete and only from that moment on will the instructions for making the payment be issued.

    In situations where the group does not reach the minimum number of members, the order is automatically canceled and the amount is immediately refunded to your Facily account in the form of a coupon.

    As it is an application that encourages group purchases, as it is a way to find more affordable values, the application has some interactions that allow users to win gifts.

    play together

    Jogue Junto is an app game, where users can receive prizes. In order to participate, you must follow some rules:

    • You must have at least eight gold coins to participate;
    • You must refer at least three friends;
    • Referrals need to access the app using your share link.

    Then, by complying with these rules, the person can use the coins to exchange for the opportunity to participate in the app's sweepstakes. Among the products that the winners can win are cell phones, headphones, electric scooters and television.

    If you are the winner of the round, the goods will be delivered to your home and you will not have to pay anything for it. It is worth saying that the coins are returned if you are not drawn.

    How to receive gold coins?

    Users can receive gold coins in the following ways:

    • Friends' indication;
    • When making in-app purchases;
    • Logging into the app daily.

    Easy: How does it work for sellers?

    Facily claims to be a social e-commerce because the platform works with the dissemination of sellers' goods within the application.

    Therefore, merchants have at their disposal the service of platform technology, logistics and infrastructure. Then, after the sale is completed, it is the seller's responsibility to prepare the orders and take them to the platform's logistics center.

    It is also worth saying that it is not mandatory to have a CNPJ to become a Facily partner store. So you can register your store using your CPF number. To sell in the app, you need to put your data on the platform and the company will do an analysis.

    If approved, she will contact you.

    When your access to the platform is released, the seller can create his catalog, that is, register the products you are going to sell.

    It is also worth noting that the platform has a tool to manage your sales. Thus, the seller can better manage the items sold.

    What are the fees for sellers?

    The company does not charge membership or monthly fees. The platform's profit came out of commission for each product sold.

    In this way, the seller's payment to Facily is calculated according to the sales price, which includes the value of the product, packaging, transport costs to the distribution center and applicable taxes depending on the type of merchandise.

    Then, Facily makes the payment related to sales on a monthly or biweekly basis, according to the category. So, take a look at the fees:

    Category: Products – Commission per sale: 15% – Transfer: monthly;

    Category: Fruits and vegetables – Commission per sale: 20% – Transfer: fortnightly;

    Category: Frozen and refrigerated – Commission per sale: 12,5% ​​– Transfer: Fortnightly.

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    How are Facily's goods delivered?

    Remembering that consumers do not pay the transport fee for in-app purchases. According to the company, within 48 hours after confirmation of purchase, the seller is responsible for taking the already packed items to the platform's distribution center.

    With this, Facily becomes responsible for the logistics to take the items from the distribution center to the pick-up location, which is chosen by the consumer at the time of purchase.

    How does the Facily sales management tool work?

    The administration of items and sales is carried out through the portal of partner stores, Merchants, which is a tool in which users can manage their business using the app and have direct contact with Facily.

    How to register in the seller category on Facily?

    To register your store on the platform, the process is not at all bureaucratic, everything is very intuitive and simple.

    The first step is to access the Merchants website and then answer some questions, such as: your full name, e-mail, telephone number, CPF or CNPJ, name of the store, enter a password, if you already sell on the internet or have a website, in which region your store is present, how many products are part of your merchandise catalog and what types of merchandise you want to sell.

    After finishing the process, the company will contact you. If approved, you will undergo an online training and after that you will be able to access the platform tools.

    How does the pick-up point work?

    The pick-up point is an establishment where the goods purchased at Facily are received and delivered to the final consumer.

    If you want to be a pick-up point, you must register within the app, in which you must fill in your CPF, full name, address, phone number, email, date of birth, name and type of location.

    It is worth making it clear that the delivery points can be the domicile of individuals, as long as the consumer is not prevented from entering, or commercial places, for example, stores, cafeteria, fishmongers, lan houses, among others.

    How much does the person earn by being a point of withdrawal?

    The person who wants to be a pick-up point has a fixed commission of R$1 for each order of stored merchandise, where the value of the item is equal to or above R$20 or 5% of the value of each order where the value of the product is less than R$20.

    There is also a registration bonus: in the period of the first thirty days of operation of the pick-up point, at least twenty pick-ups of different merchandise demands are made, Facily will pay the owner of the point a maximum amount of R$150.

    Where does Facily serve?

    According to Facily, there are already more than eleven thousand withdrawal points registered on the platform. All these points are distributed in the regions where the app operates:

    • Recife;
    • our city;
    • Savior;
    • Strength;
    • Porto Alegre;
    • Rio de Janeiro;
    • Belo Horizonte;
    • Our city is great.

    Facily no Reclame Aqui

    Facily's profile on Reclame Aqui has an overall score of 6,1 out of 10, which is considered just regular. This is because most of the questions are due to the problem when asking for a refund, the unsatisfactory service, the delay in the delivery of the products and even situations in which the purchased item did not reach the consumer.

    It is also worth noting that the consumer score within the site is 4,55, and 46,6% of people would do business with the company again.

    Problems with the platform

    With everything that has been shown so far, the app presents great ideas, but the practice of the service presents a constant problem, as mentioned in the previous topic.

    It is also important to report the complications that occur in the company's communication sector, as requests made by customers have a response time of up to 72 working hours, which corresponds to up to nine days. And even after that period, there are cases where the situation has not been resolved.

    Our city's Procon has noticed a huge increase in complaints made against the app. In January 2022, the platform received twenty-one notifications from consumers who experienced some kind of problem. In October of the same year, that number grew to 59.539, which represents an increase of over 283.000%.

    Because of this situation, Procon-SP studied to paralyze the platform based on the Consumer Defense Code.

    In any case, Procon-SP stated that Facily will create a financial fund of R$250 million designed to repair damages to consumers, improve and evolve its Customer Service (SAC)

    Easy contact

    Facily provides some ways for the customer to get in touch with the company. The first means can be the telephone at the following number: 0800 023 0566. It is worth mentioning that there were constant complaints from users not being answered.

    The most effective way to receive service is e-mail, which can be used from this form on the site. In this case, the opening hours are from 6:00 to XNUMX:XNUMX, every day.

    The company also provides a WhatsApp number to support the company's customers.

    Is it worth using Facily?

    To answer the question in this topic, we will separate the explanation into three parts: for the customer, for the seller and for the pick-up point.

    Due to the complaints made by the app's consumers, a good alternative is to wait for the platform to improve more so you can spend your money on the app. But if you have the patience to face possible problems, you can test the services. But if you are going to do this, spend little money upfront.

    For sellers, the platform can serve as a good marketplace for the dissemination of their goods. That's because it's easy for the user to find what they need in the app, which increases the chances of items being sold.

    Now, if you are looking to get some extra money, then it can be a good idea to become a withdrawal point, even because this demand does not require much effort and time. It is still possible to reconcile with an establishment where you already work and even work from home.

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