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    Easter Messages 2022: The 115 Most Beautiful to Share

    Easter Messages 2022: The 115 Most Beautiful to Share

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 4, 2022 | News |

    Easter is one of the main dates celebrated in a year, especially for Christians, as it symbolizes the rebirth of Christ, so it is important to have good phrases to share and celebrate, so we have separated some Easter 2022 messages to send to friends and family. In this way, you will be able to spread the message of peace, love, harmony, trust and much more.

    With Easter 2022 messages, you can share these feelings on social media, sending messages or even when handing out the famous Easter eggs in person, inserting greeting cards, for example. Even if you are not a religious person, or don't identify as a Christian, it's okay, after all, you can still indulge in sweets, receive Easter eggs and give gifts to other people.

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    The best Easter messages 2022

    So, without further ado, here are the best Easter 2022 messages you can share on April 17th.

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    1. Easter is love, it's fraternity, it's Union...
    2. One thing is more important than any other, to live. And it is because God provides us with all energy….
    3. To all the employees, who with their daily dedicated work have contributed to the visible growth of our company, I sincerely wish you a happy Easter! May they celebrate in joy with their families and may the noblest and fraternal feelings be reborn in strength in their hearts. May peace and love reign in your homes.
    4. Happy Easter 2022! May it be a time of celebration, peace and communion among all.
    5. Easter renews in us the feeling of love, fraternity, compassion...
    6. Lots of almonds and chocolates for everyone, with best wishes for a happy Easter.
    7. Easter is not a day to eat chocolates, but to celebrate the life and resurrection of the one who died to save us!
    8. I don't know whether to buy an Easter egg or an apartment facing the sea.
    9. Hello friends! Passing by to remind you that I'm already accepting Easter eggs.
    10. Jesus Christ is risen, so we celebrate. Happy Easter my friends!
    11. Easter reminds us that Jesus died and rose for us.
    12. Enjoying all this Easter weather, I couldn't help but tell you that I love you!
    13. May communion and peace abound in your hearts. Happy Easter!
    14. Easter has been bringing a message of peace, hope and love. Happy Easter!
    15. Although this year you cannot be at our table, you will certainly be in our hearts. Have a happy Easter.
    16. This Easter, open your heart and let faith and love make an eternal home there. And since Easter is love, I want that love to strengthen each year, and each day in your life. May our complicity remain solid. May we continue to believe in tomorrow, because the road is long, but I will always be by your side. Everything I can do, I will do to make you happy, because I love you, and you are the most responsible for my happiness. Happy Easter my love!
    17. Easter is a time to celebrate life and renew the spirit.
    18. Happy Easter to everyone! May this be a time of togetherness and family celebration.
    19. May sorrows be transformed into smiles and joyful laughter this Easter!
    20. This Easter with the resurrection of Christ be saved by the love of the Father this Easter all children happy with our lord. Amen.
    21. No matter what day or month of the year you find yourself, it matters that Easter is always present in your heart, and that you can always renew your love with those who need a word of comfort in difficult times, may you become a beacon of light illuminating the darkness and walk with your brother towards Jesus!
    22. And because Christ is risen, today we celebrate a living God who lives forever and ever.
    23. Easter is not just a day to eat chocolates, but to remember the example of the one who died and rose to leave us the most important lesson: love!
    24. My love, we have arrived at this wonderful time of celebration that is Easter, and I feel great joy in my heart for this fact, and for being able to share this moment more with you. This is a time of renewal, rebirth, hope and above all love, for the passion and sacrifice of Christ have become a victory over death, a triumph of love. This is a moment of joy, a moment of celebration with the family, those who fill our hearts with love. This is a moment that I also want to celebrate with you, because I love you so much. I wish you a happy Easter, and may life continue to be as sweet for you as the most delicious chocolate you try on this date!
    25. Happy Easter! May your celebration be full of light and lots of love.
    26. That every Easter our Lord Jesus can be reborn in every heart.
    27. May this Easter our faith be reinvigorated by the certainty that Christ is risen and is among us. Happy Easter!
    28. Easter is not chocolate day, it's Jesus' day and how he lived again to love us!
