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    Discover games with local co-op to play on your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

    A lot of time has passed since the release of the original article I did in June 2022 to present some game options with local co-op, good old couch co-op. With so many games coming out since then, it's a good time to upgrade with even more options for shared play from the comfort of your couch.

    Playing with friends cooperatively to achieve a goal is extremely fun and rewarding. Currently, the vast majority of games invest in multiplayer modes, but almost all are online. Another possibility to play together, and which was extremely popular in the gaming world in the past, was the local cooperative mode, also called couch co-op, where we can gather friends in the same environment to enjoy a game together.

    In this last generation of consoles this type of game has been largely left aside, as the online mode is dominating everything, however there are still good local co-op options for you to play on your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

    Check out some games with this fun and nostalgic gameplay feature below:

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    *Some games have analysis on the site. For these, just click on the title to be redirected to the review page.

    Minecraft Dungeons

    Minecraft Dungeons is an action RPG with an isometric view of the camera, where we look at everything from above, with all the style of progression and combat inspired by games like Diablo III, and still a world built with the iconic style of blocks of the worldwide success Minecraft. The game has received several additional content, extending the gameplay that can also be enjoyed in local co-op for up to four players.

    Check out our Minecraft Dungeons review.

    Gears 5

    Gears 5 is considered by many to be one of the best in the franchise, with an impressive technical presentation, refined gameplay and a story full of remarkable moments and important events for the future of the saga. Best of all, you can share this experience with other players as the game supports local co-op for up to 3 players.

    Check out our Gears 5 review.


    Battletoads is a great option for those looking for fun with doses of challenge with friends, guaranteeing good laughs and also some moments of pure anger. The game brings an art direction that revitalizes the franchise, with charismatic characters and well-explored layers. Local co-op supports up to 3 players.


    Spiritfarer mixes the genre of management games, where players need to collect resources to improve the place and people's lives, in an endless cycle of creating, collecting, building and improving, with all this wrapped in a plot that brings the delicate theme of know when to say goodbye. Despite being a great journey that seems to be best enjoyed in singleplayer, Spiritfarer has the option of playing in local co-op, where one player controls Stella and the other gets the cat Daffodil.

    Moving Out

    Moving Out is a moving simulator with no commitment to reality and crazy physics. The game offers a genuinely funny co-op experience, with several brilliantly developed levels. All this fun madness supports local co-op for up to 4 players.

    Streets of Rage 4

    Streets of Rage 4 establishes itself as one of the best Beat 'em ups of the generation, with that strong touch of nostalgia that warms the heart. The gameplay is refined, the environments mix the classic well with the original, as well as the soundtrack that dared but respected the classic material. The good old couch co-op shines, bringing a good option for fun for up to four players.

    Darksiders Genesis

    Darksiders Genesis dared to take the franchise to the isometric style, and in addition, it brings the possibility to play everything alongside a friend in local co-op. The game is a prologue to the games already released, where we have the debut of the long-awaited Knight Strife, who along with War follow Lucifer, who was putting into practice a sordid plan to destroy the Balance. Co-op was also another nice change for the franchise, giving each player the ability to control a Knight.

    Nine parchments

    Nine Parchments combines the real-time action RPG with the theme of magic. Up to four players can team up for local co-op, where they'll tackle challenging levels in search of more powerful gear and increasingly difficult adventures.


    Haven is an adventure RPG about love and freedom, where you take on the role of Yu and Kay, a couple in love who have fled to a forgotten planet. The objective is to survive, travel through the fields, revive the planet, and fight if need be. All that matters is the couple staying together. For local co-op, the idea is for each player to take control of one of the lovebirds.

    Unravel Two

    Unravel Two continues the saga of little Yarny, but this time he'll have company. A Blue Yarny will help our little hero complete his quest. The player can choose to play alone, controlling both Yarnys, or in local co-op, allowing a second player to control the Blue Yarny.

    A Way Out

    A Way Out tells the story of Vincent and Leo, two prisoners with a common goal, to escape prison. The game is focused on cooperation and uses the split-screen method to bring a unique perspective to the duo's adventure.

    The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan e Little Hope

    The Dark Pictures Anthology goes beyond offering good suspenseful narratives, and in both Man of Medan and Little Hope you can share control for local co-op that supports up to 5 players in the best “pass control” style. In Movie Session mode each player takes control of a character, passing control when the game dictates. The idea is for players to work together to achieve the best possible end result.

    Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

    The game has a curious local co-op mode for up to four players during the campaign. With it other characters can be controlled by players during battles. Everything happens on the same screen bringing more dynamism to real-time combat.


    Tired of being angry in Cuphead? Then share the hate with someone else. You can venture out with a friend and get a little help to get past that boss you can't defeat at all. Although the game becomes more accessible, as one player can revive the other, the difficulty also increases. Not to mention the madness that is on the screen with two players shooting at the same time. Still, winning as a team is just as rewarding as playing solo.

    Blazing Chrome

    In the world of Blazing Chrome, machines have taken over the world and the few humans that have survived are on the brink of extinction, and are struggling to face the metallic enemy. Team up with a friend to bring victory to humanity and end this threat from the machines once and for all.

    Unruly Heroes

    Unruly Heroes is a platform game that plays with the narrative of the famous Chinese work Journey to the West. It brings four heroes on a quest to bring balance to the world, and for that they will have to overcome not only several enemies and bosses, but also great platform challenges. The title supports fun local co-op for up to four players.

    Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

    In Trine 4, local co-op supports up to four players, in a mode where coordination and teamwork are essential. But don't think that more people in the group means easier solving the puzzles, because both they and the battles against enemies and bosses are adapted according to the number of players present. Even though this means an increase in difficulty, it also allows the game to always get even more interesting and challenging.

    Warhammer: Chaosbane

    Warhammer: Chaosbane is a hack and slash action RPG set and inspired by the Warhammer universe, which also has gameplay reminiscent of games like Diablo and Path of Exile. This type of game is even better when we play with friends, and here local co-op supports up to four players.

    Sky Force Reloaded

    Sky Force Reloaded brings all the nostalgia of classic arcade shooters. The game has fun vertical progression, huge explosions, powerful lasers, colossal bosses and all sorts of aircraft to pilot and build your strategies. For local co-op you can join forces with another player.

    Degrees of separation

    Degrees of Separation is a 2D platform game, with several puzzle resolutions. The duo Ember and Rime must use their contrasting powers to manipulate heat and cold to overcome obstacles. Using cooperation with a friend, you must decide the fate of these worlds.

    I Hate Running Backwards

    I Hate Running Backwards has a high replay factor, full of adrenaline that puts an emphasis on destruction and fights endless waves of enemies while traveling back in time through randomly created worlds. There are several weapon options in your arsenal such as shotguns, laser beams and missile launchers. As you eliminate bosses you gain skills. In local co-op for two players, fun is guaranteed.

    Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

    Shovel Knight is an action-adventure game with a charming classic style and its 8-bit retro aesthetic. Co-op spans the entire original campaign for up to two players.

    Super Bomberman R

    The Bomberman franchise is already a classic in the gaming world with its own style and arenas that overflow with action and explosion, whether playing alone or with friends. Super Bomberman R manages to present a lot of fun and variety, as well as a great option to gather friends at home for a lot of fun. Story mode supports local co-op for up to two players. The battle mode can join up to four.

    Human Fall Flat

    Human Fall Flat is a game that mixes platform with lots of physics-based puzzles. The objective is to find the way out of these curious levels by solving their infamous puzzles, something that together with a friend makes the fun even more.

    Don't Starve Together

    Don't Starve is known as a merciless survival game where you have to gather resources to create objects and structures in order to stay alive. This new version lets you experience this experience with company, enabling two-player local co-op.

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    In ARK: Survival Evolved your character was abandoned naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you need to hunt, gather resources, craft items, farm, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame and breed dinosaurs and other primitive creatures. And local co-op mode lets you do it all with a friend.

    Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

    Just like in the Garden Warfare saga, which we talked about in the original article, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville also supports two-player local split-screen co-op across all modes. Now the tension between the plants and the Zombies has spread to three open regions, increasing the possibilities for chaos to ensue.

    Borderlands 3

    At the end of 2022, Borderlands 3 received an update that added local co-op with vertical split-screen for up to two players on Xbox One, adding to the fun of the title, which already has a very competent online co-op. The game follows in the tradition of the series and combines the breathtaking action of a first-person shooter with the rich progression and loot systems of an RPG.


    UNO is one of the most competitive and fun card games in the world, but how about teaming up with a friend to beat the AI? UNO's local multiplayer takes the 2v2 model against the AI, where both can strategize to beat the machine, as players can see the cards they have.

