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    Do not disturb me: how to register and block calls

    Do not disturb me: how to register and block calls

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 28, 2022 | News |

    Receiving unwanted calls is a common and annoying situation, especially when it's a telemarketer offering a product or service that you don't want at all. And the impression is that we receive this type of call at the worst possible time. It's surprising. If you are tired of going through these moments, it is possible to block calls through the website. Do not disturb me.

    Don't you know Do Not Disturb? Read the post to know what this tool is, how to use it, the step by step of how to register your number, as well as some warnings, clarifications and extra information.

    What is Do Not Disturb?

    Não me Perturbe is a tool made available by telecommunications service providers to offer a standardization service between companies and consumers, through good practices in the products offered in order to respect people's choice.

    The tool has been available to the public since July 2022 and came about with an agreement between operators and the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

    "Among the proposals discussed by the Providers, was the creation of a centralized database to collect information from users who are not interested in receiving this type of call [Telemarketing]", pointed out the website.

    What service does Do Not Disturb offer?

    On the site it is possible to register to request blocking of incoming calls that are related to offers of services or products made by telephone operators.

    In other words, this includes promotions for landline and mobile telephones and pay TV and the Internet.

    In addition to operators, you can also block calls from payroll services (payroll loan and payroll credit card) made by banks. So, if you want to block these types of calls, you will need to register your number in Do Not Disturb.

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    In the case of financial institutions, blocking of calls will not be considered in the following cases: confirmation of data, fraud prevention, charging and retention of portability requests, with or without refinancing offer.

    If the tool has piqued your interest, check out how you can register below:

    How to register for Do Not Disturb:

    To register, you will need to provide an e-mail address, name, CPF and telephone number. With this data in hand, see the tutorial below.

    Step 1. Access the Do Not Disturb website;

    Step 2. On the home page, click on “Register” and fill in the data;

    Step 3. After entering the requested information, you will receive a message in your email asking you to confirm your registration. Access your email and validate the registration;

    Step 4. When you click on the link and validate your registration, you will receive the following message:

    Step 5. Click on “Continue” and log in;

    Step 6.  On the new screen, you will be able to request blocking of unwanted companies. To continue the step-by-step, click on “New lock”

    Step 7. Enter your number and select the operators and/or banks you want to block calls and click on “I'm not a Robot” and then on “Send”;

    Step 8. An SMS will be sent to the number you provided. Put the code received on your cell phone on the website;

    Step 9. After that you will see the proof of the lock. It is recommended that you print or take a screenshot;

    Step 10. Ready! Your lock is already done. You can see all the blocks you have made when logging in to your account.

    It is very important to remember that the blocking takes effect within 30 days of the request.

    How to unsubscribe from Do Not Disturb

    If you want to go back and remove the operator or bank that requested the blocking of calls, just access the site, log in, and edit, delete or complain (this last option will be discussed below) on the page with your blocks.

    And watch out for scams: Don't disturb me doesn't have mobile apps.

    Therefore, there is no need to install anything either on the smartphone or on the computer to be able to use the service. It is also not necessary to enter bank details or personal information other than those described in this post.

    According to Do Not Disturb, the data provided by users will be used for the following purposes:

    • Execution of the necessary procedures to carry out blocking and unblocking requests;
    • Statistical analysis of results;
    • Improvement of services;
    • Terminal validation and user ownership for analysis and handling of calls;
    • Defense of interests in administrative and judicial proceedings;
    • Compliance with a court order or administrative request.

    If you have any questions, you can access the communication channel on the website. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of the website's home screen and click on “Contact Us”.

    Operators and banks that are part of the site

    The agreement between operators, banks and Anatel has wide coverage. Check out which are the main companies that are part of the service:

    Operators registered in Do Not Disturb:

    • Algar
    • Net - Of course
    • Oi
    • Sercomtel
    • Sky
    • Tim
    • Telefonica – Vivo.