    29. The Easter Bunny, comes to warn us that Jesus is alive in our hearts...
    30. O Risen Christ, conqueror of death, by your life and your love, you showed us the face of the Lord.
    31. Easter is synonymous with much love, understanding and forgiveness!
    32. For you at Easter. May the joy of Christ's resurrection be in your heart today and always.
    33. Easter is a very important date for all of us. We are commemorating a page in the story of Jesus through faith and belief. This epoch represents the resurrection, the return of Jesus. Right now, as you are still small, I just want you to realize that especially at this time, love has to be in every home, in every family, and in each one of us. In each of you, my children. Good Easter!
    34. Let the bells ring for the world to hear. May all hearts rejoice. May every smile open with happiness, because Easter is coming! And as Easter is a time for love, peace, hope and renewal, I wish that these beautiful feelings fill our homes and remain in our hearts forever.
    35. The resurrection of Christ is further proof that love and life are eternal.
    36. Jesus Christ is risen and lives within the heart of each of us, so we celebrate. Happy Easter my friends!
    37. Easter is here, time for peace, love and eating chocolate eggs!
    38. God dwells in your constant interior being able to make your life time of joy. Happy Easter!
    39. Every year Easter brings us messages of affection and love to the next, put it into practice!
    40. Easter is a time to think about mistakes and fix them, whoever you've wronged!
    41. Two thousand years ago Jesus, son of God, walked the earth among mortals spreading his message of love and peace. His aim was clear, to create a better world and save our souls; but not everyone understood. As a result of the ignorance of some, Jesus was crucified and died, but on the third day his body came back to life and He arose. Jesus is risen and with Him hope, love and everything good in this world. Easter is the celebration of the sacrifice of a just and good man who died for us, for our sins, and his resurrection. Easter is the feast of the love and triumph of Christ our Savior. Let us then also make all good feelings reborn in our hearts, and let the bad ones disappear. Happy Easter!
    42. And because Christ is risen, today we celebrate a living God who lives forever and ever.
    43. May all struggles be peaceful and may all harmony be constant. Happy Easter!
    44. When you open your Easter egg, I hope you find inside it a candy of love, another of health and a third filled with hope. Happy Easter!
    45. Easter is helping more people to be people, it's living in constant liberation, it's believing in life that wins death. Easter is rebirth, it's a fresh start, it's a new chance for us to improve the things we don't like about ourselves. To be happier to know each other.
    46. I wish that this Easter your heart opens to the best feelings and happiness spreads throughout your life!
    47. May love, faith and hope be reborn in your heart at this time. Happy Easter!
    48. 80 reais an easter egg!? What come inside? A job?
    49. Trickster is the rabbit that fills you with chocolate and stays only on the carrot!
    50. I was going to lose weight… but then Easter arrived!
    51. Easter is a time of joy to live as a family. A date when there will be lots of delicious chocolate eggs. But above all, it is important to remember that Easter is the celebration of life, of Jesus' love for all of us. Easter is a time not only to fill your belly with chocolate, but above all to fill your heart with love, joy and peace. Happy Easter, child!
    52. On this Easter day, I would like to wish you much peace and harmony. May you have a reunion with yourself and may the doors that He has already opened truly lead to a path of much light, renewal and liberation.
    53. Take advantage of Easter to make peace with the world and your spirituality.
    54. Happy Easter! I wish you an Easter with a flavor of peace, love and fraternity.
    55. Open your heart, listen and accept the message that Jesus wants to give you this Easter.
    56. Resurrection, cry of the risen Christ. God who is life and who calls us to life. Life that will never end.
    57. I wish you and your family a Happy Easter! May this be a date of reunion, peace and many moments of happiness. May the good feelings gathered at this time accompany you throughout the year and bless all areas of your life. I hope that Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection will inspire love and kindness to spread through the hearts of all of us. Stay with God, and may peace always be part of your life!
    58. Let's exalt the triumph of Christ our Savior and let His love fill our hearts. Happy Easter!
    59. May communion and peace abound in your hearts. Happy Easter!
    60. Easter is saying yes to love and life; it's investing in fraternity, it's fighting for a better world, it's experiencing solidarity.
    61. The Easter Bunny comes to wish you, in addition to chocolate, a lot of happiness.