    And there are still some interesting racing games, but they are more geared towards local competition. Are they:

    Horizon Chase Turbo

    Horizon Chase Turbo is here to rescue the nostalgia of classic racing games like Out Run, Top Gear (SNES), Rush, among others. In addition to bringing back all the gameplay of these classic arcades, it also appeals to couch multiplayer for up to four players, which further enhances that taste of nostalgia.

    Trials Fusion / Trials Rising

    Trials is Ubisoft's motorcycle challenge franchise with famous physics-based gameplay. The games have different tracks and challenges, all designed to test players' skills to the limit. Both Fusion and Rising support up to four players locally.

    Team Sonic Racing

    Team Sonic Racing is a great mix of co-op and local multiplayer, being able to team up with friends to win races in adventure mode for up to four players, or compete against them in competitive modes also supporting up to four players.

    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

    Despite diverse and fun modes for local competition for up to four players, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled does not allow co-op in Adventure mode, which is limited to just one player. Still, he has plenty to enjoy with his friends along the tracks that bring news and honor the past.

    Also check out the list originally published with the June 30, 2022 article:

    Gears of War 4

    The entire Gears series is known for making it possible for us to play our friends locally and in the newest game in the franchise this would be no different. Travel back to a war-torn world, then wield your Lancer or Gnasher as you play as Marcus Fenix's son, JD. It's time to once again fight a completely new enemy, and one that will be quite familiar to returning players.

    You can play the entire campaign in local split-screen co-op or jump into multiplayer matches.

    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

    Gears of War was the game that introduced the iconic Marcus Fenix ​​and his friends to the world and also popularized third-person shooters. It was a great title exclusive to the Xbox 360, and it got a new version for the Xbox One.

    You and a friend can play the entire campaign together.

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    While Halo 5: Guardians let fans down by dropping the classic split-screen feature, the Master Chief Collection, a glorious bundle of remastered versions of the first four Halo games, has split-screen support.

    Campaign modes in each of the games support two-player split-screen, while all competitive modes can be played with up to four people locally or online.

    Diablo III

    Explore dungeons, frantic battles, incredible spells, endless loot and exploration. Those are the great ingredients of Diablo 3 and it's fantastic to play with friends. Diablo is a game that was developed to gather a group to deal with the infinite and powerful demons of the game universe and even though you can play everything alone, playing with friends is even more fun. Local co-op supports up to four players.

    There's no better way to experience this game than with friends.

    Rayman Legends

    Platform games are making a big comeback this generation and Rayman Legends is one of those great games. It also has an awesome co-op mode where you can play with up to three other friends, wreaking havoc on the multitude of enemies you face. With dozens of levels and beautiful graphics, this is an excellent way to spend the day with friends and family.

    Rare Replay

    Rare Replay, is possibly the biggest and best game collection pack ever. Best of all, of the 30 games in the collection, 21 have local multiplayer. Games like Jetpac, Conker, Saber Wulf, Killer Instinct, Gunfright, Viva Piñata, Perfect Dark Zero, Gemini Jet Force and more. All these games have been improved and remastered to bring you a perfect retro multiplayer fun from one of the great video game developers.

    Rocket League

    Rocket League is an extremely successful game with its mix of cars and football. It has an incredible focus on multiplayer where the objective of the game is to get the ball into your opponent's net with the help of its impressive vehicles. You access local multiplayer for up to four people so you can team up or battle your best friends on a split screen.

    Left 4 Dead 2

    The Left 4 Dead series is built exclusively for four players to fight side by side, trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. While the first game was strong, including brilliantly designed elements specifically to enhance the co-op experience, Left 4 Dead 2 really perfects the formula, shining a light on survival-based gameplay.

    Play on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, but it's only available on Live US (no link to live BR).

    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

    Borderlands is a wonderfully addictive and explosive game, and it's even better when you play with friends, and with up to four player local co-op. The Handsome Collection includes Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel and are one of those types of games that don't take themselves too seriously, opting instead for a more irreverent narrative amidst frenetic gameplay.

    Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition e Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition

    This is open world turn-based RPG and made for co-op gameplay. It has a big world full of good story, quests, loot and much more. The graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is really focused on cooperation. You and a friend can play the entire story together, with the game switching between split-screen and single-screen depending on where the players are. Fortunately, the two of you also have separate menu screens, so you won't have to wait while your partner manages your inventory and skills.