    Banks registered in Do Not Disturb:

    • Agibank
    • BMG
    • BRB
    • BV
    • Alpha Bank
    • Bank C6
    • consigned
    • Maximum Bank
    • bank of our country
    • Bancoob, Banpará
    • Banrisul, Bradesco
    • Bradesco Financing
    • CCB our country
    • CCB our country Financial
    • Caixa
    • Cetelem
    • Daycoval
    • type
    • Financial Invoice
    • Alpha Financial
    • Inter
    • Itaú Consigned
    • Itaú-Unibanco
    • Mercantile of our country
    • Mercantil of our Financial Country
    • Olé
    • PAN
    • Paraná Bank
    • crop
    • Santander
    • Sicredi
    • Financial Zema

    Additional information about Do Not Disturb

    Before Don't disturb me existed, PROCON already offered a service similar to the site, but they have differences. In the case of PROCON, the blocking lists are limited to blocking calls only in states/municipalities that have the Do Not Disturb Law. The Do Not Disturb website allows you to block telemarketing calls across the country.

    It is also important to point out that Não me Perturbe recommends that only the telephone line holder register the number on the site. And if you change your number, you'll have to block it again, but you won't have to create a login again.

    “The previous number, which is no longer owned by you, it is necessary to cancel the blocking request and change your registration phone number, so that the new user can exercise their right to block or not their new number”, informed the site.

    In case of portability, you don't have to make changes to the locks. Your registered number will continue to be kept and there is no need to register your phone again.

    It is worth noting that the platform does not accept CNPJ as a form of registration. The legal entity (PJ) registration must be carried out by the legal representative or by the authorized user who is in possession of the mobile or landline access code.

    If you registered your number on the site, the 30 days have passed since you requested it and you still receive telemarketing calls, Não me Perturbe recommends that the user use the contact form to notify the company of this problem. To do this, go to the website, log in, in your blocks, click on “Complain”, fill in the data and write the message.

    It is important to note that the more information you put in the message, the better it will be for the investigation of the case. In addition to describing your problem, include the date and time of the call, the phone number that called you, the company that contacted you, the contact channel to which the call was received, telephone, CNPJ or business address of the company, among others. details that can help resolve your claim.

    According to Do Not Disturb, after submitting your complaint, the company will have up to five business days to contact the user in order to resolve the problem.

    “Providers will be monitored through the number of valid notifications presented on the Não me Perturbe website for each commitment and may be penalized in the event of proven systemic non-compliance with the commitments assumed”, the website reported.

    Do Not Disturb Stats

    In two years, the platform managed to reach relevant numbers of registrations. In May 2022, the site already had about 8,12 million registered telephone numbers. Practically half of this volume is from the state of our city, with 4,022 million registered numbers, followed by Minas Gerais with 724 thousand numbers and Paraná with 707 thousand numbers.

    Even with this number of users using the service, Anatel considers that the platform needs to be improved. Check out an excerpt from memorandum No. 22/2022/EC

    “Even in the face of the initiatives already built to prevent the spread of unwanted calls to consumers, including the creation of the website, I understand that the measures adopted so far, even though they have presented effects, have not yet fully achieved the desired ends, and it is urgent that Anatel deepen this discussion in order to avoid the perpetuity of a problem that has been dragging on for two years, with a general increase in the volume of calls over the course of 2022”.

    Also according to the Memorandum, Anatel has plans to change the service in order to improve the platform for consumers. Reiterating the information, the Telecommunication, Internet and ICT Portal (TeleSíntese) added that Não Me Perturbe will undergo improvements, reinforcing the control of the performance of operators' and banks' partners to further reduce calls.

    TeleSíntese explained that in the future Não me Perturbe will feature identification, notification and punishment for companies that are most complained about by users of the platform.

    Above all, if you are running out of patience with telemarketing calls, it is worth giving the platform a chance.


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