    62. Happy Easter! May the bunny also bring good feelings to our hearts!
    63. In addition to honoring the death and resurrection of Jesus, Easter is also a time to celebrate love!
    64. To all the staff, a happy Easter! May this be a time of peace, love, hope, and may the celebration of such a significant date happen with those you love most. May their homes, families and hearts be filled with joy, the taste of the sweetest flavors, and life with the most extreme happiness!
    65. Today is the day to celebrate the greatest miracle. Have a blessed Easter!
    66. It is in Jesus' death and resurrection that we can learn about true love and sacrifice.
    67. Easter is a time to rejoice and give thanks for the gift of life, love and joy… Have a blessed day. Happy Easter!
    68. Easter is a great reason to change your heart for the better.
    69. Easter is the renewal of life and with it the hope of a better world. I wish you a Happy Easter!
    70. Receive this Easter: eggs of joy, chocolates of harmony, chocolates of peace, lollipops of love, candies of happiness and sweet health. Happy Easter!
    71. That this Easter everyone can feel the energy of Jesus in their hearts!
    72. Easter: resurrection of love and the desire to be happy.
    73. It is impossible to talk about Easter without mentioning the crucifixion. The joy and hope that we feel at Easter only exists because of Jesus and his sacrifice. Because with God nothing is impossible, crucifixion, a horrible method used to cause pain and death, was used to bring relief and eternal life to us who believe. The humiliation of Jesus on that instrument of torture was the greatest display of love this world has ever seen and ever will. Because He died to save not the good but the sinners, and even at the hour of death He declared forgiveness for those who took His life. Death could not hold Him, the grave could not seize Him, for He is the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega, the Lord of Hosts. Therefore, in this Easter season, let us remember who is really important: Jesus Christ, who loved us to death and continues to love us, because he is alive. To Him be all honor and glory, forever and ever!
    74. Easter is just the beginning, where the certainty of a future full of achievements will be high, waiting for Love to flood the hearts of men...
    75. Easter, a moment of union, to stop to reflect, to see life differently, to see people like us. JESUS ​​died and rose to show the world the true meaning of life.
    76. Be proud of Jesus' sacrifice and celebrate this Easter with a heart full of positive energy!
    77. My dear friends, it is time to celebrate life, love and hope, as we have arrived at this wonderful time of Easter! Having friends as special as you is one of the greatest blessings anyone can wish for. It's one more joy to add to the celebration of such an extraordinary date. At this time we celebrate the victory of our Savior's love that became a triumph over death itself. And I wish that all dreams of love and peace triumph over any difficulty. Happy Easter, my dear friends! It is time for renewal, for rebirth, and in this spirit I hope that your lives will be reborn full of sweet surprises, lots of love, lots of peace, lots of health and lots of friendship!
    78. The bunny brings a special message: Jesus is alive!
    79. Greater love has no one than he who lays down his life for those he loves” (Jn 15:13) – said Jesus. And He did.
    80. We wish all our customers a Happy Easter! May peace and love invade your homes and hearts, always remembering that the path of personal fulfillment is determined through the retribution of life to the world and to people. Accept Easter with the awareness that the resurrection is faith in the word of something greater than all of us.
    81. May the spirit of Easter be with us every day of the year. Happy Easter!
    82. May this little virtual world of ours this Easter be more and more human.
    83. May Jesus be in everyone's heart this Easter!
    84. Happy Easter to all the people I love, may we renew hope in our hearts!
    85. Although this year you cannot be with us at the table, you will certainly be in our hearts. Have a happy Easter.
    86. It's Easter! Have a Happy Sunday. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. One of the biggest get-togethers in our home. It is always a very memorable date because we remember family, friends and, above all, to do good. This Holy Sunday we will gather the whole family. The closest possible. Even those who are far away, will be close, and will have their place at the table, because their space is in our hearts. This Easter will be even more beautiful. Only then do we do justice to goodness.
    87. Resurrection, cry of the risen Christ. God who is life and who calls us to life. Life that will never end.
    88. Easter has the power to remind us of what is really important. Things that are fundamental in our life are sometimes seen as acquired goods and that's why we don't always value what we should. But Easter is more than resurrection and faith. It offers the best that anyone can have: family and friends together. In fact the best things in life don't cost any money, they are free, offered; are a gift. We must only reciprocate! Especially today I thank you for being part of such a beautiful family that insists on staying together in this and other times. Happy Easter to everyone!