    The first game supports local co-op for up to two players while the second game expanded the game to four.

    Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

    Minecraft is without a doubt the biggest phenomenon in the world of games in recent times, whether you like it or not, the game has an unprecedented success. But while everyone talks about Minecraft's ability as a giant canvas for human expression and creativity, many people also talk about its excellent split-screen mode, which allows up to four players to locally experience the diverse worlds generated by the studio and the players themselves. .

    Just Dance (Todos)

    The most famous dance game franchise, it's also a great game to bring friends together and have a good laugh. The games allow up to 6 players to come together in the same environment to show their skills (or lack thereof) in a large and varied list of songs. Older games require Kinect, but current ones allow you to play using a mobile app.

    Various LEGO games

    The LEGO franchise games have this great local co-op feature, and any of their games have couch co-op as standard. It's surprisingly fun to team up with a friend to solve puzzles and collect endless pieces together. Whether it's Lego Jurassic World, Lego Batman, Lego Dimensions, Star Wars, the Marvel Avengers games or this year's releases like LEGO City Undercover and LEGO Worlds, there's always a LEGO game to suit your mood or enrich the game with someone else.

    Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 1 e 2

    Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare mixes elements of tower defense with third-person shooter and bets on characters from the PopCap franchise. It is one of the most fun and light options to play with friends using two controllers.

    Child of Light

    This is a beautiful RPG based in a fantasy world, and while there is combat, the game's emphasis is on exploration and finding hidden paths and their secrets. In co-op mode, one player will be Princess Aurora and the other will take on the role of Igniculus. You must work together to solve puzzles and overcome the game's many enemies.


    The game won everyone over with its nostalgic style reminiscent of the good times in 3D platform games and is seen as a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie. Local co-op applies to the game's core story and you can play with another friend, with one being the main character and the second playing as a reticule that can collect things on the map.

    How to Survive 1 e 2

    How To Survive is an interesting game about survival in a zombie-infested world. You can take this journey with another friend and the co-op gameplay definitely adds to the experience in the game universe. The second game allows local co-op for up to 4 players.

    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition e Guacamelee! 2

    Guacamelee! is a Metroidvania-style action platformer set in a magical world with a Mexican culture theme. It features robust melee combat, a new dimension switching mechanic, and a high level of difficulty. Nothing beats calling a friend to help you throughout the story.

    The first game supports local co-op for up to two players while the second game expanded the game to four.

    Overcooked! e Overcooked! 2

    In Overcooked you will need to show the Master Chef that exists inside you and you will have to cut, run and cook from complicated menus and angry customers. It is available for up to 4 players and is one of those games that are easy for anyone to pick up, but difficult to master and teamwork becomes truly mandatory.

    Star Wars: Battlefront I e II

    While the game has little content as far as a campaign is concerned, it is very close to a Star Wars experience and in capturing and replaying its universe. And nothing better than enjoying it with a friend. Even if you don't have the co-op option in multiplayer, you can still play through the game's various survival missions with a friend, taking down multiple waves of enemies.

    Rock Band 4

    Music games where you gathered friends and felt like a real rockstar were a big phenomenon in the last generation, but after flooding the market with countless releases a year and increasingly expensive peripherals, the music genre was slowly dying.

    Rock Band 4 returns bringing the entire setlist already released in the franchise and support for instruments already released in previous versions. Even if you haven't achieved the success of the past, it's still a good option for you to create a rock band with friends. The game supports up to 6 players.

    Victor Vran

    Victor Vran is a top-down action RPG with a style and gameplay reminiscent of Diablo 3. The game has local multiplayer for two players and an online mode for up to four.

    Fun guaranteed to face very challenging dungeons and enemies with friends.

    Styx: Shards os Darkness

    Styx: Shards of Darkness is fully aimed at the audience that enjoys games focused on stealth mechanics. In this new journey, the unscrupulous and no-nonsense goblin is more mouthy and acidic than ever, with a very interesting story involving Dark Elves and their alliance with the Dwarves. A co-op mode has been added, where you can invite a friend to play the entire campaign together.

    Resident Evil 5

    Even though many criticize the game, it's a good option to have fun with a friend and even though it hasn't aged that well, its co-op experience remains solid.

    Resident Evil Revelations 2

    More Resident Evil co-op? Yes! It puts you and a partner in the shoes of Claire Redfield and Moira Burton. The game is episodic and brings an interesting story. It has already been announced that the first game will also be released on Xbox One.


