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    Decorated nails 2022: the 53 most pumped on social networks

    Decorated nails 2022: the 53 most pumped on social networks

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 28, 2022 | News |

    Decorated nails 2022: discover the main trends and live 2022 with style and inside fashion. Today you will find out which nail arts are all the rage in salons.

    Woman with the nail done doesn't want war with anyone, that's a fact! Doing nails is like music to women's ears, especially for those who love to take care of their image and make their nails part of that investment.

    There are so many options for decorations and nail formats, it's even difficult to choose just one. There are from simple decorated nails with a francesinha to nails with gemstones, with bolder designs or nails.

    There are those who prefer the classic, with a neutral pain and without embellishments. But, doing decorated nails can be a good option to get out of the sameness and innovate a little in the look.

    So, this post is for you who are looking for nail art inspirations 2022. It has all types and tastes, stay with us to check it out.

    nail trend for 2022

    First of all, so that you can stay up to date with all the trends, we are going to introduce you to some models and formats of gel nails 2022 that are succeeding.

    nail shapes

    A square format

    This is the most traditional of all, and can be chosen by women who use gel nails or those who use their natural nails. This format adapts to all types of sizes and there is no mistake, it looks beautiful and empowered.

    A dancer format

    The so-called ballerina nails have this name precisely because they refer to a ballet shoe. Its ends are also straight, but the sides should be tapered.

    In this case, the nails need to be big and healthy, if you like to be self-taught, then you can make this mega charming shape yourself.

    A round format

    Round-shaped nails give a touch of delicacy to the hands. These are ideas to prevent them from breaking, because without corners this is more unlikely to happen.

    This shape is more suitable for short and medium nails and is very simple to do.

    A Squoval format

    It may be almost imperceptible to the eyes of some, but the Squoval shape has its differential. Nails in this shape resemble square nails, but the squoval leaves the corners subtly oval.

    Basic but stylish, it's an easy-to-make format that looks great with all kinds of decorations.

    An oval format

    The oval shape is between the round and the squoval, in this case what changes is the tip is a little more in tune. This shape is perfect for all nail sizes.

    An almond format

    Can be used by those who have short or long nails, the almond shape gets its name because it refers to an almond.

    The tips are tapered and rounded, give an impression of stretching the fingers and look extremely beautiful.

    A stiletto format

    And last but not least: the stiletto format. Completely daring, the stiletto is characterized by being totally pointed and flashy.

    However, this nail shape requires some alerts and care. It can be dangerous for some people, especially those who are not used to it.

    People who wear contact lenses or who have a small child, for example, need extra attention when using this style of nail.

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    New nail art trends

    Now that you already know the main nail formats, let's go to the long-awaited decorated nails 2022. Get inspired and learn amazing techniques that are circulating on the internet.

    Inspirations are based on 2022 Pinterest nails. There are many options, we guarantee that you will not leave here without finding a model that you like.

    Nails decorated 2022 with flowers

    Nails decorated with flowers are a classic, they give an air of youth. In addition, it has numerous versions, where you are free to make the size, color and shape you want.

    2022 decorated nails with glitter

    The glitter on the nails without a doubt gives an extra charm and draws attention. Although it looks more daring, it is delicate and youthful.

    Nails decorated 2022 with gemstones

    These are for those who are not afraid to dare. They are beautiful and quite different. See some photos below for inspiration.

    Colored fingernails

    Colored nails also came back with everything. You can intersperse colors, do gradient or monochromatic nails. There are a multitude of options for nail colors of the moment.

    Decorated nails 2022 candy colors

    Candy color nails are a fever among the summer 2022 nail trends. They are pastel colors, which are inspired by sweets, such as bubblegum, candies and lollipops.

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    Decorated nails 2022 spider web effect

    For the spider web effect there is an efficient technique. The step by step is simple, just put a piece of tape on the thumb and another on the index finger, after that it is necessary to apply 4 to 5 layers of nail polish on top of the tape and generate friction between the fingers. Check out:

    The idea is that the nail polish is like glue, that way you can make the “web” and deposit it on your nail as you wish.

    Decorated 2022 animal print

    Animal print never goes out of style, it is present in clothes, accessories and also on nails.

    Decorated nails 2022 geometric

    Nails decorated with geometric symbols have also been gaining prominence in the universe of manicures. This is one of the biggest trends.

    Extra Tips

    It's always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve, especially if you plan to do your nails yourself at home. So check out these special diquinhas that we will talk about next.

    Give your nails a break

    Nails also need to take a breath and be hydrated. Therefore, an interesting tip is to remove the enamel and leave it free for at least 24 hours to paint again.

    To moisturize, you can use products like moisturizer, bepantol, castor oil or any other product you have for this purpose.

    Invest in polishing sandpaper

    The polishing file will leave the nail level, smooth and ready to receive the enamel. In addition to leaving the nails with their natural shine.

    Check out a widely used model on Amazon.

    avoid polka dots

    Have you ever noticed that on hotter days, the nails form little balls in the enamel? Well, this can be a problem, but know that there is a solution.

    First, you must pay attention to the correct storage of your nail polishes, avoiding hot and stuffy places. Another tip is to do the nail in a more airy environment, when it's hot days.

    To dry nail polish faster

    When we do our nails, we have to take some time to do nothing, to avoid ruining them. But in the rush of everyday life this may not be possible.

    So, write down this golden tip: in a bowl, put cold water and if you want some ice cubes. After finishing your nails, soak them for 1 to 2 minutes and you're done! When you take it out it will be dry.

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