    89. Resurrection is the celebration of faith and rebirth, it is the commemoration of the word of God as a sign of truth. Good Easter!
    90. May the Easter Bunny bring you forgiveness, hope and lots of chocolate!
    91. May this year the bunny bring a cheaper egg!
    92. May the spirit of Easter be with us every day of the year.
    93. Return to us, O our Passover, your revivifying countenance and allow us, under your constant gaze, to be renewed by attitude...
    94. Receive this Easter: eggs of joy, chocolates of harmony, chocolates of peace, lollipops of love, candies of happiness and sweet health. Happy Easter!
    95. Enjoy Easter to accept love and forgiveness with an open heart!
    96. To all who are part of this company I wish you a happy Easter! That in this time of rebirth, love and peace can be reborn in the home and heart of each of you, and also in our company. May courage and success bless all our projects, not only professionals, but also life projects. This is a time of joy, a time to celebrate as a family. And as we too are a small, close-knit family, this is also our time to celebrate the friendship and peace that drive our working days. Happy Easter to all of us!
    97. May the bunny bring you much more than chocolate eggs... May he bring you much peace, love, health, happiness, understanding and affection. Happy Easter!
    98. The crisis is so bad that I asked: “Easter Bunny, what do you bring me?” He visualized, didn't respond and still blocked me.
    99. May chocolates and almonds not distract us from the true meaning of Easter!
    100. May this Easter Jesus be reborn in our hearts, renewing love and hope in them.
    101. Rejoice and sing! Praise the Lord for another wonderful day! Jesus is alive! And because Jesus was resurrected, we have a hope that is renewed every day. Today is the day to be grateful for everything Jesus conquered for us on the cross. So our heart is happy with a genuine feeling that comes from above. May our joy infect the whole world! A good Easter Sunday to all!
    102. The resurrection of Christ is further proof that love and life are eternal.
    103. Easter bunny, what did you bring to me?" Endless work, studies and tests.
    104. I'm already doing the math and… at Easter it will have to be a chicken egg.
    105. Easter is here, Mom! It's time to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice and God's goodness, but also to celebrate love and peace with family and friends. I am happy because you have been my great support, my pillar, my flower garden. I wish that we renew all good feelings, my mother. I love you for everything I am! Kiss. Happy Easter!
    106. Easter, a moment of union, of reflection, of seeing life differently. Jesus died and rose again to show the world the true meaning of life.
    107. May this Easter have many sweets in your life... The sweet smile of those who love you, the sweet joy of having bread on your table and the sweet hope of having a future of peace and prosperity. Happy Easter!
    108. This is a time of peace, love and family celebration. Happy Easter and may in our hearts renew gratitude and hope!
    109. Easter is a time to rejoice and give thanks for the gift of life, love and joy… Have a blessed day. Happy Easter!
    110. May all sadness revolt and become happiness, may peace never leave us. Happy Easter!
    111. Happy Easter! I couldn't let this season go by without thanking you for all the wonderful things you've all given me throughout the year. I have the most faithful friends and the most charming family anyone could wish for. In fact, you are immensely special. And I just hope that the delivery of Jesus is present in everyone's memory this wonderful Easter. Thanks for everything! Kisses and hugs.
    112. The date of renewal, peace and endless love is coming, so I wish you all a Happy Easter!
    113. In the resurrection of Christ we find the true meaning for our lives and the certainty that it is never too late for a fresh start. Happy Easter!
    114. Happy Easter! This is the ideal time to remember the importance of fighting for honest and altruistic ideas and principles. That at this time you can get together with the ones you love the most and celebrate the full meaning of this date. May peace, love and hope be reborn in your heart and in your home, and your life be filled with happiness. 
    115. Today is a day of joy, hope and gratitude, because Jesus is risen. Happy Easter Sunday! I hope that together with those you love most, you will celebrate and reflect on the triumph of Jesus and also in your heart, make the best feelings reborn. May peace and happiness spread throughout your life and love accompany your every step. May your Easter be holy, blessed and unforgettable for the best reasons!

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