    Football games have been the joy of sports fans since the first generations of consoles, and on Xbox One this is no different. The FIFA franchise games offer several multiplayer modes, such as friendlies, career and even online matches using two controllers on the same console.

    Never Alone

    The game brings a very interesting tale with fantastic creatures, where an endless blizzard threatens the survival of a people. The game features a Girl and a Fox, which can be switched in single player. But in local co-op, each player takes on one of the characters to overcome challenges and puzzles.


    The famous franchise that had its dolls as accessories is also a great option for couch co-op. You play at the same time with your friend throughout the game whether in story or multiplayer mode.

    Disney Infinity

    Direct competitor of Skylanders and has a very similar gameplay system, but here you live and create stories and adventures full of fun with characters from the Disney universe. The big disadvantage of the game is that it is mandatory to buy the dolls to be able to play.


    Terraria is a side scrolling action game with an open world and full of content, which many call Minecraft in 2D. You can explore this whole world inside your home with up to 4 players in split screen (HD TV required).


    This is an excellent co-op game for 2 players and for anyone who enjoys puzzles or working together with a friend to achieve their goal. Chariot is physics based and you play as a princess and her boyfriend walking across a land to take a king's coffin to rest in her tomb. Both players must work together to push and pull a large Chariot across the chasms and other barriers that stand between you and your destiny.

    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

    You and up to three other friends will pilot a spaceship with lasers, turrets, shields and thrusters to deal with whatever appears on the screen. You will have to communicate and work together because each mission requires these four parts to work together as a unit. If you only have two players, you'll need to hop between the unmanned station, although you'll have an AI pet that can help you out.

    Guns, Gore & Cannoli 1 e 2

    This side scrolling shooter is super fun especially when enjoyed with a friend. It offers great entertainment and is very reminiscent of a cartoon. Set in the 1920s, you will play as a mobster and still have zombies to eliminate. Support for up to 4 players.

    Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

    This Tomb Raider spin-off is all about solving puzzles with friends, with a bunch of rooms filled with puzzles that require the characters' various skills to solve and survive. Local play supports up to four players.

    Call Of Duty

    Several games in the Call of Duty franchise allow for local co-op in their campaigns, with an excellent amount of local multiplayer content where you can play the story with a friend. Additionally, Zombies Mode allows players to team up to traverse waves of enemies to try and survive.

    Castle Crashers Remastered

    Now remastered for Xbox One, the game allows for up to four local players, each taking control of their own colorful knight to slash, stab and crush their enemies. RPG elements allow you to improve your characters by finding and buying new weapons, as well as increasing their stats.


    Kalimba is a platform game with well-crafted puzzles where you can team up with a friend to try to find your way to your goal using different colors of totem poles to activate levers and overcome obstacles. Good timing, communication and teamwork are essential to reach the end of the level, which has a really high difficulty. Despite the anger some of them can give, it's also rewarding to walk past them.

    Super Bomb Rush!

    Super Bomb Rush is a fast-paced, highly challenging firefight where you'll need nerves of steel and pixel perfect timing to overcome an onslaught of nerve bombs. Co-op mode lets you and a friend work together to overcome explosions.


    AereA is a music-based action RPG where you play as one of Grand Maestro Guido's disciples and explore Aezir — a fragmented floating island. Your mission is to discover and return the nine primordial instruments to restore balance and peace to the world. The game allows up to four players to work together in co-location.

    Sacred 3

    Sacred 3 is a 4 player arcade hack 'n' slash game set in the war for Ancaria. Choose from legendary heroes and fight the rise of evil. Battle hordes of grimmocs, brutal beasts, legions of mercenaries and undead sorcerers. Develop your skills and team up with others to use powerful joint skills and tactics. Support for two players in local co-op.

    Sacred citadel

    The game reinvents the familiar arcade feel of classic brawlers by setting a new standard for the future of side-scrolling hack 'n' slash games. Three warriors unite against an evil that threatens to enslave the once peaceful world of Ancaria. Only when these heroes band together and use their abilities to support each other will they have a chance. Up to three players can join forces in local co-op.

    Here are some local co-op gaming tips on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Remembering that all games that work on Xbox One also work on Xbox Series X|S, including backwards compatibility games. The only exception is Kinect games, as they are not supported on new consoles.

    If you have any suggestions or think your favorite deserves to be on this list, please leave your suggestion in the comments.

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